Bushido Industries BI-PA-60B "Kage Tengu" Light Power Armor:

When a human from the Republic of Japan on Rifts Earth went to Bushido Industries to upgrade her IPA-60 Tazu-Tengu power armor, one of the engineers came up with an idea to built a new power armor design based on the IPA-60 Tazu-Tengu power armor. The general idea is that it would make a good design for a military, civilian, and espionage power armor. This design was partially developed as a response to New Coventry's Combat Environment Power Armor as well. After about three months of research and development on the design, a new power armor was born. This was the "Kage Tengu" or "Shadow Tengu". The design got excellent reviews by virtually all fax sheets and video magazines that tested the power armor. One thing most of them mentioned is that because of the combination of both large wings and advance CG flight systems, this power armor has a high rate of survivability even when badly damaged. The design has been selling ver well causing Naruni Industries to try and sue the company for copying their designs to stop production. Several planets and mercenary units have bought large numbers of this power armor and the power armor is presently on back order. The armor has become a favorite among female pilots due to its lightweight design. The armor looks very similar to a standard Tazu-Tengu Power Armor with some relatively minor appearance changes. Each shoulder has a two tubes for mini-missiles, each forearm has a raised portion that appears to be some form of energy weapon, the wings have been modified to fold up a little better, and the flight pack has been redesigned.

As was previously described the flight system has been converted to a gravitic flight system. Due to the small size of the power armor, the power armor cannot accelerate in space as quickly as some of the other power armors that were specifically designed for space. The contra-grav flight system has greatly increased the maneuverability of what was already a very agile power armor. The power armor is only lightly armed and it still relies mostly on handheld weapon systems for long range attacks. For internal weapon systems, the Kage Tengu has two mini missiles launchers on each shoulder and a powerful particle beam in each forearm. There was initially a lot of worry that the mini-missile launcher if exploded could kill the pilot so they were redesigned so they bow outwards. The strength and protective ability of the armor has been increased when compared to the original but it is lower than most other armors in the Three Galaxies. The power armor has four optional additions for increasing the abilities of the power armor. The first is that the power armor can have a special phase field generator added. This is one of the most expensive possible features but it gives the power armors almost complete stealth, allows it to travel through walls, and makes it impervious to many attacks. The armor cannot pass through force fields, can still be effected by magic and psionics, and cannot attack while intangible. There is also a feature which allows for a phase field that simply reduces damage greatly. This allows the power armor to attack as well as costing less in power. These phase field generators are not manufactured by Bushido Industries but are purchased from Phase World and are added with the help of some Promethian engineers that have been contracted with Bushido. This is part of where the armor gets its name. The other three optional features are what has raised a major dispute with Naruni Industries. A camouflage feature that allows the power armor to blend in with the background, the power armor can be fitted with a force field similar to the Naruni force fields, and a gravity wave sensor an be added. Naruni is current attempting to sue them in CCW court but it is likely to be dismissed. All four features can be added but the standard force field cannot be activated while the P-Field is active.

Model Type: BI-PA-60B Kage Tengu (Shadow Tengu)

Class: Light Scout and Espionage Power Armor

Crew: One

M.D.C. by Location:

Arms (2):95 each
Legs (2):125 each
[1] Wings:120 each
[2] Main Flight Unit:100
[2] Maneuvering Flight Units (3):40 each
Mini-Missile Launchers (4, shoulders):25 each
Forearm Particle Beams (2):40 each
[3] Head:100
[4] Main Body:250
[5] Super Heavy Force Field (Optional):180


[1] Destroying one or both wings prevents the power armor from gliding without the contra grav thrust system engaged. The power armor can fly at full speed without any wings or with the wings folded up as long as the flight system is intact.

[2] Destruction of main flight unit will reduce the power armors speed and maneuverability by 70% but the power armor has enough power to remain flying. If one or both wings are destroyed as well, the power armor cannot fly and will crash. The destruction of a maneuvering flight unit will reduce the flight speed by 10% each. If one or both of the wings are destroyed , the maneuvering thrust units are destroyed, but the main thrust unit is still operational, the power armor will still be able to fly at 70% of normal. Even if all flight systems are destroyed, the wings will allow the power armor to glide.

[3] Destroying the head/helmet has a 1-70% chance of knocking the pilot unconscious. If conscious, the pilot has two problems, one: no power armor combat bonuses to strike, parry, and dodge, and two: the human head is now vulnerable to attack. Note: The head is a small and difficult target to hit. Thus, it can only be hit when a character makes a called shot and even then the attacker is -3 to strike.

[4] Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body will shut the armor down completely, making it useless.

[5] The force field will stop energy attacks and fast moving objects. Slow moving objects can pass through. The force field regenerates one (1) M.D.C. per melee round unless overloaded and then cannot be activated for 12 hours if overloaded. The force field pulls its power off of the power plant. This feature is optional.


Running: 75 mph (121 kph) maximum. Note that the act of running does tire out its operator, but at a fatigue rare of 15% of normal thanks to the robot exo-skeleton and contra-grav system.

