MMF-12I Silver Shrike Medium Starfighter (Machine People):

This fighter in many ways is the most advanced starfighter available in the Three Galaxies. While there are fighters that are faster and fighters that are heavier armed, no fighter has the combination in a medium fighter design. This is not so surprising because the fighter is constructed by the machine people and the fighter, due to special links, can only be flown by machine people. What might surprise many people is that the fighter is relatively old. The Silver Shrike fighter design was constructed by some machine people who wished to fight the Trans-Galactic Empire instead of surrendering. As might be expected, the TGE outlawed the fighter design and ordered all existing Silver Shrikes destroyed. It was thought that they were all destroyed until a few were seen serving the Free Worlds Council and a few other independent machine people were seen with the fighter. Machine People pilots have been able to terrorize Trans Galactic Empire pilots with these fighters and with the large amount of turbo jockeys serving the FWC have been able to persevere in several combats against overwhelming odds. There is one important note for this fighter, the life support is designed for a machine person and a machine person only. If a human (or many other races) is travelling, they are limited to the endurance of their space suit.

The Silver Shrike as might be expected is silver in it native color but the fighter has an advanced stealth system that allows the fighter to hide against most sensors and skin camouflage to hide the fighter against visual sensors in both the atmosphere and for very close range space attacks. The fighter is streamlined and could be described as flat disk shape with an elongated front and slightly flattened on top and bottom of the fighter. The front of the fighter does have windows near the front and four barrels can be seen in the front of the fighter. The fighter also has one bay fitted into the main body on each side of the fighter that point forward. These are missile launchers. Finally, the fighter has a bay underneath the fighter which larger missiles can be carried.

Several things make the Silver Shrike the outstanding fighter it is. The first is the speed of the fighter. The fighter is a medium fighter yet is as fast as a Scorpion class Fighter with afterburners active. The closest fighter of the Silver Shrikes size, the Black Eagle, is slower than it. Because the Machine People designers expected that the fighter might be operated by itself often, the fighter was outfitted with a contra-grav FTL system. This system is that fastest that has been fitted into a medium fighter. The ships shields are excellent as well and are equal to the shields carried on a Katana fighter but the system requires less power and is a much smaller system. The ships is slightly better armored than a Black Eagle and even without shields can take a number of hits normally. The ships sensors are as good as those on large starfighters and the fighter is quite useful as a scout. The weapon systems are outstanding as well. The main weapon system are two fusion guns. These inflict good damage and have excellent range and unlike plasma weaponry, heat tiles do not protect the fighter. The ships also has two particle beams which are longer ranged than the fusion cannons but are slightly less powerful. The only conceivable weakness of the main weapon systems is that they cannot effect targets that are impervious to energy. This is at least partially countered by the missiles the fighter carries. The fighter has four tubes on each side of the fighter for medium range missiles. The fighter can also carry ordnance in a bay in the belly of the fighter. The bay can carry cruise missiles, long range missiles, and medium range missiles.

This starfighter design uses modified starship speed and weapon range rules. See Revised Starship Rules for Phase World / Three Galaxies for more details.

(Note: The power system has also been changed from anti-matter to fusion because the author’s opinion is that anti-matter is to dangerous to be used in vehicles that may be used in an atmosphere. If the ship was to detonate in an atmosphere it would cause huge planetary damage if it is anti-matter powered. At GM option, this can also be applied to all starfighters or this fighter can be changed to anti-matter.)

Model Type: MMF-12I
Vehicle Type: Medium Interceptor / Attack Fighter
Crew: One and can accommodate two passengers (does not have life support for non machine people)

M.D.C By Location:

Pilots Cockpit/Escape Pod:200
Particle Beam Cannons (2, built into body):120 each
Fusion Cannons (2, built into body):150 each
Heavy Ordnance Bays (1, underside of body):200
Medium Range Missile Launchers (8, on sides):50 each
[1] Main Body:850
Pilots Compartment:200
[2] Variable Force Field:300 per side (1,800 total)

[1] Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body will put the fighter out of commission. All internal systems will shut down, including life support and internal gravity. The ship itself will be an unsalvageable floating wreck.
[2] Shields positions can be varied and all could be combined in one shield. Shields regenerate at the rate of 5% (90 M.D.C.) per melee

Driving on the Ground: Not Possible.
Sublight: Has a special sublight engine that allows the ship to travel up to 40 percent of the speed of light. Fighter can accelerate/decelerate at the rate of 1.8 percent of light per melee.
Atmospheric Propulsion: Maximum cruise speed is Mach 8.5 (6,302.3 mph / 10,142.6 kph), can enter an atmosphere because flight system is by contra grav. Because all missiles are in a bay, they do not reduce the fighters atmospheric top speed.
Stardrive: The Silver Shrike has a Gravitronic Drive system which allows the ship to reach a maximum of four light-years per hour.
Maximum Range: Effectively Unlimited by drive system but only has supplies for pilot for three months.

Statistical Data:
Length: 55 feet (16.8 meters)
Height: 18 feet (5.5 meters)
Width: 55 feet (16.8 meters)
Weight: 18 tons (16.3 metric tons)
Power System: Advanced Fusion with a 50 year lifespan.
Cargo: Utility closet (4x4x4 feet /1.2x1.2x1.2 m) for personal effects.
Market Cost: It is unknown if these fighter are still being manufactured and the fighters are very expensive. As a result the fighters are very rare and expensive and will often cost 180 million or more credits. It is believed that the fighters cost around 75 million credits to manufacture.


