British S.A.S. (Rifts Earth):

The S.A.S. stands for Special Air Service and was formed during World War Two. It is one the most special forces units in the World and some might say it is the most elite special forces unit. Since Wold War Two, they have fought in Malaya, Borneo, Oman, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and in many other places. There was en exchange program between American and British special forces during Vietnam although the British Government denies that the S.A.S. fought in Vietnam. The S.A.S. was used in Desert Storm to hunt down mobile SCUD launchers.

The concept was that the S.A.S. would operate in much smaller units than previous commando units which generally operated in units of about 50. Initially the small units could be dropped by parachute or infiltrated by jeeps or small boats, deep behind enemy lines to carry out sabotage or reconnaissance missions. Later, infiltration using helicopters and submarines were added.

Unlike many other special forces, the British S.A.S. is recruited from veterans from the Marines and Army. These troops must pass rigorous physical and mental test in order to be considered for the S.A.S. They are then put through an extensive training campaign to hone their skills

Unlike the United States Seals, the British S.A.S. favored the use of Cybernetics. Each trooper is equipped with a universal headjack and ear implant including a special cybernetic gun link, and cybernetic systems designed to protect from toxic gasses. The cybernetic gun link is very expensive and all guns have to be specially modified to take advantage of the system. The most spectacular enhancement is the Nano-Tech Enhancement feature which is similar to the one marketed on Rifts Earth by Archangel Heavy Industries. The system boosts the person's strength and reflexes.

Several teams of S.A.S. were onboard the HMS Africa when the Ark Royal battle group was attacked by Argentinian stealth bombers using weapons and all of the special forces troops were thought lost. They were some of the best S.A.S. personnel in the British military and their loss was deeply felt. They ended up being Rifted hundreds of years but no one knew that at the time.

Level Requirements: Must be at least fourth level.

Attribute Requirements: I.Q. 12 or Higher, M.E. 12 or Higher, P.S. 14 or higher, and P.E. 14 or higher

Bonuses: +1 to M.E., +2 to P.S., +1 to P.P., +2 to P.E., and +4 to Spd. Also, gives +2 to Horror Factor and +2D6 S.D.C. (These bonuses are in addition to previous bonuses, cybernetics, and those from Hand to Hand: Commando.)

Additional Skills: All skills, with the exception of hand to hand commando, start off at first level. The character continues to advance in his old O.C.C. but the S.A.S. training adds additional skills.

Standard Equipment: ER-7 Stealth Body Armor (If available, otherwise issued R-5 or R-6 Body armor), LP-12 Laser Pistol and LCR-58 Combat Pulse Laser Carbine with two short and four long E-Clips. Also are issued four grenades and one in five is issued either the LMG-60 Squad Automatic Pulse Laser Rifle (instead of LR-55 Rifle) with an additional eight long E-Clips or a SSRG-12 Sniper Rail Gun. Other equipment includes two dress uniforms and six working uniforms, survival pack (equal to NG-S2 basic survival pack), and 7 days of rations. Other equipment is issued as necessary.

Money: 2D6x1000 Credits and gets a monthly salary of 2500 credits a month (Officers get double.) All food, equipment, clothing, room, and board is supplied by the Military.

Cybernetics: In addition to the Universal Headjack & Ear Implant (Special Augmentation, Amplified Hearing, Sound Filtration System, and Optic Nerve Implant), Oxygen Storage Cell, Lung Toxic Filter, and Molecular Analyzer which are standard issue for both the Army and the Marines, they are given Cybernetic Gun-Link system (+3 to strike on aimed shots and +2 to strike on bursts on weapons which are modified to use the system - Weapons modified cost 50% more than normal). Each SAS Trooper also gets a Nano-Tech Enhancement (See Section 7 for details - Nano-Tech Enhancement)

Experience Levels: Use Original O.C.C.

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