Star Hammer (CCW):

Ever since the CAF learned about the fold engines that the REF uses, they have been trying to duplicate the process. Such a method of travel would give the CAF the same huge strategic advantages that the REF had in its war with the Kreeghor. Unfortunately all their efforts have so far come to nought. Fold travel remains out of the reach of the CAF. Most of their attempts at fold engines resulted in nothing at all, but one attempt did indeed fold. Unfortunately it never came out of the fold. Strangely enough the secluded sun around which the tests were conducted displayed some severe solar flares shortly thereafter. No one really paid much attention to it though, as they were concentrating on finding the flaw which prevented the experimental fold engine from reemerging into normal space.

When a second attempt with a similar engine resulted in another failure to unfold and more Solar Flares, someone DID notice. After some deliberation, and studying of the ships logs, the scientists noted that at the same time they had conducted their tests, there had been fluctuations in the gravity field of the sun. This in turn had led to the solar flares, some of which had been quite violent. It was clear that they were onto something. It might not have been a method of travel, but the scientists were unto something.

For the third (and last of the expensive tests) test, they asked one of the CAF Generals in command of the research department to attend. With both the General and extra equipment in attendance, the third test yielded the same results: A disappearing generator, and some spectacular solar flares. The General was sufficiently impressed to appropriate more funding for research into the phenomenon, and the extra equipment showed what had happened.

As the generator went into the fold, it fell into the solar gravity well, where it attempted to unfold. During the attempt to unfold, the generator smoothed out the gravity well in a small area in the center of the sun. This caused the core to expand, as there was no longer a gravitational force to keep it together. As soon as the generator appeared (inside the star!) the gravity field came to full power again, causing the stars core to collapse again, which caused solar quakes. These showed up as solar flares.

In the following years, the research team spend humongous amounts of money, all with the blessings of the General. But it could not last: As they were finishing the first full-size operational prototype of their "Stellar Core Destabilizing Gravity Wave Generator", the CAF performed a general audit and, to the horror of the auditors, they found that a amount of some 900 billion credit had gone into a sort of "Research Department Black Hole" as one auditor put it. The CAF general staff descended as hawks upon the hapless general and his researchers, and the end seemed nigh for the "Starhammer Project" as it was informally known. The only thing that saved the project and its proponents from oblivion was the fact that to disassemble the giant prototype Starhammer would have cost far more than to finish it. So, upon advise from the scientists and the accounting department, the prototype was finished and towed to a uninhabited star system. There it would undergo its live fire test. If it worked, the CAF would gain a new weapon. If it failed.......

After remote control sensor packages had been distributed around the system, and on the three lifeless planets, and all ships had taken a safe distance from the target star (about one light month out) the huge Starhammer generator was activated. A large spherical field enveloped it, and then it was gone. In the observing ships, everyone kept a close look at the sensor readouts. For nearly a minute nothing happened, and tension mounted. Then the sensors registered a enormous amount of gravitational flux and hyperspace disturbance, which faded away in less than half a minute. During that time, nearly two thirds of the sensors lost their remote FTL link. But the few sensors that remained painted a horrible picture:

As the Starhammer attempted to unfold in the hart of the star, it attempted to smooth out the stars Gravity field (causing the huge gravity and hyperspace disruptions). For a few seconds it succeed. With the pull of gravity no longer keeping the star together, it began to expand rapidly. When the generator appeared in the hart of the star, it was incinerated, and the stars gravity field returned. With a enormous crash the star collapsed again, and the huge shock wave compressed layers of hydrogen and helium that would not have begun fusion for billions of years far beyond the fusion limit. The star began to burn hundreds of times as bright as normal, and together with the light it emitted a vast Electro Magnetic Pulse sped out from its surface at nearly light speed. The EMP burned out every probe that it enveloped, but some of the outlying probes used their FTL sensors to gather more info before the EMP reached them. In the waiting ships the generals, scientists and everyone else present watched in utter horror as the star, now hundreds of times brighter than normal, began to shed its outer layers in a attempt to dissipate the flood of energy. Following behind the light and the EM Pulse, a wave of plasma swept across the system at a leisurely 50 percent of light. It incinerated everything in its path, and began broiling the planets as it passed by them. Having survived the EMP, even the last probes were obliterated as the waves of plasma swept over them. In effect, the star had gone Nova!!

