The Undead Hunter O.C.C. (Rifts Earth):

(Adapted from Palladium RPG Book VIII: The Yin-Sloth Jungles)

Even more that the Palladium World, supernatural creatures plague the world of the Rifts. The energies which remade the world released incredibly powerful beings, the likes of which was never know before. Demons, Zombies, Gargoyles, Zombies, and Werewolves all haunt the world. Those who are innocent and lack the ability to defend themselves are often the ones to suffer the most.

As there is evil to fight, there are those who will rise to fight that evil. Some are well known such as the Cyber-Knights. Others are less well known but are just as important. One of the least well known is a group known as the Undead Hunters. Small in number, it is said that the first Undead Hunter came to Rifts Earth less than a Century before.

Several different named have been given for this Hunter including the name Yoshiko. An extremely tall woman and an incredible warrior and wizard, some stories tell that she went through hell literally to get to Rifts Earth and that she was so tough that hell spit her back out. All the stories support that the Hunter was human but the only language she knew which was recognizable was Elven. Her other tongues were unintelligible. The woman seemed to have an incredible hatred for vampires. It is said by many that someone extremely important to her was turned into a vampire when she was extremely young. Some say it was her father while others talk about it being her mother. Other stories suggest that it was a brother or a sister. She fought vampires in Central America and what was once Mexico. Over the years, she racked up quite a kill rate against vampires, including a number of master vampires, and made many enemies. Many have tried hunter her

Eventually, she seems to have decided to start training more Undead Hunter. She chose only the best warriors and trained them in mystical arts to fight vampires. She also looked for those who are pure of heart. At the same time, she broadened the training to include new magic, modern weapons, and new martial arts. Several masters of other martial arts have joined her and taught their fighting talents. Where this training academy is hidden is unknown even though several of those who are enemies have tried to find it over the years. Some rumors tell that it is somewhere in the Midwestern part of the Americas.

Lacking the Alchemist which made the weapons which she carried, she learned the arts of how to make magic weapons and recreate many of the other items. Weapons similar to the Orbs of Force are enchanted by the spell of "Spell Store." She teaches the same spell to her student. She also has magical melee weapons created through the enchantment of "Enchant Weapon: Lesser" although she generally did not teach that spell to her students except her more advanced pupils.

A few years later, this core of skilled warriors started their own fight against the vampire. Never in large enough numbers to defeat the vampires, they still were able to hurt the undead creatures severely. From this first core, others began training students of their own. They have continued the selection of only the best students and those who were the most honorable. The first group was in North America but even though tiny in number, Undead Hunters found their way into other land. The only land that they are not believed to have spread to is Atlantis. A surprising number seem to have found their way to Russia. Of course casualties mean that few ever actually survive to take students of their own. Likely this is one of the factors keeping the number of Undead Hunters low

Rumor is that the original Undead Hunter is still alive but she was said to be human and would be over a hundred years old. Other stories tell that when she was old and grey, she decided to attack the lair of vampire intelligence on her own. Some even go on to tell that she managed to kill the vampire intelligence before being taken down by an army of its minions.

Limited Magic Use: The Undead Hunter has limited spell casting abilities which function just like those of the Wizard / Line Walker. The limitations result from the narrow area of study and the specific purpose of destroying demons and monsters. They can learn additional spells as required.

Initial Spell Knowledge Includes:

Undead Hunters have no magical combat skills, so their spell strength never increases (never goes past 12). While they can learn new spells, many have very little interest in magic other than what they are taught and rarely pursue the knowledge of spell-casting other than their spells used to fight demons and the supernatural.

P.P.E. Base: 2D4x10 at first level and an additional 2D6 P.P.E. at every level there after.
Like Men of Magic, the Undead Hunter can draw additional P.P.E. from ley lines, a ley nine nexus, and other Men of Magic.

Alignment: Any, but most tend to be either Scrupulous, Unprincipled, or Aberrant. Diabolic Undead Hunters are a rarity.
O.C.C. Bonuses: +1 attack per melee at levels 5 and 10, +5 to save vs. horror factor, and +1 to save vs. magic.
Attribute Requirements: I.Q. 14, M.E. 15, and P.P.10 or higher.
O.C.C. Skills:

O.C.C. Related Skills: At first level the Undead Hunter can choose six other skills, and two more at levels three, five, seven, eleven, and fourteen.

