Kalyaran Su'ehlestai:

"It is said that the line between Brilliance and Madness is a thin one indeed. It is also said that Churchill and Hitler were two sides of the same coin. What drives a genius over the edge? What pushes a great leader, with the greatest of potential, into the utter depths of madness? Is there any way to stop such a fall, to keep it from happening, or is every great, potentially leader simply a roll of the dice? Shall thee have a tyrant, or shall thee have a hero?

It is for these reasons that democracy is popular. Benevolent dictatorships are nice . . . But for every Augustus, a Nero.

By the Gods was she's a work; Of both beauty and intelligence. So many of the inventions of the second, and nearly the third, technological revolutions, on our planet, were hers. It was simply incredible for one of our kind to accomplish so much toward progress in such a short, at least, for us, time. She moved at a pace in her work even you would have found stunning; An energy that was boundless. She was a perfect package of what her and her scientists called genetics. Except for one flaw. One fatal, fatal flaw. I suppose, that the law of balance in the universe demands it; A flaw great enough to compensate for such perfection. And she had it . . . And it nearly killed our world.

At the same time, despite the fact that I would have risked death in her regime . . . That I am so fortunate to come from one of the surviving kingdoms that spurned technology, I must conclude that Kalyaran was poised on pushing our race beyond the boundaries of its system, of its star . . . Everything was in readiness. She could have made us great. And when I think of this . . . I also weep at the possibility. Her philosophy would have followed her . . . And perhaps more than just one world would have trembled in her fist.

There is an overriding question, in this. One that needs to be debated most utterly. Is it possible that one can be both, at the same time? All evidence suggests . . . Kalyaran was. She pushed her civilization too far. And when her civilization pushed back . . . She destroyed it, and with it, her. We sent her to a non-dimension, we believe. To a place beyond all hope of recovery; Perhaps to oblivion, or some place along its scale. I doubt she would be doing well at all in a place of supernatural monsters. But then . . . As you humans would say, "Sic semper tyrannis."

Thus always to Tyrants."

Partial recording of a conversation between Silarstra In'talasha, a young female mage of the planet Ta'shalron, and several historians of the Rifts Earth city of Lazlo.

And thanks to a quirk of the mechanics of dimensional travel . . . The second, not the first, visitor from her world, to Rifts Earth.

The life story and stats for Kalyaran Su'ehlestai . . . Deposed First Ideologue of the Universal Technocracy, last Duchess of the Duchy of Entaleron.

The world of Ta'shalron (Of the fearless; a literal translation.), is the home to an Elven subspecies of several unusual, distinct differences to typical elves, the first being that mystical powers are as pronounced among them. Though roughly 20% of the population has magical abilities, and those can be quite extensive, they can also be as magically blind as the average human.

They are also perhaps one of the longest lived humanoid races in the mega-verse. Their average life spans are no less than 4,000 Earth years (Their years are roughly 3.5 times as long; Their world orbits an upper-spectrum star that is brighter than Earth's, and hence they orbit further out as a habitable world.).

This has created a (in some cases, ridiculously) static and slow-moving culture. The normal lifespan of the Ta'shalron elves consists of a childhood of around (All ages listed in Earth years.) 100 years, ending at the equivalent of a human's fifteen years of age, and extending another 100 years into a sort of sub-adulthood. From there, roughly 1,000 years are along the equivalent age for humans of 20-30, with 1,400 from 30-40, and 1,000 from 40-50. From that 'equivalent' age, they spend roughly four hundred years declining in health and condition until death. Unsurprisingly, this results in massive warfare over available resources and exceptionally slow birth rates, the later of which has given women much more leeway in politics and warfare than in cultures where the life spans are far less.

The origins of the race are believed to be magical, or from another dimension, but heavily clouded in the mists of distant history. They are definitely not natives of the planet.

In the time of Kalyaran's Great Grandparents, or at least those chose to mark her direct lineage from, and whose influence was surely the greatest, magic reigned supreme, and the world was divided into numerous kingdoms and empires. The technology level was roughly equivalent to that of Europe on Earth immediately prior to the Industrial Revolution, but technology was largely regarded as amusing toys and not much else; The only serious things one could see in regular use were cannons (largely for naval combat) and muskets.

The planet had two continents; One roughly the size of Euro-Asia, and the other about twice that size, but no other land masses with the exception of islands, all of them being no larger than Britain, for comparison.