In the observing ship one of the CAF admirals put everyone thought into words: "Well guys, it works. Now what in HELL`S NAME ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH IT?!"

With the Starhammer technology the CAF has without a doubt the most powerful weapon in the three galaxies in its possession. Without a doubt it is also the most expensive weapon ever built by them. With the power to destroy entire systems, and a cost of dozens of battleships, it is in doubt that the CAF will ever build another Starhammer, for when the leaders of the CCW heard of the weapon, they were even more horrified than the military had been. Some even proposed to destroy the designs, and to forget about the entire thing. The power to destroy entire systems was almost too fantastic and too horrible for them to contemplate. As is, the CCW has locked away the plans for the starhammer in a very safe place, and has destroyed all references to it, even to the point where some of the more talkative people allied with the project have met with some rather fatal "accidents". Currently only the general staff, and some of the highest civil leaders of the CCW know of the whereabouts of the starhammer plans. The team of scientists has been broken up for good, and CCW intelligence is keeping close tabs on them.

This starship design uses modified starship speed and weapon range rules. See Revised Starship Rules for Phase World / Three Galaxies for more details

Note: The writeup for this Starhammer is for a military version, with drives, shields and a small crew section. This is only so that the Starhammer can be flown to its target under its own power. Even so, it has no armament of itself and will require a escort. No one is aboard at the time of firing (they`d better not be...) GM`s, it should be noted that such a weapon is often utterly useless in a military campaign, and should not be used in most campaigns.

A possible use would be as a plot device, someone has stolen the plans, and the players have to get them back before the thieves sell them to the Kreeghor. Or the players can BE the thieves, and not know just what they have stolen. All of a sudden they would have CAF security hot on their tails....

Model: Starhammer Generator.
Crew: None, fully automated(requires 100 man to fly though)
Vehicles: 8 Proctor Heavy Starfighter (only meant for getting the crew off the Starhammer.)

M.D.C. by Location (Per Generator):

Main body:300.000
Fighter Hangar:3,000
[1] Life support/Command section:7,000
[2] Drive system:20,000
[3] Shields:5000 Each side

[1] The command module is the only part of the Starhammer to have life support. It is a small target, partially imbedded in the generator: -2 to hit.
[2] Destroying the drive system means that the generator can no longer maneuver, it will drift at its last heading.
[3] The shields are variable, and can all be combined into one shield. The shields regenerate at the rate of 5% (1,500 M.D.C.) per round.

Sublight: Can accelerate at a speed of 0.3 percent of light per round
Stardrive: Gravitonic, maximum speed is 3 light-years per hour.
Stardrive(special): Can perform a single FTL Hyperspace Fold operation. Effective range: 15 light minutes.

Statistical Data:
Length: 2.6 Miles (4,170 meters)
Height: 4,200 feet ( 1,260 meters)
Width: 4,200 feet (1,260 meters )
Weight/Mass: 520 million tons
Power System: Antimatter with a five year live span (normally refueled every year)
Cargo: None
Market Cost: 700 Billion credits for a starhammer. The Kreeghor and the black market will pay enormous amounts of money (100+ Billion) for the blueprints for the starhammer. IF they knew about it off course.


