Zoey Gordon:

Name: Zoey
True Name: Zoey Gordon
Alignment: Unprincipled (Good / Selfish)
Hit Points: 25 S.D.C.: 46
Attributes: I.Q.: 14, M.E.: 16, M.A.: 14, P.S.: 16, P.P.: 23 (+4), P.E.: 21 (+12%/+3), P.B.: 21 (55%), SPD: 17
Weight: 128 lbs (51.7 kg) Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.63 meters)
Age: 19 years Race: Human Sex: Female P.P.E.: 12
What she lacking in height, Zoey makes up for in spunk. She is wild, mercurial, and a bit on vivacious side. She likes to cause a certain amount of contention with her style and has always been one to break the rules. At times she may act flighty as well although any conversation with her will show her as being extremely bright. A Pre-Rifts term for her might be punk although there is far more to her than that. She does care greatly for her family and is quite loyal to her friends.
In spite of her style of dress, she is a tom-boy at heart. She does like to fix stuff, especially weapon, and a great many athletic activities. She can concentrate on projects for long times, even boring ones, and when she sets to work on a project, she will do her best to finish it. As well, she spends long hours concentrating on hand to hand skills to keep them sharp.
As far as the Coalition, she can take them or leave them. She had no hatred for those who are not human and is a live and let live kind of woman. As such, she does not really understand the Coalition's attitudes. Since she is not even a psychic, she is not really a target for their attention. She does not have much experience with magic either. She has seen it a number of times and is a bit curious about it. It seems exotic and dangerous to her.
O.C.C.: Armorer (Rifter 5 Page 69) Experience Level: First (1)
Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Aikido and Boxing
Attacks per Melee: Seven (7)
Bonuses, Combat: Damage: +0, Strike: +4, Flip / Throw: +6, Parry: +10, Dodge: +11, Roll (With Punch / Fall / Impact): +4, Pull Punch: +2, Beak Fall: +3, Initiative: +8, Critical Strike: Natural 20, Knock Out: Natural 20
Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14] +3, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +3, Harmful Drugs [15] +3, Insanity [12], Psionics [15], Magic [12/16] +3, Horror Factor [Varies] +2.
O.C.C. Bonuses: +2 to Parry and Dodge / +2 vs Horror Factor
Special Abilities:
Ambidextrous: Paired Weapons, One Additional Attack, +10% to climb, +5% to pick locks, pick pockets, palming, and concealment skills
Cybernetically Enhanced Reflexes: Enhanced reflex response is achieved by using nano-tech robots to drastically shorten the neural/nerve response time needed to carry out actions. Has a total of three enhancement to her reflexes
Bonuses: +2 Initiative and +1 Attacks.
Universal Headjack & Ear Implant: Special connector or jack that is built into the skull at the base of the head.
Special Augmentation: Special built in long range wide band radio transmitter and receiver that can transmit a whisper and voices of other people up to 6 feet (1.8m) away. It has a range of 20 miles (32 km) and with an additional antenna range is increased to 100 miles (160 km)
Amplified Hearing: Sound Amplifiers give the ability to be able to hear almost inaudible sounds and recognize specific sounds and voices at 35% + 5% per level. Also gives +1 to Parry, +2 to Dodge, and +6 to Initiative
Sound Filtration System: Protects from potentially damaging sounds by either filtering or blocking the sound.
Optic Nerve Implant: Implant that connects headjack to optic nerve implant. It allows person to see video transmissions.
Cybernetic Gun-Link: This cyber-system provides a link between the gun and the users vision. Specially modified weapons are needed to make use of this system. Sensors in the weapon determine exactly where it is pointed. This information is transmitted through a hookup in the palm of the user's hand and is displayed in the user's field of vision as a dot or small crosshair. The system also allows the user to know exactly how many rounds are left in the weapon's clip or magazine, as well as being able to mentally issue commands to eject the clip from the weapon.
Bonuses: +3 to strike on aimed shots and +2 to strike on bursts
Cyber-Disguise Type AA-1: Allows person to change the shape of their face, uses artificial hair to change the color of their hair. Can change eye color and can adjust the larynx to imitate voices at 44% chance.
O. C. C. Skills: Communication: Radio; Basic (+10%) 55%, Electrical: Basic Electronics (+5%) 45%, Mechanical: Armorer / Weapon Engineer [Special] 45%, Automobile Mechanics (+10%) 35%, Basic Mechanics [With Armorer] 50%, Military: Demolitions (+10%) 70%, Physical: Hand to Hand; Aikido [Cost Two O.C.C. Related Skills], Pilot: Pilot Hovercraft [Ground] (+15%) 65%, Pilot Truck (+15%) 55%, Rogue: Concealment (+20%) 45%, Science: Chemistry (+5%) 35%, Mathematics Basic (+10%) 55%, Technical: Languages: American [Native] 98%, Languages: Japanese (+10%) 60%,Languages: Techno-Can (+10%) 60%, W.P.; Ancient: Knife (+1 [+5] Throw/+0 [+4] Strike/+0 [+10] Parry), W.P.; Modern: Energy Pistol (+3 Aimed/+1 Burst), Energy Rifle (+3 Aimed/+1 Burst).
O. C. C. Related Skills: Espionage: Intelligence (+5%) 37%, Wilderness Survival (+5%) 35%, Military: Demolitions Disposal (+5%) 65%, Physical: Boxing.
