Warlock Combat Armor (U.W.W.):

While the United Worlds Warlock is considered by some to be technically primitive compared to many other major powers, including the Consortium of Civilized Worlds, the designs from the magical star nation should not be discounted. The Warlock Combat Armor is a well known design which can be compared to any ground power armor operated by other powers.

The power armor is extremely rare and must be specially tuned to the pilot of the armor. The armor can be reset to be used by a new operator but the cost to link the armor to a new operator costs almost as much as it costs to manufacture a new armor. As a result, marines who complete their enlistment honorably are allowed to often retain the power armor when they retire. Some simply display their armor while others operate the armor as mercenaries. There are some who suggest that the armors are actually sentient.

There are special security protocols which prevent the armor from being used against the people and property of the United Worlds Warlock. Unless the target has been first declared criminal or traitors, the armor has a spell which causes the armor to self destruct.

There are two basic versions of the Warlock Combat Armor. There is the basic ground version of the Warlock Combat Armor as well as a flying version of the armor fitted with a contra-grav flight pack. The flying version of the power armor has slightly lighter armor and can withstand less damage.

Both versions of the armor are magically powered with the strength of the armor similar to that of some supernatural creatures. As well, each is protected by an “Invincible Armor” force field which can be activated up to three times per day. A number of magical sensors are fitted to the armor including “See the Invisible”, "Sense Evil", and "Presence Sense." This is in addition to conventional sensor systems which are common systems carried on most power armors in the Three Galaxies. These armors can be fitted with a teleport beacon which allows second waves of troops to be teleported to the location of the armor with a 99% chance of success. Power is provided by a fusion reactor combined with magical power systems. The wearer of the suit is protected against magic with bonuses to save against magic. The armor contains a magical battery to help to power spells of the wielder. The one weakness of the armor is that the spell of "Anti-Magic Cloud" can completely disable the armor.

Standard weapon carried by the armor is a Volcano rifle but there are several other common weapons carried by troops including an HI-800 Assault Rifle, GC-55 Gravity Rail Gun, and an Auto-Loading Mini-Missile launcher. Both the Gravity-Rail Gun and Mini-Missile Launchers have extra-dimensional compartments which allows a much larger capacity than space would indicate. The armor is also armed with an enchanted Bastard Sword and some operators substitute a heavier weapon such as a battle axe or two handed sword. Some also carry a pair of swords.

Internal weapons include a Ion weapon mounted on each wrist of the armor along with internal mini-missile launchers mounted on each shoulder of the armor. Power for the wrist blasters is pulled from the fusion reactor and is extremely effective although comparatively short ranged. Like the hand held mini-missile launcher, each of the shoulder mounted missile launchers has a dimensional pocket which increases the capacity more than the space in the shoulders would indicate.

In addition to the two basic versions, there is a special version which was developed for Force Recon. It is a modified version of the flying version. It has sveral additional systems including a camouflage system which can be activated at will and has the additional enchantment of "Invisibility: Superior." Power is normally pulled from the armor's mystical battery.

Author Note: This is a revised writeup of the armor to take into advantage of the various new magic items and techno-wizardry. This includes materials from Federation of Magic Sourcebook and Rifter Magazines.

Note: The power system is fusion not anti-matter because the author’s opinion is that anti-matter is to dangerous to be used in vehicles that may be used in an atmosphere. If a power armor powered by anti-matter was to detonate in an atmosphere it would cause huge planetary damage. At GM option, this can also be applied to all power armors or this power armor can be changed to anti-matter.)