  1. Starhammer Generator.: The generator folds into the nearest Stellar mass, and during re emergence into normal space cancels all gravity inside the star. This causes a rapid expansion of the star. The force with which the gravity inside the star is canceled creates waves of gravitational and hyperspace disturbance which will severely damage any active (as in anything but cold shutdown) FTL drives and FTL communicators.
    As soon as the generator emerges into real space it is incinerated in the heart of the star, and gravity returns, causing the star to contract again. The contraction is so powerful that layers of helium and hydrogen which normally wouldn`t reach fusion for billions of years are compressed until they DO start a fusion reaction. When this happens the Star starts to "burn" hundreds of times as brightly as normal, and a huge electromagnetic Pulse is thrown outwards. Because the temperature of the star rises greatly too, the outer layers of hot gas are thrown off in the form of a expanding cloud of superheated plasma moving at half lightspeed. This process continues for several days, and sterilizes the entire star system.
    Maximum Effective Range: The starhammer has to be within 15 light minutes of the star in order to work.(no penalties to hit, if you can get it there, IT WILL WORK! period.)
    Effects Taken:
      First Wave: The first damage comes from the Gravity and Hyperspace disruption caused by the weapon. This damage happens to ALL FTL drives and FTL comm systems that have power running through them AT THAT TIME! It is also instantaneous from the moment of activation of the Starhammer. The only way to avoid having damaged FTL systems is to have them in cold shutdown at the time (something NOT normally done).
        Duration: Once, at beginning of Nova explosion.
        • In a radius of 15 light minutes : ALL powered FTL drives and comm systems are destroyed, turned into worthless junk!
        • In a radius of 30 light minutes : 98% All destroyed. 2%:Minor repairs only! 4D6 minutes before drive and comm are operational.
        • In a radius of 60 light minutes: 88 % All destroyed. 10% repairs, 2D6x10 minutes worth! 2% minor repairs, 4D6 minutes worth.
        • In a radius of 120 light minutes: 66 % All destroyed. 20% Major repairs, 3D6x10 minutes worth.10% repairs, 2D6x10 minutes worth! 4% lucked out, no damage!.
        • In a radius of 240 light minutes: 30 % All destroyed. 40% Major repairs, 1D6 x hours worth. 20% repairs, 3D6x10 minutes worth! 10% Lucked out, no damage!
        • 240 light minutes + (4 light hours!) Outside of this Area, the damage done to drives and communication systems can all be repaired before the EMP and the explosion front reach the damaged ship.
      Second Wave: The next damage is done by the EMP radiating out from the star at near lightspeed. As soon as a ship sees the Nova, it will be hit by the EMP, the light and the pulse having traveled together from the stars surface. The EMP will do damage to shields and electronics, burning out electronics.
      For gaming purposes, the EMP has a damage rating. This is how much damage the pulse will inflict on shields. Once any shields are penetrated, however, the damage works differently. The EMP damage is recorded separately from normal physical damage. The amount of "damage" inflicted by the EMP is compared to the amount of main body remaining. The percentage of damage inflicted is determined in relation to the main body: (damage / main body) x 100 = percentage.
      For every 10% damage from the EMP, the following penalties apply: The target will be at -1 to Strike, Parry (if appropriate), and Dodge. In space, target acceleration will be reduced by 15% and in an atmosphere, top speed will be reduced by 15%.
      If a ship takes 60% or more of its main body in EMP damage, then the ship or vehicle will be disabled completely. All weapon, navigation, and other systems will shut down. The ships Emergency life-support and emergency communications are likely to work, but nothing else. Note that repair becomes impossible too, as ALL systems are burned out.
      When crossing universes, some ships would probably be immune to the EMP. These include the U.W.W. ships and the UFO Intruder ships from Phase World, the semi biological protoculture based systems from Robotech, and the Unusual hull construction of the Vorlons, Shadows, and races that copied the first ones technology from Babylon 5."