If Edison had married a woman with the medical knowledge of Louis Pasteur, that could best describe Kalyaran's Great Grandparents. Initially a marriage of arrangement, bringing together a Duchy and a County into one stronger kingdom (Located on the larger continent), the two, lacking magical abilities which were traditionally necessary for rulers on Ta'shalron, had brilliance to make up for it spades. Their wise leadership and brilliant inventions maintained the united Duchy and County, now known as the Duchy of Entaleron, as a peaceful, prosperous place. They also brought about the Industrial Revolution on Kalyaran's Homeworld. It took them a while to begin truly marketing their ideas to the world. Millennia, indeed, but, eventually, over a three thousand Ta'shalron year period, they had succeeded in pushing the entire planet into a technological level comparable with that of immediately pre-World War One Earth. On a planet that had no recorded technological advancement in 100,000 years, it was a stunning achievement. The two, however, at an age of roughly 3,000 years, had their lives cut somewhat short when their flagship, the Dreadnought Battleship 'Ducal Signet' was lost to a cordite explosion after being hit by enemy gunfire during the fifth battle of Martan Bay.

The priests and priestesses and orders of mages of the world decried the pollution caused by this slow-paced Industrial Revolution, but generally viewed technology as, still, a toy that could not compare to the arcane powers of Magic.

The son of these two technological revolutionaries was to threaten their power for all eternity.

Melar Su'ehlestai was already two thousand five hundred years old when he took over the Duchy, and instituted a series of reforms, while at the same time battling the Coalition of the Seven Kingdoms, which lay to the north of the Duchy. They were traditional enemies, and the killers of his parents during the naval battle mentioned above.

During his five hundred year reign, he pushed forward the development of radar and the airplane, but was unable to defeat the mages of the Coalition of the Seven Kingdoms, or their mercantile, more technological ally, the Island Republic of Rikarsta. Some four hundred years into that reign, he pressed into the field of physics, with the intent of developing additional weapons for his stagnant war. Weapons which could defeat the mages. It took some eighty years of pouring funds into the field, before Melar had a device which would finally change the balance of power. The Atom Bomb came to Ta'shalron.

Rikarsta sued for peace and agreed to join the Duchy after a demonstration of the weapon. The capitol cities of each of the seven allied nations were destroyed when they refused to likewise surrender, and in the stunned aftermath, the armies of the Duchy seized those countries with little further resistance.

Melar never got to enjoy his victory; Less than a decade later, he died of disease.

His daughter, less than one thousand years old, young and impetuous by Ta'shalron's standards, was also a bit of an idealist. She renounced most of the powers of the throne, apologized for the 'atrocities' of her father, and created a constitutional monarchy, the Empire of Entaleron, over the combined countries.

Though denouncing what her father had done, her interests pushed the nation forward into medical and computer research; To better understand and protect against diseases like that, that had taken her father's life. As a result of this research, though, the population, held in check against such long lifespans by low birthrates and survival rates from disease, malnutrition, and other factors, ballooned upwards . . . Even more than had during the initial revolution. Soon, the world was pushing overpopulation.

Though this had been settled in the past by rifting large numbers of settlers to other worlds, that had been before various new diseases that it was more complicated for magic to cure had mutated or developed, and in some cases rather magic-impervious, or so it seemed, diseases, had reduced population (Though it was likely that further arcane research could have discovered magical remedies to such diseases) and hence the need for such rifting, and the necessary spells were lost

But the magicians of the world were now frightened. For once, technology had become a lethal weapon for which they had no counter. The Atom Bomb removed their supremacy. Science was no longer a toy. No longer something for rich people who wanted to have their cake and eat it too, so to speak, who were unwilling to go through the magical training required to create such feats by magic (The spell "Annihilate" was largely lost to the magicians of Ta'Shalron, incidently.)... And as such it could be ridiculed and ignored.

The splitting of the atom changed that all. Suddenly, science was in competence with Magic, and perhaps superior to it; Physics professors, especially those in secret military projects, did not have a history of sharing knowledge with the mages of Ta'Shalron, and fears that the true power of the Atom Bomb was being held back, compounded by the introduction of nuclear power technology, led to a general paranoia over the decline and perhaps loss of magical ability for their world, if the people turned from the arcane to technology in mass.

Two hundred years into her reign as Constitutional monarch, she was killed by magical spell.

At a surprisingly young age, Talyia Su'ehlestai had borne twins. The bare minutes elder Iltalan Su'ehlestai, and slightly younger Kalyaran Su'ehlestai. Twins are exceptionally rare and revered in Ta'Shalron culture, and the two were growing up quite privileged. Still, at the young age of 190, Iltalan took the throne... And cracked down on mages, and, with them, the parliament. He seemed intent on returning to an absolute monarchy. But five years into his reign, a coup by parliamentarians saw him deposed, and killed in the process.

