U.W.W. Warlock Marine Raider O.C.C. (Phase World):

"When you got nails that just won't quit sticking up, sometimes the answer really might be to go and get a bigger hammer. The Raiders are an awfully big hammer. I almost feel sorry for the nails."

-Gunnery Sergeant Roland, Bravo Company (Bonecrushers) 3rd Raider Battalion

"No offense, My Lord, but we just don't do it that way. We've found that the safest way to keep the hostages safe is to kill all the hostage takers in the fastest, most efficient way possible. Do you prefer them ventilated, shish-kabob, or char-broiled?"

-Lady Medwyn, Commander of 1st Raider Battalion, Moon Rose incident

The Warlock Marine Corps Raiders are culled from the very best the Corps has to offer. Only combat veterans are considered and there is no way to apply for the unit. A Marine can only be offered a position, selected using a process kept as secret as many of the unit's missions. Force Recon Marines suffer the worst attrition from this process, as they are a cut above a regular Marine already. Even with these careful considerations, the Raider course drop-out rate runs to almost 20%.

Raiders get the very best of equipment and receive additional training and magical augmentation. It is said that once a Raider is fully trained and equipped, you can buy a corvette for the price. However, they get the hardest missions and have VERY rarely failed to complete the mission. A side effect of this is they suffer the worst casualty rates of any unit in the Corps. It is generally recognized that Raiders are, pound for pound, likely the most lethal combat troops in the history of the Three Galaxies.

It is said that you can kill a Raider, but that is the ONLY way to stop one. Backing up is something they don't know how to do and they aren't interested in learning.

Level Requirements: Must be at least third level and a combat veteran.

Bonuses: +1 to M.E., +2 to P.S., +1 to P.P., +2 to P.E., and +4 to Spd. Also, gives +2 to save vs. magic, +1 to mind control, +2 to horror factor, and +2D6 to S.D.C. or M.D.C. depending on the race (These bonuses are in addition to previous bonuses, cybernetics, and those from Hand to Hand: Commando and new attributes.)

Additional Skills: All skills, with the exception of the WPs and hand to hand: commando, start off at first level. The character continues to advance in his old O.C.C. but the Raider training adds additional skills.

Standard Equipment: Same as a regular Warlock Marine, plus a suit of Raider power armor, energy sidearm and rifle (any types), and Recon body armor. Additional equipment is issued according to mission and just about anything is available.

Money: 2D6x1000 Credits and gets a monthly salary of 8000 credits a month (Officers get double.) All food, equipment, clothing, room, and board are supplied by the Military.

Experience Levels: Warlock Marine or Warlock Marine Magical Specialist O.C.C.

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