True Name: Romulas
Alignment: Scrupulous
Hit Points: 104 (Includes PE & + 1D6 per level) M.D.C.: 25
Natural Armor Rating: Special, like a vampire, a werewolf is immune to virtually all weapon. This includes mega-damage energy weapons, explosives, bullets, fire, wood, poisons, and drugs. They are vulnerable to magic, magic items, and silver weapons. Weapons with 50% silver content inflict double their damage. Because Romulas has M.D.C. through martial arts, only mega damage silver and magic weapons will effect him. Powerful explosives or rail guns may stun or knock down a werewolf.
Attributes: IQ 17 (+4%) ME 18 (+2) MA 14 PS 28 (+13) PP 25 (+5) PE 37 (+8 / +26%) PB 15 SPD 37 (+4)
Weight: 240 lbs Height: 6 foot 2 inch in human form
Age: 36 years Race: Werewolf Sex: Male P.P.E.: 70 Chi: 41 Horror Factor: 12 (In wolf and humanoid wolf forms)
Disposition: Very disciplined for a werewolf but still has an edge of anger around him. He is very protective of his mate, Tarna Wolves-Daughter, who is a human maxi-man. He has a strong hatred of the Sunaj but while he dislikes all Splugorth minions, he is not as hateful of other minion races such as Kittani which he feels are at least partially victims. He prefers to engage in hand to had combat over ranged combat sometimes unarmed and at other times armed. Does not like to use technologic devices in general although will use them when needed.
Insanities: None
O.C.C.: Modified Worldly Martial Artist (First Edition) Experience Level: Fifth (5)
Combat Skill: Ch'in Na & Shih Ba Ban Wu Yi martial arts.
Attacks per Melee: Ch'in Na: Six (6) Shih Ba Ban Wu Yi: Seven (7)
Martial Art Powers & Abilities:
Ch'in Na: Art of Hiding, Mystic Invisibility, Neural Atemi, Open Hand Atemi, and Stone Ox
Shih Ba Ban Wu Yi: Weapon Tap, Windmill Kata, Warrior Spirit, Weapon Katas of: Axe, Blunt, Chain, Fork, Knife, Polearm, Spear, Staff, Large Sword, Small Sword, Whip, Small Thrown Objects, Bow, Crossbow, and Paired Weapon Katas of Blunt, Chain Large Swords, Small Swords
Bonuses, Combat:
Ch'in Na: +8 to Strike, +11 to Parry, +16 to Dodge, +16 to damage, +15 to Roll with punch, fall, or impact, +1 to Initiative, Knock-Out Stun on Nat 19 and 20, Critical on Nat 20
Shih Ba Ban Wu Yi: +9 to Strike, +12 to Parry, +17 to Dodge, +15 to damage, +14 to Roll with punch, fall, or impact, +2 to Initiative, Knock-Out Stun on Nat 20, Critical on Nat 19 and 2.0
Bonus; Save: Immune to most poisons & drugs, Insanity +3, Psionics +5, Magic +12, Horror Factor +10, +2 vs Mind Control
Damage: Human Punch: 2D6 + PS, Restrained Claw: 4D6 S.D.C. + PS, Power Claw: 1D6 MD, Power Punch Claw: 2D6 MD(Costs 2 attacks), Normal Bite: 2D6, and Power Bite: 4D6 MD (Costs 2 attacks). All other attacks bu weapon type or by martial arts.
Natural Abilities: Speak in animal shape, prowl 90% (+10 for acrobatics), swim 50%, track by smell 70%, night vision 300 ft (91.5 m), bio-regeneration of 4D6 HP per hour. Can shape-change at will (Takes 15 seconds) with three forms: Human, wolf humanoid, and wolf.
Bonuses: +1 to initiative, +2 to Strike, +2 to Parry, +3 to Dodge, +1 to Pull Punch, +2 to Roll with fall/impact, +6 to save vs horror factor, +2 to save vs psionics, +2 to save vs magic
Magical Abilities: Metamorphosis: Animal, Metamorphosis: Human, Summon and Control Canines, Repel Animals, See the Invisible, and Tongues
I.S.P.: 60 (Includes ME & + 1D6 per level) Psionic Powers (Considered Minor): Mind Block, Sixth Sense, and See the Invisible
Background: Language: Atlantean 98% Language: Dragonese 98%
Martial Art Skills: Language: Chinese 79%, Fasting 75%, Philosophies: Taoism 93%
Skill Programs: Cultural: Cook 83%, Gardening 71%, Desert Survival 79%, Fishing 89%, Mountaineering 69% Physical: Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Boxing, Wrestling
Secondary Skills: Land Navigation 50%, Wilderness Survival 54%, First Aid 64%, General Athletics, Running, Language: English 69%, WP: Rifle.
Conversion Skills: Radio: Basic 74%, Language: Spanish 84%, Horsemanship (Basic) 70%, Horsemanship (Exotic) 70%, W.P.: Energy Rifle, W.P.: Energy Pistol, Lore: Demon & Monster 59%, Track Animals: 55%
Appearance: Handsome Dark Skinned Caucasian with brown hair and brown eyes. He is slender and tall. His hair is kept normally fairly long but he does not keep either a beard or mustache. He normally wears fairly plain brown robes. He will only wear the body armor if he thinks he needs to.
Weapons of Note: Pre Rifts Samurai Rune Katana (1D6x10 MD) & Wakizashi (1D4x10 MD), Chain (M.D.C.), Quarterstaff.
Armor of Note: Sunaj Assassin Armor (M.D.C.: 110, Weight: 16 lbs (7.3 kg), -10% Prowl Penalty)
Other Equipment: Altarain Talisman of Armor (Set up so he can wear it as a collar in wolf form), general survival equipment, small equipment
Background: Romulas was a cloning experiment by a Lord on Atlantis. The Lord wanted to see if he could clone a Were being using magic. Of hundreds of experiments, Romulas was the only success. He was named Romulas after the famous story of the founding of Rome involving the wolf mother. As soon as Romulas was a few years old, he began train in training with Sunaj as an Assassin. A strange event occurred and Romulas got rifted to a monastery in the Himalayan Mountains where Romulas trained in the Martial Arts. When he became an adult, he began traveling around the world. While traveling in Japan, he picked up the Samurai Rune Weapons. He picked up the Sunaj body armor fighting Sunaj in Africa. In North America he ran into a slaver barge and was able to capture an Altarain Talisman of Armor. He was back in China when he met Tarna. The two of them have had some horrible luck and have been Rifted several times.

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