Secondary Skills: Physical: Athletics (General), Technical: Computer Operation 40%, Literacy: American 30%, Literacy: Techno-Can 30%, W.P.; Modern: Paired: Energy Pistols
Zoey is a little below average in height at five foot four inches in height. She is of medium build and has a good and feminine figure. While not extremely strong, she is surprisingly strong for someone of her height. There is not much fat on her, she had medium breasts and nice hips. Her face is slightly rounded with a small nose. He skin tone is a light Caucasian.
With her Cyber-Disguise, she can change her appearance and likes to look pretty radical. She tend to have her hair in a short "Page Boy" style which is not so unusual although the colors she like are. Blue, Lavender, and Pink, are among her favorite colors. If she has to go with a normal hair color, red and platinum blond are her preferred colors. She also appears to wear fairly heavy makeup with bright red lips and heavy eye highlights and mascara. She also normally paints her nails, which she keeps fairly short, red to match her lips. Her normal eye color, which she can also change, is blue.
Her fashion is similarly unusual. She likes to wear tight crop T-Shirts with various logo which reveal her abdomen . Some logos include a smiley face with a bullet hole between the eyes, teddy bear armed with a rifle, a mushroom cloud, and the words "Bad Ass" or "Angel of Destruction." Pink, lavender, and white are among her favorite color for t-shirts. She normally wears them with form fitting black pants as well.
Weapons of Note:
2 Retractable Vibro-Claw Bracers:
Mega-Damage: 2D6 each bracer. Each one contains a pair of vibro-claws which retract when not in use. The weapons were created by her and are decorative.
2 Wilk’s 237 “Backup” Pulse Laser Pistol: Weight: 3.0 lbs (1.4 kg)
Mega-Damage: 3D6 per single blast and 6D6 per double blast. Rate of Fire: Standard Effective Range: 500 ft (152 m) Payload: 8 double blasts per short E-Clip or 16 double blasts per long E-Clips.
Wilk’s-Remi 104 Derringer: Weight: 10 ounces (.27 kg)
Derringer is designed to be able to be plugged into a standard E-Clip recharger. Concealed in her hair behind her head. Mega-Damage: 2D4. Rate of Fire: Two simultaneous shots Effective Range: 300 ft (91.5 m). Payload: 4 Shots
JA-12 Laser Rifle: Weight: 14 lbs (6.4 kg)
Mega-Damage: Laser, 4D6 for Single Shot and 1D6x10+10 for 3 simultaneous blasts. Grenade, 3D6 to 10 ft (3 m) radius. Rate of Fire: Standard. Effective Range: Laser, 4000 ft (1220 m). Grenade, 2000 ft (610 m). Payload: 10 Shots short E-Clip, 30 Shots long E-Clip, has built in energy Canister (Cannot be removed but can be recharged) that holds an additional 30 Energy shots, and has a 4 shot pump magazine for grenade launcher. Bonus: +1 on Aimed Shots with laser only.
Heavy & Grenades:
Fusion Block Belt Buckle:
Mega-Damage: 4D6 x 10 with a 10 ft (3 m) blast radius. Has a 30 second delay built in.
4 Triax Stun/Flash Hand Grenades:
Damage: Loud Boom and Sparks, -8 to strike, parry, and dodge, -1 ti initiative, loose one attack for 1D4 melees for people not in body armor or tinted goggles. Those in armor are distracted for 1D4 seconds and loose initiative. Range: 100 ft (30.5 m)
4 Glue Hand Grenades:
Spreads a layer of glue which traps anyone within area of the effect. Requires a strength of 30 or greater to break free. Area of Effect: Creates a 6.6 foot (2 meter) radius area of glue. Duration: Until Dissolved Range: About 40 meters.
[All Ranged weapons are modified to use cybernetic gun link]
Ammunition (Used by Multiple weapons): 6 Short E-Clips, 8 Long E-Clips
Rifle Grenades: 4 Explosive Grenades (3D6), 2 Sleep Gas Canisters, 2 Tear Gas Grenades, 2 Smoke Grenades, 4 Concussion Grenades, 2 Flare Warheads Grenades, 2 Neural Disruption Warheads, 4 Glue Grenades, 4 Video Camera Grenades
Armor of Note:
Branaghan Body Armor: M.D.C.: 75 Weight: 15 lbs (6.8 kg) -5% Prowl Penalty
Light Body Suit: M.D.C.: 30 Weight: 4 lbs (2 Kg) No Prowl Penalty
Suit can be concealed under clothing
N-F50A Superheavy Force Field: Weight: 15 lbs (6.8 kg)
M.D.C.: 160 (Shield regenerates 1 M.D.C. per melee unless overloaded [cannot be activated for 12 hours]), Duration: 6 hours per E-Clip
Other Equipment:
NG-300 Prowler Hover Bike: Top speed 220 mph (352 kph) with a maximum altitude of 120 feet (36.5 meter). Has +10% bonus to his piloting skill, +1 on initiative (to take evasive action), and +1 to dodge. Fusion powered and has effectively unlimited range. Main Body 100 M.D.C. with other hit locations increased 30% from standard. Painted gloss black. Modified to mount an E-Clip charger to recharge clips from the fusion reactor.
Clothing: Multiple Logo Crop T-Shirts (Various Colors), Form Fitting Black Pants, Leather Boots,
Other Items: Makeup and Feminine Items, Multi-Optic Helmet, Triax LHP-1000 Computer, Portable Tool Kit, 4 Rolls of M.D.C. Duct Tape, Derringer Grapple Gun (Inflicts 1 M.D.C., 220 lb / 100 kg strength, 65.6 ft / 20 meter, Retracts 3.3 ft / 1 meter per second), 60 Basic Survival Pack (Two Person Tent, Sleeping Bag, Flashlight with pocket knife, Compass, Short range radio, Mini First Aid Kit, Hunting & Fishing Kit, 3 Saw-Wires, Fire Starter, wooden cross, 4 signal flares, 33.8 ft / 10 meter climbing cord, Climbing gloves, 4 ceramic spikes, small mallet, soap, canteen, 4 weeks food rations)
Valuables: 10,000 credits and 20,000 credits in Black Market/Contraband items.

