Tragun Corporation “Pulsar ZR-4” Hover Sport:

Hover Sports are the equivalent of Sports Cars in the beginning of the Twenty-First Century on Earth. While the Vanguard Industries “Phantom” is considered the premier hover sport within the Three Galaxies, it is extremely expensive compared to other models. For those with lower budgets, there are a host of other companies who also produce Hover Sports. One of the companies is the Tragun Corporation which is more famous for the T-250 Hover Mule.

The Pulsar follows in a long line of high performance Hover Sports with the ZR-4 being the latest model. The ZR-4 has several improvements over the previous model including an increase in speed of around 10% due to an improved contra-grav system. While not quite as fast as the latest model of the Phantom, it is still plenty fast with a top speed of around Mach 2.8 with an altitude of around 30 kilometers. Altitude is controlled by a special limiter and without the limiter the hover sport could easily fly into space. The Pulsar is available with a high capacity battery system or with a mini-fusion system. The Pulsar is in most cases easier to maintain than the Phantom although is still far more expensive to maintain than a T-250 Hover Mule.

It should not be considered that styling has been ignored in the design. The Hover Sport is streamlined and looks like it is traveling at Mach Speeds even when it is sitting still. Unlike the Phantom, the Pulsar has a four person crew compartment although the rear seats are extremely cramped. The vehicle is available in a wide variety of colors and the vehicle is highly customizable. There are many options as far as the crew compartment with high quality entertainment systems, full life support, and an extensive communication system also available. Common features include a 200 disk mini-disk system which can store thousands of hours of music. Special comfort gel seats are also available with the vehicle as well. Holographic pilot controls are also available. Even the basic model has air conditioning, a sophisticated flight system with full autopilot, and collision avoidance system. Of course the autopilot system has to be programmed for the planet which it is operating on.

Safety systems are extensive as well. The hover vehicle comes standard with an inertial dampening system similar, although lower in power, to a space fighter’s dampening system. All seats have safety harnesses for further protection and a system like Twenty-First Century air bags is fitted as well. Finally, the car is fitted with a parachute system to allow the hover sport to land safely if the engine fails.

Due to the high speed of the vehicle, some law enforcement organizations within the Consortium of Civilized Worlds operate the Phantom as a pursuit vehicle. While not quite as fast as the "Phantom," the lower cost means that it more affordable for police units. While not standard, some law enforcement organizations have even armed their Hover Sport vehicle with light energy weapons. Still, for dangerous opponents, the police prefer to call for help from the military. There is no Hover Sport which can outrun a starfighter or can fight one.

Tragun Corporation is located within the Consortium of Civilized Worlds although the company does have officers outside of Consortium Space. There are offices on Center and several independent worlds. The company is not as large as it once was but is still of respectable size. Still not a truly cheap vehicle, the Pulsar is still far more affordable than the Phantom. It si extremely popular with the younger crowd including military personnel and huge numbers of these Hover Sports, and similar vehicles, can be seen on most military bases.

Model Type: TC Pulsar ZR-4
Vehicle Type: Contra-Grav Hover Craft
Crew: One (Can carry one additional comfortably and can carry three to four passengers cramped)

M.D.C. By Location:

[1] Hover Unit:220
[2] Main Body:440

[1] Destruction of the hover unit will cause the vehicle to be no longer under the pilots control. If the hover system is destroyed, a parachute will be deployed. The parachute is tough for being as thin as it is but if it has more that 5 M.D.C. inflicted on it, it will be destroyed.
[2] Destruction of the main body will cause the vehicle to crash. All systems, including emergency parachute, will not function. Only a few law enforcement and military models are equipped with emergency ejection systems.

Driving on the Ground: Not Possible but can hover at ground level at from a hover to up to Mach 0.9 (667.3 mph/ 1,073.9 kph)
Atmospheric Flying: Can hover and go up to a maximum speed of Mach 2.8 (2,076.1 mph/3,341.1 kph). Its normal cruise speed is up to Mach 1.0 (741.4 mph/ 1193.3 kph) and has a maximum altitude is about 20 Miles (105,600 feet/ 32,190 meters). The altitude is not due to the vehicles engine but due to the fact that the safety systems prevent the vehicle from flying any higher. If these systems are removed, the vehicle has unlimited altitude.
Flying in Space: The Hover Sport has safety features that prevent flight in space but these can theoretically be removed. If they are removed, The hovercraft does not have an effective top speed but is limited by acceleration. The hovercraft can reach a top acceleration of 2.5 Gs if modified
Maximum Range: With electric power system has a 1,242.7 miles (2,000 km) range and with fusion (after market upgrade) has effectively unlimited range.

Statistical Data:
Length: 18.5 feet (5.6 meters)
Height: 4.3 feet (1.3 meters)
Width: 5.7 feet (1.7 meters)
Weight: 2.6 tons (2.4 metric tons)
Power System: Advanced Fusion with 20 year life span.
Cargo: Minimal Storage Space.
Market Cost: 50,000 credits for Electric and 180,000 for fusion version. Fully equipped versions of the Pulsar cost 20,000 credits extra.

None standard but some have weapon systems added (Especially police vehicles.)

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