C.S. Navy Mutant Seals R.C.C. (Rifts Earth):

When the Coalition Navy began a development program for mutant dogs for special roles, there was a second program started right around the same time. Instead of using mutant dogs, it was decided that seals would be used for the experimentation. In the past, the US Navy used Sea Lions for various purposes so it is not truly an unknown concept. Pinnipeds has a variety of advantages over canines as far as being able to dive far longer and deeper. The harbor seal, also known as the common seal, was decided to use as the basis. They had a resurgence with the coming of the rifts and much of the pressure from man removed from them even though never threatened like many other seal species such as the monk seal.

The program is considered a success by the developers with a soldier who can dive almost ten times as long as Sea Dogs and virtually immune to the bends. Their diving ability is so great that they can make dives unaided by diving gear. While diving, their lungs compress and their pulse rate reduces to a few beats per minute. They also appear to be longer lived than mutant dogs. It is believed that they will have a life span of around 45 to 55 years with females living about ten years longer. None have yet aged to check this trend for certain. Maximum recorded depth for a Mutant Seal is around fifteen hundred feet. Even though fully biped, they tend to be slower on land than Psi-Hounds or humans. They are also less tough and strong than psi-hounds. As well, they lack the superior psychic sense of the psi-hounds and their loyalty is considered less than that of the mutant canine. They are extremely social animals but a small number have went rogue. They are less likely to follow orders without question than mutant canines. If rogues are found, they are generally killed on sight.

Training is extremely similar to that of Sea Dogs although water skills are even more emphasized. They are also trained the fundamentals of demolitions and disposal of explosives. Like Sea Dogs, few are trained how to read and write including officers. Many dislike the use of scuba gear even though they are trained in the use. There is a joke among many of these mutant seals that they are the "True" Navy Seals. There is less of an emphasis on ground skills compared to Sea Dogs. There is a rivalry between the mutant seals and mutant dogs of the Coalition Navy. The rivalry is generally more or less friendly. Still, the numbers of Seals in Coalition Navy is tiny compared to that of Sea Dogs. Virtually all serve in the Navy forces assigned to Lone Star.

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