Curtis Industries "Tomahawk" Hover Cycle:

Curtis Industries was once an extremely well known company, best known for producing hover bike designs but also known to produce several hover racers. The company remained forefront in these areas for over two centuries. Eventually, companies like Magnum Industries and Vanguard Industries produced newer and faster designs. Unable to compete, the company slowly faded from the scene with a slow decline over the last fifty or so years. The company finally went out of business just over a couple of dozen years ago. Even so, many of its designs remain extremely popular especially older designs.

The "Tomahawk" Hover Cycle was at one of the most popular design which Curtis Industries produced. It is believed that billions of these bikes were produced and sold over thousands of worlds. The design, with minor modifications, was produced for over a century. In many ways it can be considered the equivalent to the Harley Davidson motorcycle of Twentieth Century Earth. These bikes are extremely popular with, in addition to collectors, bike gangs and it some places the bikes represent lawlessness. The Hover Bike has long represented freedom to peoples.

Larger than the Magnum Industries "Fury" hover bike, the "Tomahawk" is more comfortable although less maneuverable. Even so, the bike is surprisingly maneuverable with a sophisticated anti-inertia system. It is similar to the system carried on starfighters although output is far less. The bike can sit two, including the pilot, in reasonable comfort. The classic image of the "Tomahawk" is cherry red although the bike was produced in many colors including black, blue, and even military colors. The bike has been used by both military and law enforcement although it has been retired in this role on most planets, replaced by newer models of hover cycles. It is most commonly seen in police and military roles on less settled worlds. Some mercenaries operate these bikes as well.

Like other hover bike designs, the "Tomahawk" is not environmental and the rider is unprotected unless they wear a ship suit or some form of environmental body armor. There is no enclosed cockpit. The bike was available with a wide variety of extras. One of the most common is an inertia navigation system. The vehicle has the ability to pilot itself to virtually anywhere on a world where proper beacons have been set up and the navigation system has been properly programmed. The bike can also be set up so it gives directions to the pilot but allows the pilot to control the hover cycle. Many people disable the automated piloting system and some planets do not have the navigation satellites set up or are restricted to military use. Other extras include advanced communication systems, high capacity entertainment systems featuring a 25 mini-disk player, and special gel seats programmed to exactly mold to the pilot of the cycle.

Power system for the bike are generally powered by a high capacity battery. This gives the bike a range of around two thousand kilometers and most planets have recharging stations similar in operation to modern gas stations. A complete recharge requires only about ten minutes. There are available fusion power plants to replace the high capacity battery.

Those bikes operated by military, police, and mercenary companies sometimes have additional weaponry. Because they bikes are extremely cheap, large numbers of troops can be outfitted with them and they give incredible mobility. Most common is a light laser or other energy weapon. Usually, they are modified versions of hand held energy rifles. In some cases, bikes have had mini-missile launchers added as well. These are normally limited to six mini-missiles as a maximum. Recently, some have been modified to mount micro-missiles instead of mini-missiles. With a punch similar to mini-missiles, micro-missiles can be carried in much larger numbers with up to twenty-four micro-missiles being mounted on the bike.

Model Type: CI-10 "Tomahawk"
Vehicle Type: Contra-Grav Hover Craft
Crew: One (and one passenger behind pilot)

M.D.C By Location:

[1] Hover Unit:220
[2] Main Body:420

[1] Destruction of the hover unit will cause the vehicle to crash.
[2] Destruction of the main body will cause the vehicle to crash

Driving on the Ground: Not Possible but can hover at ground level at from a hover to up to 310.7 mph (500 kph)
Atmospheric Flying: Can hover and go up to a maximum speed of 310.7 mph (500 kph) with a maximum altitude of 9,842.5 feet (3000 meters). The altitude is not due to the vehicles engine but due to the fact that the safety systems prevent the vehicle from flying any higher. If these systems are removed, the vehicle has unlimited altitude. If the Hover Bike could travel much faster, there would be danger of the pilot being knocked off simply from wind shear.
Flying in Space: The Hover Bike has safety features that prevent flight in space but these can theoretically be removed. If they are removed, The hovercraft does not have an effective top speed but is limited by acceleration. The hovercraft can reach a top acceleration of 0.5 Gs if modified. Note: The bike has no internal life support.
Maximum Range: With electric power system has a 1,242.7 miles (2,000 km) range and with fusion has effectively unlimited range.

Statistical Data:
Length: 10.5 feet (3.20 meters)
Height: 4.1 feet (1.25 meters)
Width: 2.6 feet (0.8 meters)
Weight: 617.3 lbs (280 kilograms)
Power System: Electrical with High Capacity Battery (Advanced Fusion Conversion with a five year micro-fusion reactor available)
Cargo: Minimal Storage Space.
Market Cost: 15,000 credits. Fully equipped versions of the "Tomahawk" cost 5,000 credits extra. The micro fusion conversion costs 80,000 credits.

None standard but some have weapon systems added (Especially police and military vehicles)

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