Magnum Industries "Fury" Hover Bike:

In the Three Galaxies, "Hover Sports" have become the equivalent of the Twentieth Century "Sports Car." In a like manner, hover bikes have become very popular with a part of society of the Three Galaxies. These people are often the same ones that would have rode motorcycles if the lived in the Twentieth Century. As was the case for motorcycles, the are hover bike gangs that rove around planets. Some are criminals but many are just people who enjoy the wind blowing in their hair and the style that hover bikes give them. The Fury is a light but fast bike. Because the bike has an open top, it is limited to the speed it can travel. Like most open style hover vehicles, the vehicle has safety systems to prevent the vehicle from going any higher than 10,000 feet and the vehicle. Many planets require that the riders wear helmets and other protective gear.

The Fury has only one seat but two may squeeze into the seat with one behind the other. The bile may be purchased in virtually any color and military style colors are popular as well as the usual blacks and reds. As previously described, the vehicle does not have life support but a pilot may wear environmental body armor or a simple shipsuit to provide life support. The vehicle is available with many extra systems including a self molding gel seat, 25 mini disk player, enhanced communication systems, and cybernetic control systems. Like most vehicles in the Three Galaxies, the bike can pilot itself to virtually any destination on the world it is programed for. This is unpopular and many owners of the bike have this system disabled or even removed. The vehicle will also give course instructions for when the driver wishes to pilot the vehicle for themselves. The computer will even detect potential accidents such as barriers and other vehicles and will avoid them or give instructions if the piloting system is not available. The hover bike uses a sophisticated anti-inertia system, similar to starfighters but less powerful, to keep the pilot from being tossed from the bike due acceleration or radical maneuvers. If the bike is transported to another planet, it needs to be reprogrammed for the new planet features. The vehicle has several tracking system and has about the equivalent systems of a light power armor. The vehicles are available with two different power systems. The vehicle is either powered by batteries or by a small fusion reactor

These bikes are occasionally used by military and law enforcement. In these cases, they make be equipped with some weapon systems. Most common is for the vehicle to be equipped with a laser that is the equivalent of a hand held laser rifle.

These bikes are designed to be purchased by most classes and the bikes are quite inexpensive if powered by batteries and not a fusion reactor power system. As well, Magnum Industries has in house financing and has various leasing plans. Magnum industries is in many ways the equivalent of the Twentieth Century company Harley Davidson and also produces heavy hover bikes. The main offices of the company are in the city of Centeron Phase World and the company has dealerships throughout the Three Galaxies.

Model Type: MI-HD-322 Fury
Vehicle Type: Contra-Grav Hover Craft
Crew: One (and one passenger behind pilot)

M.D.C By Location:

[1] Hover Unit:200
[2] Main Body:400

[1] Destruction of the hover unit will cause the vehicle to crash.
[2] Destruction of the main body will cause the vehicle to crash.

Driving on the Ground: Not Possible but can hover at ground level at from a hover to up to 320 mph (515 kph)
Atmospheric Flying: Can hover and go up to a maximum speed of 320 mph (515 kph) with a maximum altitude of 10,000 feet (3048 meters). The altitude is not due to the vehicles engine but due to the fact that the safety systems prevent the vehicle from flying any higher. If these systems are removed, the vehicle has unlimited altitude. If the Hover Bike could travel much faster, there would be danger of the pilot being knocked off simply from wind shear.
Flying in Space: The Hover Bike has safety features that prevent flight in space but these can theoretically be removed. If they are removed, The hovercraft does not have an effective top speed but is limited by acceleration. The hovercraft can reach a top acceleration of 0.5 Gs if modified. Note: The bike has no internal life support.
Maximum Range: With electric power system has a 1,000 miles (1609.3 km) range and with fusion has effectively unlimited range.

Statistical Data:
Length: 9 feet (2.7 meters)
Height: 4 feet (1.21 meters)
Width: 2.1 feet (0.6 meters)
Weight: 450 lbs (204.1 kilograms)
Power System: Two versions. Advanced Fusion with a 5 year fusion reactor or Electric.
Cargo: Minimal Storage Space.
Market Cost: 20,000 credits for Electric and 105,000 for fusion version. Fully equipped versions of the Fury cost 7,000 credits extra.

None standard but some have weapon systems added (Especially police and military vehicles)

Bonuses: +2 to dodge and +10% to all piloting rolls.

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