Model Type:W-1Ground Version
WF-1Flying Version
WF-1RForce Recon Verson
Class: Techno-Wizard Assault Armored Exo-Skeleton
Crew: One (Pilot)

M.D.C. By Location:W-1:WF-1 & WF-1R:
[1] Rear Contra-Grav Flight Pack (1):--------100
Bastard Sword (1 or 2):400 each400 each
Shoulder Plates (2):120 each100 each
[2] Mini-Missile Launchers (2, Shoulders):90 each90 each
Arms (2):150 each120 each
Legs (2):200 each150 each
[3] Head:120/5080/50
[4] Main Body:400320
[5] “Invincible Armor” Forcefield200200

[1] Destroying the Contra-Grav Flight Pack prevents the WF-1 from any form of flight.
[2] The mini-missile launchers are small and difficult targets to strike, requiring the attacker to make a “called shot,”, but even then the attacker is -4 to strike. When not preparing to fire, shoulder plates cover the Mini-Missile launchers.
[3] Second value is for the face plate of the armor. Destroying the helmet or face plate of the armor will eliminate all forms of optical enhancement and sensor systems. The pilot is forced to rely on his or her own vision and senses. However, the mystic link between the armor and the pilot are not lost and the wearer can continue to fight with reduced bonuses. The wearer loses one attack per melee and half of their power armor bonuses.
[4] Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body will shut the armor down completely, making it useless.
[5] Can be activated up to three times per day (24 hours) and has a duration of 24 minutes (96 melee) per activation. The armor regenerates damage at the rate of 1D6 M.D.C. per melee round. The armor also offers complete environmental protection from heat, cold, disease, pollution, toxic gases, fumes, etc. and, provides the wearer with an independent oxygen supply. Furthermore, all energy attacks, magic or mundane, inflict only half their usual damage to the armor! Should the armor be destroyed, it absorbs all the extra damage and disappears in a flash of light. No damage is carried over to the wearer.

Running: Can run up to 70 mph (112.6 kph) maximum. Note that the act of running does tire out its operator, but at 10% of the usual fatigue rate, thanks to the robot exoskeleton.
Leaping: The powerful robot legs can leap up to 20 feet (6.1 meters) high or across if the armor is unloaded. Add 10 feet (3 meters) with a running start. The jump jets allow the WF-1 to leap up to 100 feet (30.5 meters) high or 200 feet (61 meters) in length without achieving flight. Note that leaping height and distance on the moon and micro gravity is doubled (or more)
Contra-Grav flight system (WF-1 Backpack): The contra-grav propulsion system enables the armor hover in a stationary at any altitude and fly at a maximum speed of 200 mph (320 kph). The contra-grav system makes the armor trans-atmospheric and armor can accelerate at up to 0.5 Gs of acceleration.
Underwater: The armor can travel up to a maximum speed of 40 mph (64 kmph) to a maximum depth of 1000 feet (304.8 meters).
Maximum Effective Range: Limited only by the endurance of the pilot.

Statistical Data:
Height: One foot (0.3 m) taller than the wearer (each suit magically molds itself to the pilot, adapting to his size)
Width: 4 to 6 feet (1.2 to 1.8 m) wide, depending on the size of the pilot (usually 3 feet/0.9 m less than the suit's height)
Length: usually around 3 feet (0.9 m), add 1 foot (0.3 m) if carrying a CG pack
Weight: 450 lbs (202.5 kg) to 1,200 lbs (544.0 kg)
Physical Strength: Equal to a supernatural PS 45!
Cargo: None.
Power System: Nuclear and magic; 20 year life. Has a P.P.E. Battery with 250 P.P.E. (Regenerates 2 P.P.E. per hour normally and 10 P.P.E. per hour on a ley line.)
Market Cost: 5 million credits to manufacture. Force Recon version costs around 7 million credits to manufacture. The black market has gained an extremely limited supply of standard suits, which sell at anywhere between 10 and 30 million credits.