Kalyaran renounced her royal titles in the new Republic, and went off to work on the latest of technology at a remote laboratory. She was not heard from again for ninety years. When she returned to the public spotlight, it was to introduce something on behalf of the laboratories at which she had worked for years, laboring alongside numerous other scientists, quietly, to further an understanding of materials science and physics begun by her grandfather. Mega-Damage technology, as it was termed by the popular media, the ultimate in materials science, was upon the world of Ta'Shalron, and as far as Kalyaran was concerned, so was the proper government.

Rule by the scientists. Surely, harking back to her Great Grandparents, this is what they had; Intelligent, enlightened rule by the scientists. Social rank should not matter, and in a remarkably socialist fashion, nobody, she believed, should have the inherent right to be higher than someone else; Such social standing should be rewarded by one's intelligence and achievements.

However, some people naturally already were. Magic users. The same ones that had killed her mother, and, she believed, her brother. Of course, extremists had killed her mother, and her brother was killed as a result of his own foolish actions, but it did not matter to Kalyaran. She had put the world in order in her mind while she worked.. And now she was prepared to put it into that order in reality.

With her stunning array of scientific achievements for one so young by the standards Ta'Shalron, or so it was placed by the assorted spin-doctors and campaign specialists involved, she was soon elected to the parliament, as one of the representatives of the political party she now headed, and had formed; The Party of the People's Technocracy.

The other scientists which had worked with her were left out of the public spotlight by this, but not forgotten, as they became the core of the ideological council of The Party of the People's Technocracy.

Kalyaran was stunningly beautiful, an entrancing speaker, and a brilliant mind. She was the culmination of the genes of her family, perhaps, but she had a fatal flaw. She was perhaps the worst megalomaniac in the history of her Homeworld.

Still, nobody noticed this, and as the mega-damage revolution swept through the world on which she lived.... With increasing polarization between kingdoms supporting magic and those following technology.. She rose a political wave that seemed to have no end.

In roughly eighty years, at age 360, through a combination of massive 'spectacle' rallies, masterful propaganda and campaigning, careful smear campaigns against opponents, and the rallying of general fear, bordering on panic and hysteria, against the evils of magic, she was elected Supreme Presider of the Republic Entaleron.

Two months later was what was known as "The night of the ozone fog," for it was said, then, the capitol city was thick with a fog of particles made from the bodies of political opponents of the Supreme Presider, and also the books of magical studies.

Elite supporters in power armor suits demonstrated that night the effectiveness of mega-damage weaponry in full, as control of the country was swiftly seized.

In a whirlwind of six months, all magic-users in the Republic's territory were either banished to four small islands of the coast, driven out of the territory, or killed if they resisted the forced relocation.

In a world where slow, careful, calculated movements was the norm for a race that had millennia to play them out.. A world of Chess players, so to speak, Kalyaran was playing a winning hand of poker, and hitting the political scene with punches before it could even start to think again.

After less than four years as Chief Presider of the Republic, she declared the Republic and her position defunct. In it's place, she became First Ideologue of the Universal Technocracy.

Instituting massive social reforms, the standard of living throughout the republic doubled, and then quadrupled over a period of three decades. Her government was dubbed "The Young Technocrats," for virtually 90% of her high party officials were less than 875 Earth years old (250 Ta'Shalron.) Mega-Damage technology and it's resultant breakthroughs in cybernetics, robotics, computers, medicines, and industrial fields was fully introduced to the populace, and though still a relatively small nation, the Universal Technocracy was the Mecca of the planet. The Party of the People's Technocracy soon began in every democracy or republic on the planet, and over the next two hundred years, science advanced still more. In addition, to solve overpopulation, Kalyaran introduced massive orbiting colonies, similar to the "O'Neill Cylinders" of Earth design, each ballistically coupled pair capable of holding twenty million people, fully self-sufficient.

Finally, the magicians and the free-thinking, pro-democracy types had enough. An alliance of no less than fourteen countries attacked the Universal Technocracy, ten on the same continent, four on the smaller secondary continent.

The counter-strike was beyond imagining. From orbital weapons platforms and submerged craft, naval fleets at sea, and massive land counter-attacks, along with insurgents from The Party of the People's Technocracy fighting against their own countries, the attacks were blunted immediately, and Kalyaran's finely honed legions launched a massive Blitzkrieg into the nations on the same continent; Smashing through two neutral nations of strong magical alignment that had hoped to avoid attention, in the process.

To a world used to wars on the style of World War One of Earth, the Blitzkrieg took them as much by storm as it had the French Army planners of 1940.

In one year, the twelve nations she had attacked on that continent were fully subdued.

The Universal technocracy had barely been touched, and pride in the cause and in their leader reached record heights.