        Duration: The EMP lasts for 2D6+1 rounds before it passes, apply damage once every melee.
        • In a radius of 20 light minutes : 4D6x10,000 M.D.C. (roll each only ONCE, apply every turn thereafter)
        • In a radius of 40 light minutes : 2D4x10,000 M.D.C.
        • In a radius of 80 light minutes : 1D4x10,000 M.D.C.
        • In a radius of 160 light minutes : 4D6x1,000 M.D.C.
        • In a radius of 360 light minutes : 1D4x1,000 M.D.C.
        • In a radius of 420 light minutes : 2D4x100 M.D.C.
        • In a radius of 840 light minutes : 5D6x10 M.D.C.
        • Outside of a radius of 840 light minutes the EMP is too weak to do anything but disrupt radio traffic badly for the duration.
        Notes: This is damage for a Cruiser sized vessel. Multiply EMP damage by a factor of two for Battleships and larger (includes Dreadnoughts ) Multiply by eight for asteroid fortresses, and divide by a factor of two for smaller ships (Frigates, Fighters etc.).
      Third Wave: Damage is done by the enormous waves of plasma that are thrown out by the Nova. Although they move at only about half lightspeed they do more damage than the EMP, and the star can continue to throw out waves of plasma for days before it subdues!
        Duration: The duration of the Nova is 1D6 Days! For another 1D4 days the Nova burns with half its original intensity (reduce all damages by half)
        • In a radius of 20 light minutes : 3D6x100,000 M.D.C. (roll each only ONCE, apply every turn thereafter)
        • In a radius of 40 light minutes : 2D4x100,000 M.D.C.
        • In a radius of 80 light minutes : 5D6x10,000 M.D.C.
        • In a radius of 160 light minutes : 6D6x1,000 M.D.C.
        • In a radius of 360 light minutes : 3D4x1,000 M.D.C.
        • In a radius of 420 light minutes : 5D6x100 M.D.C.
        • In a radius of 840 light minutes : 2D4x100 M.D.C.
        • In a radius of 1680 light minutes : 3D6X10 M.D.C.
        • Outside of a radius of 1680 light minutes the Nova does no appriciable M.D.C. damage, although radiation levels will be deadly for unshielded persons for many more light days out.
        Notes: This is damage for a Cruiser sized vessel. Multiply Plasma damage by a factor of two for Battleships and larger (includes Dreadnoughts) Multiply by eight for asteroid fortresses, and divide by a factor of two for smaller ships (Frigates, Fighters etc.). Imperious to energy spell will not completely eliminate damage but will instead take 10% from the particles moving at the ship at 50% of light.
      Note on Star Types: These damages are for a perfectly ordinary G-type star, like our sun. Different kinds of stars will react differently to being hit with a Starhammer. I have noted the conversion figures for some other star types below:
        White and Blue Giants: These will turn into Supernovae! Duration stays the same, but all ranges are x 6, while damages are times x 10! after the event, there is nothing left of the star but a fast spinning Black Hole!
        Red Giants: Red Giants also turn into Supernova`s, but a little less spectacularly: ranges are still x 6, but damages are x 5. After the event, a very hot, very fast spinning Neutron star is left.
        White Dwarfs: a White Dwarf will still ignite, but less fiercely: ranges are x 0.5, the damage for the EMP and the Gravity/Hyper wave are normal, but the Plasma Wave is x 0.25 .
        Orange Dwarfs: Orange dwarfs will still ignite, but all ratings are x 0.75.
        Red Dwarfs: Red dwarfs will still ignite, but all ratings are x 0.25.
        Brown Dwarfs: A Brown Dwarf is a star that never was: not massive enough to reach fusion, it is only warm because of the immense pressures in its center. The Starhammer WILL ignite it: Range x 2, damages for EMP x 3, damage for Plasma x0.25, duration: 1D6 HOURS, after that, the Brown dwarf has become a Red Dwarf, but one with a short life span (red dwarfs are the longest burning stars but these stars will be unable to sustain fusion for long periods of time) of 1D6 x 100,000 years
        Pulsars, Black Holes: Not really relevant is it? No one will fight in the vicinity of these, or live there. If you do need the damages, make up something VERY spectacular (as in "Eventually visible in other galaxies")

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