Weapon Systems:

  1. Forearm Ion Beams (2): Each arm has a two short range but powerful ion beam cannon. For virtually unlimited payload, the weapons pull power directly from the armor's fusion reactor. The suit's operator need only point and shoot. The forearm lasers can be used in combined attacks if the person has the skill Paired Weapons: Energy Pistol
    Maximum Effective Range: 1,000 feet (305 m) in an atmosphere. Range is eight times normal when used in space.
    Mega-Damage: 4D6 each and 8D6 for both blasters. If the person has paired weapons, Energy Pistol, can do up to 16D6 per attack.
    Rate of Fire: Equal to the number of combined hand to hand attacks of the person in the suit (usually 4-6) .
    Payload: Effectively unlimited.
  2. Shoulder Mini-Missile Launchers (2): In each shoulder of the armor are three mini-missile launchers with the ability to fire up to six mini-missiles as a single volley. A shield comes down to protect the launchers when no being fired. Each has the capacity for twelve mini-missiles for a total of twenty-four mini-missiles total. There is a dimensional pocket which stores most of the missiles. Missile has a top speed of Mach 10 in an atmosphere and in space has an acceleration of 2% of light per turn (slightly faster than any starship except if it is exceeding it maximum safe acceleration). Three Galaxy Mini-Missiles are normally guided.
    Maximum Effective Range: Mini-Missile range is 2 miles (3.2 km) in an atmosphere and 100 miles (161 km) in space.
    Mega Damage: As per Mini-Missile Type (See revised Phase World / Three Galaxies missile tables for details.)
    Rate of Fire: Can fire missiles one at a time or in volleys of two, three, four, or six.
    Payload: 12 each launcher for 24 total.
  3. Enchanted Bastard Sword (1 or 2): The suit is normally equipped with a Bastard Sword which is carried over the left or right shoulder of the power armor. Some operators carry a pair of swords instead of a single blade while others carry a two handed sword or battle axe (Increase damage to 6D6+8.) Supernatural strength adds punch damage to weapon damage. Enchanted through the spell "Enchant Weapon: Lesser" and has 400 M.D.C.
    Maximum Effective Range: Close Combat Only.
    Mega Damage: 4D6+10 per strike
    Rate of Fire: Equal to the number of hand to hand attacks of the pilot and his power armor (usually 4-6, see Power Armor Training). Paired weapons may be used with two swords.
    Bonuses: +1 to strike, +2 to parry, +4 to damage, and +2 to initiative.
  4. Optional Weapon Systems: The Volcano rifle is the most common rifle carried by United Worlds Warlock troops but the HI-800 Laser Rifle, GC-55 Gravity Rail Gun, and AML-11 Mini-Missile Launcher are also carried by troops. A variety of other weapons can be carried as well. Some pilots are skilled in the ability to control a Volcano Rifle, HI-800 Laser Rifle, or CG-55 Rifle in one hand while using the armor's wrist blasters.
    1. Volcano Rifle: Basically the Volcano Mk I Plasma Projector. Carried by most troops. The weapon inflicts incredible damage especially to vehicles and large vehicle. The weapon can use E-Clips or canisters as well as being able to be plugged into the power armor's fusion reactor for effectively unlimited blasts. Note: When used to intercept missiles, re-roll damage for each missile in the area and weapon is +2 to strike.
      Weight: 60 lbs (27.2 kg).
      Maximum Effective Range: 4000 feet (1200 m) for concentrated blast, 2000 feet (610 m) for a wide blast. Range is eight times normal when used in space.
      Mega-Damage: Concentrated Blast: 1D6x10. Wide Blast: 4D6 MD to any targets in a 30 foot (9.1 m) area or 2D6x10 to a 30 foot (9.1 m) length of wall (or large target)
      Rate of Fire: Equal to number of combined hand to hand attacks. Cannot fire bursts.
      Payload: Effectively unlimited if plugged into the armor. A short energy clip has 8 charges, a long e-clip has 16 charges, and an energy canister has 24 shots.
    2. H-800 Assault Laser: A heavy HI Laser can be carried instead of the Volcano Rifle. In most Warlock Units, around 10% of troops will be equipped with the laser instead of the Volcano Rifle. It is similar to the HI-300 Infantry support rifle but is designed to be able to plug into the power supply of the armor for an effectively unlimited payload and also has a longer range. It is much more massive as well. The weapon can also use E-Clips in emergency. Can fire single shots, three wound bursts, and can be used like a machine-gun.