Character Background:

Zoey is the daughter, the third child, of a small city operator in the Mid West of the North American continent. Her father makes a reasonable living repairing vehicles, weapons, armor and all sorts of equipment. Her mother is less skilled but does know enough to do some general repair work as well as help him with more complex repairs. Before marrying her husband, it is whispered that she was a member of a street gang.

Like many parents, they chose to teach their children in their own occupation. The city has little in terms of formal education and the vast majority of the population is illiterate. Zoey's parents are both literate, something they passed to their children. She was taught how to read and write in both American and Techno-Can.

Always a bit different than her two older brothers, her style was quite unusual for a small city and often fly in the face of how others dressed acted. She loved to wear heavy makeup, strange colored hair, and a very un-conservative style in general. Her older brothers on the other hand were much more conventional. It is further whispered that before her mother got married that she was quite non conventional herself so Zoey might have gotten that from her mother. Like most families, she sometimes fought with her brothers but there was definite love and caring in the family.

Even though she got the mechanical aptitude of her father, Zoey always liked weapons over vehicles and other equipment. Her interest always lay in weapons and in addition to learning how to fix most weapons, became extremely skilled with both rifles and pistols. She even mastered how to fire two laser pistols at the same time. As she got a bit older, her father had her do most of the repair work on weapons. As well, her ability to modify weapons got further customers. Her own weapons and armor came from her own labors. In some cases, she would fix a weapon or body armor but the person never came back for it. Also there were cases where people could not pay for the repairs. While she might feel sorry for them, she could not give them away for free. She often had money invested in the equipment herself.

Her bracers were her own idea which she created herself. She had heard stories about operators creating folding Vibro-Blades but she wanted something even more handy. A weapon which she would not have to actually pull out when she needed them. That is when she came up with the idea of fitting them in a pair of bracers that look more like decorative armbands. The Glue Grenades also were create by her along with her mini grapple launcher and fusion block belt buckle.

There was a strange man in the city who had black hair and oriental features. No one knows where he came from but he knew a martial art form which was highly unusual. Some say he came from another world while others say he came from another time. No one really knows and he does not seem willing to enlighten anyone. He called it "Aikido" and is was extremely defensive although extremely effective at the same time. It took some time but she was able to persuade him to teach her the combat art, trading the repair of weapons and armor for his training. She was one of only a hand full of students he ever taught the fighting art to. The art took a long time for her to truly master with many long hours practicing.

Because there is limited business in the city for operators and the children needed to find their own business. As well, with weapons her main skill, there were better places for her to make a living. Even after all the years, she and the city never quite adapted to each other and never really fit in with their relatively conservative values. As well, she was struck by a desire to wander and adventure.

Before she left, her father gave her a hover bike which he had fixed. Even though not her specialties, she did help fix the hover craft as well. The bike was lovingly restored and now is in almost perfect condition. They painted in a lovely gloss black. Additional armor was even added to the hover craft. The bike is one of her most prized possessions. Even though fusion powered, the original owner unloaded it for cheap because he did not think it was worth repairing. The owner instead decided to invest in buying a heavy combat hover bike.

She likes to travel on the hover bike although eventually would like to get a larger hovercraft where she can afford one so that she can have a full workshop. She takes both trade and credits for her services. Her cybernetics were traded for repairing a number of weapons. She would like to eventually get an oxygen storage cell as well. Her force field generator is one of the few items she actually did save up to purchase. It allows her to keep her armor undamaged for the most part.

She has been in a number of fire fights during her travels and her skill with both rifles and pistols have come in handy in more than one occasion. Even though she tried to avoid them, they seem to sometimes be inevitable. In addition to working on weapons, she has explored with other adventurers various pre-rifts areas. So far, the travels to their pre-rifts ruins have brought little luck but she is still hoping.

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