  1. Particle Beam Cannons (2): These weapons are mounted inside of the fusion cannons on the nose of the starfighter. The Particle Beam are longer ranged than the fusion beams but inflict less damage. They are still quite powerful and capable of inflicting considerable damage. When both the particle beams and fusion cannons are within range, both can be fired at the same time without costing any addition attacks. Weapon system cannot be used when the starfighter is moving faster than the speed of light.
    Maximum Effective Range: 16 miles (26 km) through atmosphere and 1,600 miles (2,575 km) in space.
    Mega Damage: 2D6x10 each particle beam. Both particle beams firing together inflict 4D6x10 (When combined with both fusion cannons, total damage is 8D6x10+40).
    Rate of Fire: Equal to pilots' or gunner's hand to hand (Usually 4 or 5).
    Payload: Effectively Unlimited.
  2. Fusion Cannon Mounts (2): The guns take high mass particles and compress them until they reach fusion. These particles are then fired in a beam. On the front of the starfighter are two forward firing fusion cannons. They are ouside the particle beams. Unlike fusion cannons that the CAF are presently experimenting with although they are shorter ranged than the fighters particle beams. The weapon system also does not have an overcharge system and cannot fire in bursts. The weapon is still more powerful than most weapon systems on medium sized fighters and can be linked with the fighters particle beams. Weapon system cannot be used when the starfighter is moving faster than the speed of light.
    Maximum Effective Range: 1,200 miles (1,925 km) in space and 12 miles (19.3 km) in an atmosphere.
    Mega Damage: 2D6x10+20 each fusion cannon. Both fusion cannon firing together inflict 4D6x10+40 (When combined with both particle beams, total damage is 8D6x10+40).
    Rate of Fire: Equal to the combined hand to hand attacks of the pilot (usually 4 or 5).
    Payload: Effectively Unlimited.
  3. Belly Mounted Ordnance & Equipment Bay: The fighter has an internal bay that can missiles. The bay can carry cruise missiles, long range missiles, and/or medium range missiles. Missile sizes may be mixed between different types but an ordnance launch must include the same size of ordnance. Ordnance may be carried at the rate of four medium range missiles, two long range missiles for one cruise missile. Cruise missile are normally carried when on an anti-capital ship role and long and medium range missiles when fighting other starfighters. Cruise Missiles have a top speed of Mach 25 in an atmosphere and in space has an acceleration of 10% of light per turn (far faster than any starship.) Long Range Missiles has a top speed of Mach 20 in an atmosphere and in space has an acceleration of 8% of light per turn (faster than any starship.) Medium Range Missiles has a top speed of Mach 15 in an atmosphere and in space has an acceleration of 6% of light per turn. Whether weapons can be shot down is calculated from the speed of target, launcher, and missile. When drive goes dead, missile will continue to travel in a straight line unless set to self destruct but has very low odds of hitting starships (Great for hitting bases and planets because target does not move and missile, when unpowered, is at -25% to be detected.) Cruise missiles have penalties to hit small targets but are all considered smart missiles. Missiles can be launched on multiple targets simultaneously.
    Maximum Effective Range: Cruise Missile range is 8,000 miles (12,875 km) in an atmosphere and 4,000,000 miles (6,437,376 km/ 21.5 light seconds), Long Range Missile range is 3,400 miles (5,470 km) in an atmosphere and 1,800,000 miles (2,897,000 km/9.7 light seconds) in space, and Medium Range Missile range is 160 miles (257.5 km) in an atmosphere and 80,000 miles (128,750 km/0.43 light seconds) in space.
    Mega-Damage & Properties: See revised Phase World / Three Galaxies missile tables for details (Cruise Anti-Matter multi-warheads inflict 5D6x100 M.D.C. each and Long Range Fusion warheads inflict 2D4x100 M.D.C. each.)
    Rate of Fire: Can fire missiles one at a time or in volleys of two (2), three (3), or four (4) missiles.
    Payload: 16 medium range missiles, 8 long range missile, or 4 cruise missiles. Ordnance can be mixed and matched.
  4. Medium Range Missile Launchers (8): On each of the sides of the main body are four tubes for medium range missiles. Each tube has a total of four medium range missiles. Weapon system is used for hitting enemy robots, fighters, and missiles. Weapon system is also used for anti-cruise missile. Missile has a top speed of Mach 15 in an atmosphere and in space has an acceleration of 6% of light per turn. The fighter can launch on multiple targets at the same time.
    Mega-Damage: Varies with medium range missile type (See revised Phase World / Three Galaxies missile tables for details.)
    Maximum Effective Range: Medium Range Missile range is 160 miles (257.5 km) in an atmosphere and 80,000 miles (128,750 km/0.43 light seconds) in space.
    Rate of Fire: Can fire missiles one at a time or in volleys of two (2), four (4), or eight (8) missiles.
    Payload: 32 medium range missiles (4 each launcher)
  5. Stealth System: The fighter can change its colors to math the background and can mask most energy emissions effectively making the ship effectively invisible. The stealth system is most effective when the fighter is stationary or traveling in a straight line. In these cases, there is a -16 penalty to strike. Evasive maneuvers or attacks will make the ship visible but there will still be at -8 to strike. Military class sensors reduce these penalties by half.
  6. Special Bonuses: This fighter is extremely maneuverable; add +10% to the pilots piloting skill, +2 to strike, +3 to dodge energy and projectile fire, and +4 to dodge missiles, obstacles, and stellar debris. The fighter also have a very advanced terrain following system. All bonuses are in addition to pilots bonuses (Hand to hand and Starfighter Pilot: Basic or Elite) and machine person bonuses.

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