Contra-Grav flight system: The contra-grav propulsion system enables the armor hover in a stationary at any altitude and fly at a maximum speed of mach 2.2 (1,631.2 mph / 2,625.2 kph). The contra-grav system makes the armor trans-atmospheric and armor can accelerate at up to 2 Gs of acceleration. The power armor can glide without any thrusters at up to 60 mph (96 kph)

Underwater: The armor can travel up to a maximum speed of 40 mph (64 kmph) to a maximum depth of 1000 feet (310 m).

Maximum Effective Range: The Armors range is virtually unlimited. Unlike the original thrusters, the Contra-Grav system does not overheat. The only limit is the pilots endurance.

Statistical Data:

Height: 7 feet (2.1 meters)

Width: Wings Down: 3.3 feet (1.0 meters)

Wings Fully Extended: 15 feet (4.6 meters)

Length: 3.6 feet (1.1 meters)

Weight: 245 lbs (111.1 kilograms) with jet pack

Physical Strength: Equal to P.S. 28.

Cargo: None

Power System: Conventional: Advanced Fusion; average life is 20 years. Phase Power System: All special phase abilities of the ship are powered by a phase-field generator that has 120 "charges." When all these charges are spent (each use of a phase-field power uses up one charge), the generator needs to recharge. The systems regenerate power at a rate of 20 charges per hour.

Cost: 1.6 million credits for a standard model. Phase Field system cost an additional 800,000 credits, Camouflage system costs an additional 200,000 credits, Integral Super Heavy Force Field costs 320,000 credits, and gravity wave sensor costs 1 million credits. All four systems can be added to the same armor.

Weapon Systems:

  1. Forearm Particle Beams (2): Each arm has a short range but powerful particle beam cannon. These cannons are modified versions of the Armatech AT-130 Particle Beam Pistol. While the guns were not increased in output, the were made smaller. It is used as a backup if the pilot loses his combat rifle and can use both at the same time as one attack if the pilot has Paired Weapons: Energy Pistol

    Mega-Damage: 6D6+6 each and if the person has paired weapons, Energy Pistol, can do up to 1D6x10+20 per attack.

    Rate of Fire: Equal to number of combined hand to hand attacks (usually 4-6).

    Maximum Effective Range: 600 ft (183 m) in an atmosphere. Range is multiplied by eight for ranges in space.

    Payload: Effectively unlimited.

  2. Mini-Missile Launchers (2): The power armor has two mini-missile launchers in each shoulder. Weapon systems are protected by heavy armor, have a warning system to warn pilot when heavily damaged, and an ammo blow out system so if ammo explodes, armor only takes 10% of the damage of the explosion. Missile has a top speed of Mach 10 in an atmosphere and in space has an acceleration of 2% of light per turn (slightly faster than any starship except if it is acceding it maximum safe acceleration)

    Maximum Effective Range: Missile range is 2 miles (3.2 km) in an atmosphere and 100 miles (161 km) in space.

    Mega Damage: As per Mini-Missile Type (See revised Phase World / Three Galaxies missile tables for details.)

    Rate of Fire: Can fire missiles one at a time or in volleys of two or four.

    Payload: 4 total (2 in each shoulder)

  3. Energy Rifles or Light Rail Gun and other hand-held weapons can be substituted in an emergency or used as a back-up weapon. Space limitations and the bulk of the armor limit additional weapons to one rifle and one pistol.
  4. Phase Fields: The power armor can generate two different protective phase fields. The first is a deflector shield that disperses incoming energy attacks, bullets, rail gun rounds, and explosions. When system is active, damage from incoming attack is divided by 10 (With the exception of physical attacks, magic, psionics, and other phase weaponry - These do full damage). All weapons can be used in this mode. The Second field is "Ghost Mode", an Out of Phase field that renders the power armor insubstantial and immune to all but magical attacks, psionics, and phase weaponry. The power armor is not affected by the physical attacks of most supernatural creatures as well. The power armor is effectively removed from normal three-dimensional space. The being in the power armor can observe things in the three dimensional world but is completely undetectable by normal means including the see the invisible spell and most sensors (it is not invisible to Prometheans and phase technology). Ships speed is reduced to 25% of ships speeds and accelerations when in this mode but it can move in any direction including up and down and is not impeded by normal barriers. The power armor can be stopped by Phase Fields, Force Fields, and Magical Fields and cannot resolidify inside of solid objects. No weapons can be fired either while the power armor is out of phase.

    Duration: Deflector Fields: Eight minutes per charge. Ghost Mode: One minute per charge.

    Payload: 120 “Charges” Each activation consumes one “charge” from phase-field generator in the power armor (see Power System, above). Activating either field counts as one melee action/attack. Activating a field can be used as a dodge to avoid incoming attacks. Only one field can be activated at one time and not both simultaneously. They cannot be activate at the same time as the power armors conventional force field as well.

  5. Hand to Hand Combat: Rather than use a weapon, The pilot can engage in mega-damage hand to hand combat. See Basic and Elite Power Armor Combat Training in the Robot Combat section of Rifts, page 45. All abilities are the same except as follows:
      +2 to initiative

      +2 to pull punch

      +1 to strike, parry, and dodge (Automatic dodge, does not cost an attack)

      Claw Kick: 2D4+2 M.D.

Sensor System of Note:

Has all the standard sensors of Three Galaxies power armors plus the following special systems.

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