Secondary Skills: The character gets to select three secondary skills at level one, and two more at levels four, eight, and twelve. These are additional areas of study that do not gain the benefit of the bonuses in parentheses and are limited to the list above (any, none, only). The character can add any I.Q. bonuses he/she may have.
Starting Equipment: Work cloths, two sets of nice clothes, boots and gloves, backpack, belt, cloak or cape, pocket flashlight, survival pack, two weeks of food / rations, lighter or tinderbox, large flashlight, pocket mirror, wooden mallet and 6 wooden stakes, silver holy symbol, pen, notebook,
Vehicle: The Undead Hunter's mode of transportation can be just about anything but most common is real horses, robot horses, hover cycles, and modified motorcycles. They are also known to use magical devices. They never use power armors or robot vehicles.
Armor: A set of personalized mega-damage body armor including Coalition armor (Can be light or heavy as desired by character). At game master's option, armor can have one techno-wizard addition.
Weapons: Bow or Crossbow of Choice and 24 arrows (Can he High Tech or enchanted with "Enchant Weapon: Lesser) with 4 with silver arrow heads. Two Silver Throwing Daggers. Two Additional Melee Weapons and Two Additional Ranged Weapons of choice (Can include techno-wizard weapons - Light blade swords are extremely popular)
Special Magic Weapons:
Silver Slayer: Magic Weapon using the spell "Enchant Weapon" and is permanent. Weapon can be a long sword (4D6+8), bastard sword (4D6+10), claymore (6D6+8), or battle axe (6D6+8) although swords are most common. Weapons are of extremely high quality with bonuses of +1 to Strike, +2 to Parry, and +2 to initiative. Weapon is covered in silver and inflicts double damage to hit points against vampires. Hilt is incribed with a holy symbol to repel vampires.
Most will pick up additional magic weapon to help them in their fight against vampires and demons.
Special Magic Items:
1D4+1 Crystals of Daylight (Can also be arrow heads): This is a small (Usually yellow) crystal that when shattered, creates a globe of daylight. Normal Level is Sixth Level. Uses the spell of "Spell Store" and “Globe of Daylight.”
1D4+1 Crystals of Lightning (Can also be arrow heads): This is a small (Usually blue) crystal that when shattered, creates a lightning bolt. Normal Level is Sixth Level. Uses the spell of "Spell Store" and “Call Lightning”
1D4+1 Crystals of Shockwave (Can also be arrow heads): This is a small (Usually white) crystal that when shattered, creates a lightning bolt. Normal Level is Sixth Level. Uses the spell of "Spell Store" and "Shockwave"
Medallion of Tranquility: Looks like ordinary silver jewelry with various magic and religious symbols carved on (prevents undead from touching it). Helps victims of vampire bites defend against their mind control. Enchantment places vampire's victim into a trance that prevents them from hearing vampire's calls and commands. Unfortunately, victim is virtually a mindless zombie who performs all activities slowly with a blank expression. Entranced victim cannot engage in combat, run, perform skills, or even eat without help. While a sorry state, it save him against being controlled by a vampire and allows others to protect him without struggle. Note: Works only against vampires, not other forms of mind control. Will not put anyone not a vampire' victim into a trance.
Medallion of Will Power: Medallion helps the undead hunter focus his will power to resist mind control and overcome adversity. Hero is impervious to the mind control of all undead while wearing the medallion (+6 without it) and +4 to save vs psionic mind control and illusions of all kind (+2 without it). By focusing on the medallion and the will to live, the character can also gain +4 to save vs poison and disease, and +20% to save vs coma!
Most will pick up additional magic items to help them in their fight against vampires and demons..
Money: The character starts off with 2D6x100 in credits and has additional black market items that will garner an additional 1D6x1000 credits. As always, the money can be spent immediately on additional equipment or saved.
Cybernetics: Starts with none and will avoid them at all costs. Bio-systems will be the priority if prosthetics become necessary.
Undead Hunter Experience Table: Use the same experience table as the Cyber Knight.

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