      Weight: 48 lbs (21.87 kg).
      Maximum Effective Range: 6,000 feet (1,828.8 meters). Range is eight times normal when used in space.
      Mega Damage: 6D6+6 per single shot, 2D6x10+20 for a rapid fire three shot burst, or use machine gun burst rules for higher burst setting.
      Rate of Fire: Equal to number of combined hand to hand attacks - Single Shot, Three Round Burst, and Extended Bursts (Use Machine Gun burst rules).
      Payload: Effectively unlimited if plugged into the armor. 15 shots per short E-Clip, 21 shots per long E-Clip, or 210 with a CAF power backpack.
    3. GC-55 G-Cannon: Powerful Gravity Rail Gun similar to the GR-15AR but longer ranged and heavier. In most Warlock Units, around 0% of line Marines will be equipped with the Gravity Rail Gun instead of the Volcano Rifle. The armor carries a 1000 round magazine which uses a dimensional to store additional rounds. The weapon can fire single shot, three round burst, or even ten round bursts. It does not have a setting for fully automatic.
      Weight: 38 lbs (17.2 kg)
      Maximum Effective Range: 4,000 feet (1220 meters). Range is eight times normal when used in space.
      Mega Damage: Inflicts 3D4 M.D. for one round, a three round burst inflicts 1D4x10 M.D., and a 10 round burst inflicts 2D4x10 M.D.
      Rate of Fire: Equal to number of combined hand to hand attacks - Single Shot, Three Round Burst, and Ten Round Bursts.
      Payload: 1,000 round drum magazine. Up to four reloads can be carried by the Combat Armor. Reloading takes two melee attacks/actions. Note that the pilot must remove the drums from the Combat Armor and reattach them to his armor when he dismounts and vice versa when remounting.
    4. AML-11 Automatic Mini-Missile Launcher: Normally one ma per squad (four to six troops) is equipped with one of these weapons as a support weapons. The Mini-Missile Launcher uses an oversized magazine which has a dimensional pocket to increase payload. Up to 20 mini-missiles are in each magazine and four magazines can be carried. Missile has a top speed of Mach 10 in an atmosphere and in space has an acceleration of 2% of light per turn (slightly faster than any starship except if it is exceeding it maximum safe acceleration). Three Galaxy Mini-Missiles are normally guided.
      Weight: 54 lbs (24.5 kg)
      Maximum Effective Range: Mini-Missile range is 2 miles (3.2 km) in an atmosphere and 100 miles (161 km) in space.
      Mega Damage: As per Mini-Missile Type (See revised Phase World / Three Galaxies missile tables for details.)
      Rate of Fire: Can fire missiles one at a time. Cannot fire bursts.
      Payload: 20 mini-missiles each magazine (Can Carry 4 magazines for up to 80 mini-missile.) Reloading takes two melee attacks/actions.
  5. Hand to Hand Combat: Rather than use a weapon, the pilot can engage in mega-damage hand to hand combat. Also has +3 to save against magic, +1 to save against psionics, and +2 to save against horror factor. These bonuses are in addition to normal pilot and power armor bonuses.
    Bonuses from the armor:
      +1 to initiative
      +1 to strike, parry, and dodge
      +1 additional hand to hand attack at levels five and ten
      +1 to roll with impact or fall
      +1 to pull punch
    Damage (supernatural PS 45):
      Punch: 6D6 MD - Added to hand to hand weapon damage
      Power Punch: 2D4x10 MD (two attacks)
      Kick: 6D6 MD
      Body Flip/Throw: 1D6 MD
      Body Block/Tackle: 2D4 MD


The armor has a P.P.E. battery built into the armor in the form of emerald crystals. This magical energy cannot be used by the wearer to cast spells but can be used to power enchantments in the armor. The armor stores 10 P.P.E. for every crystal built into the armor with twenty-five total (250 P.P.E.) Magical energy regenerates at the rate 2 P.P.E. per hour normally or 10 per hour on a Ley Line. Spell casters can tap this energy as well as being able to channel energy into the suit.

Special Enchantments of Force Recon version:

Has all the enchantments of the standard suit plus the following additional enchantments.

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