Were-Cheetah R.C.C. [BTS / Nightbane Creatures & Races]:

Almost as rare as the Were Fox, Were Cheetahs are quite able to survive in modern society, certainly more so than Were Wolves or Bears. Although they like the hunt, the Were Cheetahs love anything to do with speed, it can even be said that they are speed junkies. Quite a bit is known about them, as they tend to be friendly, intelligent and outgoing persons, who fit well into human society. Having traded the chase of the hunt for anything to do with speed, has led more than one of them to become involved in professional racing, and especially motor racing. But to them, anything to do with speed is good: the average were Cheetah will go through at least four pairs of running shoes a year (and the more expensive the brand, the better!), and many at least aspire to own a REALLY fast car or motorcycle. In fact, some people have began to wonder why so many of today's award winning motorcycling racers look so much alike. This may become quite a problem for them, as it may eventually lead to their public exposure!

In general, Were Cheetahs tend to be loners, especially the females. Males, especially brothers, will sometimes live together or maintain close contact with each other. This does not mean that they do not make friends though, as a matter of fact they tend to make quite a lot of friends, it is just that they will seldom become close friends with anyone. They treat friendships as fleeting, passing moments spend together with friendly, but almost total strangers. Forming a close friendship with anyone is a special thing for them, and this is a trust they will seldom give. They tend to have a down to Earth look at the normal goings of life, and are mostly law-abiding citizens (except for the speeding tickets that is....).

There are both were Cheetahs that live in the wilderness and the city and there is little if any animosity between them, although the ones living in the wild are getting increasingly worried about the fact that more and more of their kind seem to prefer the city and human society over a existence in the wild. To the Cheetah living in the city, the environment is not a very pressing issue, whereas to his wilder cousin it can be a very important matter indeed.

Were Cheetah have always lived on the plains of Africa, but in the last sixty years they have spread across the world, doing quite well for themselves. Certainly their total population has expanded at a huge rate. This was really necessary too, as the were Cheetah share a common genetic trait with their mundane cousins, the normal Cheetah: Their genetic base was so small that, genetically speaking, all of them could be considered to be close relatives, almost to the point of being cousins. This presented a serious danger of inbreeding, but in the wake of their spreading across the globe, their genetic diversity has begun to grow larger. Even so, were Cheetahs often tend to look like very close relatives and sometimes even look like carbon copies of each other.

Although they do not hold the environment in as great regard as other were beings, the Cheetahs can become quite enraged by a deliberate attack on the environment. While they will seldom fight, holding to the saying that "He who turns his back and walks away, lives to graft another day", they can be incredibly dangerous opponents when they DO fight: Their incredible speed, combined with the normal were abilities of rapid healing and virtual invulnerability to most mundane weapons, gives them a huge advantage in combat, although their lack of stamina and real strength means that they will prefer hit-and-run tactics, rather than prolonged battles. . They will help Nightbane but are unlikely to join them actively.

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