Vanguard Industries “Phantom” Hover Sport:

"What do you mean with `you were speeding`! Do you have any idea who my father is?"

"Reckless, Rich *and* Clueless young drivers to police officers all across the multiverse"

"Sure it is a nice looking hovercar. On the outside that is! You try and repair one of those overpriced nightmares, and then you tell me again how well designed they are!"

"Jake `Spanner` McGraw, overworked Vanguard Mechanic"

"A Dream it is, I tell you. Just sitting in it makes me feel young again. Makes me feel like back on Telanus seven, back when I attended college. Me and the boys had renovated a `37 Vanguard Sport in our spare time, and I swear that that `car made the same sound as this one does. It didn`t come with no mini disk player or the other fancy stuff, but still.... Anyway, check out the configurable controls on this baby."

"Tark Mendazza, CEO of Strategic Arms, just after buying a new `93 Vanguard Hover Sport"

In the twentieth century, the automobile was the main means of production and a few special vehicles called "Sport Cars" came to become legends. The names Mustang, Vector, Corvette, Diablo, and Porsche all came to mean speed and above all status. The contra-grav hovercraft has replaced most wheeled vehicles in the Three Galaxies and like all those generations there are "Sports Car" versions of these hover craft. The Phantom is currently one of the most popular versions of the "Hover Sport" as its generation of vehicle is called. These hovercraft are also used as police vehicles as well as for recreation. The Phantom is one of the fastest "Hover Sport" vehicles and is about 5% faster than most of the others and about 25% faster than normal vehicles. Like most hover vehicles, the vehicle has safety systems to prevent the vehicle from going any higher than suborbital speeds.

The Phantom is a very streamlined design with a two seat cockpit. The Phantom is available in most colors with black and red being the favorite of most purchasers. The interior is very comfortable with full life support, self molding gel seats for comfort, 500 mini disk player, full communication suite, mini-super computer, and even configurable controls. Though a series of holographic components, the controls can be set as that of a standard hover car or can be set up like those of a starfighter. Without any human control, the car can pilot itself to virtually any destination on the world it is programed for. The vehicle will also give course instructions if the driver wishes to pilot the vehicle for themselves. The computer will even detect potential accidents such as barriers and other vehicles and will avoid them. If a car is transported to another planet, it needs to be reprogrammed for the new planet features. The hover sport uses a sophisticated anti-inertia system, similar to starfighters but less powerful, to keep the pilot from loss of comfort due accelerations. The system is also an integral part of the vehicles safety equipment but the hover vehicle is fitted with harnesses and on many planets it is required for the pilot and passenger to wear harnesses due to the fact that the inertia system is not always perfect. As an absolute emergency feature, the vehicle has an internal parachute. If propulsion systems fail, the chute should allow the vehicle to land safely. The vehicle has several tracking system and has about the equivalent systems of a robot vehicle.

These vehicles are not for the low income but Vanguard Industries has both in house financing and has various leasing plans. Vanguard Industries also produces family hover vehicles, work and industrial hover vehicles, and heavy mover hover vehicles. Vanguard Industries has dealerships in Center and in other parts of Phase World Proper, many planets in the C.C.W., a few dealerships in both the U.W.W. and Independent Worlds. There are even a few secret dealerships in the Paradise Federation even though the main officers are on Verdant 12, a Utopia World in the C.C.W.

Model Type: VI-X-1000 Phantom
Vehicle Type: Contra-Grav Hover Craft
Crew: One (and one passenger)

M.D.C. By Location:

[1] Hover Unit:200
[2] Main Body:400

[1] Destruction of the hover unit will cause the vehicle to be no longer under the pilots control. If the hover system is destroyed, a parachute will be deployed. The parachute is tough for being as thin as it is but if it has more that 5 M.D.C. inflicted on it, it will be destroyed.
[2] Destruction of the main body will cause the vehicle to crash. All systems, including emergency parachute, will not function. Only a few law enforcement and military models are equipped with emergency ejection systems.

Driving on the Ground: Not Possible but can hover at ground level at from a hover to up to Mach 1.0 (741.4 mph/ 1193.3 kph)
Atmospheric Flying: Can hover and go up to a maximum speed of Mach 3.1 (2,298.5 mph/3,699.1 kph). Its normal cruise speed is up to Mach 1.0 (741.4 mph/ 1193.3 kph) and has a maximum altitude is about 20 Miles (105,600 feet/ 32190 meters). The altitude is not due to the vehicles engine but due to the fact that the safety systems prevent the vehicle from flying any higher. If these systems are removed, the vehicle has unlimited altitude.
Flying in Space: The Hover Sport has safety features that prevent flight in space but these can theoretically be removed. If they are removed, The hovercraft does not have an effective top speed but is limited by acceleration. The hovercraft can reach a top acceleration of 3.0 Gs if modified
Maximum Range: Effectively Unlimited by drive system but does not normally carry supplies for pilot.

Statistical Data:
Length: 18 feet (5.5 meters)
Height: 4.2 feet (1.3 meters)
Width: 5.8 feet (1.8 meters)
Weight: 2.5 tons (2.3 metric tons)
Power System: Advanced Fusion with 20 year life span.
Cargo: Minimal Storage Space.
Market Cost: 420,000 credits.

None standard but some have weapon systems added (Especially police vehicles.)

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