Ph.D.-level education was free to anyone who could pass the entrance exams, and throughout the war the country had never gone to war-footing. Everything offered promise and possibility for the future, and the youth were strongly on the side of "The First Ideologue." There was breathing room for the people. Research was directed in ways to remove magical abilities from people "Cursed" with them. Though no Nazi-style "Final Solution" was in the works, experiments on wiping out the magical powers of people who had them and lived under the rule of the Technocracy were brutally efficient things that would likely have made Mengele proud. Kalyaran truly felt for those afflicted with magical abilities, but... The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Quickly, in this era of booming success where the Technocracy could do no wrong, four states with largely pro-technology leanings willingly joined the Universal technocracy. For eighty years, there was a cold war with the remaining four nations on the far continent and the three remaining independent nations on her own continent.

Then, at one council of the leaders of the Technocracy, Kalyaran announced her intentions. For the technological advancement of their species, and the good of, indeed, the entire galaxy, they must be unified as one race, one people, under the banner of Technocracy.

Amphibious assaults were commenced eight days later against the four nations on the far continent that had opposed her.. But the largest nation on that continent, a constitutional monarchy of technological bent, abruptly declared war, and drove Kalyaran's forces back into the sea, while the two magical nations and one technological nation left on her own continent fought back in what was called the "Ten years war".

Finally, through superior military tactics, those three nations were subdued, and Kalyaran spent thirty years conducting strategic bombing raids over the far continent and building up her massive forces to insane heights in terms of manpower and equipment.

During the greatest amphibious operation in their recorded history, eighty years into the combat phase of this war, an entire Theater Group (divided into 2 Army groups, then divided into 12 Corps, then 24 divisions, then 96 Brigades.), slammed home onto the beaches of one of the initial fourteen nations to declare war. It collapsed in two weeks.

She overran vast portions of the central constitutional monarchy of that continent, captured the other three nations, and shattered their militaries within a matter of seven more months.

The Chancellor of that nation, desperate for a chance, any chance at stopping the Technocracy, commenced a full scale nuclear launch. Kalyaran ordered immediate retaliation and retreated to her underground bunkers.

Though massive anti-missile defensives and civil works were in place, the horrific nuclear exchanged killed three billion people out of a population of nine billion, and destroyed all but a few of the orbital space-habitats... And others further out, in orbit of other planets and the sun it's self, which had usually smaller populations and less manufacturing capabilities. Still, the primary colonies had manufacturing capabilities, and so did her underground facilities. Using magic-users as slave labor, desperate now, she started rebuilding her forces and consolidating the world and it's islands. Another eighty years past. But at the far northern end of the second, smaller continent, were two reclusive, forested, wintery kingdoms that had never accepted technology, and remained untouched.

The military of the Universal Technocracy, a proud force, but shattered in size compared to the legions that had virtually overran a world, turned towards those nations... And then they struck.

The level of magic (Including the spell of Annihilation, previously thought lost on Ta'Shalron.), and the number of mages that had been preparing there, was simply stunning. Likewise, her slave labor rose up in revolt, and the people, bitter at billions of deaths, rose up.

An assassination attempt occurred against her, indeed, nearly killing her, and she had herself converted into a New-Type cyborg.. A skeletal cyborg, where the body was flesh and blood, but the skeleton was completely replaced with cybernetics, including a mega-damage skull protecting her brain, and powerful nanite and bio-engineering technology that allowed her physical body to fully regenerate from any attack, no matter how much damage was done, as long as the brain inside it's mega-damage artificial skull was not destroyed.

Likewise, she began deploying "new type" weapons and equipment of the latest technological advances, but she didn't have the factories to produce them in the numbers to turn the tide. This is where the technology came from that saved her life in that future. Over the eighty years... Some twenty three of her own Homeworld's, she'd prepared, but it hadn't been enough, not with that kind of damage inflicted on the planet.

To her credit, the technocracy held on for thirty years after the assassination attempt against her, and the war that followed it.

Then it finally fell, and she was captured in the capitol building, the ancient Ducal house of her family, which had miraculously survived the nuclear assaults.

The two kingdoms that had attacked were of a near-pacifist, principled good alignment, and loathed killing anyone, only attacking when they thought it absolutely necessary to preserve the species and their way of life.

They simply couldn't bring themselves to execute anyone of the old regime.. So the surviving ringleaders of The Party of the People's Technocracy were sentenced to being flung through random dimensional portals, each to a different world, for eternal banishment from their Homeworld.

Kalyaran Su'ehlestai ended up on the North American Continent of Rifts Earth.

Behind her, the two surviving kingdoms tried to rebuild their world of magic, and made peace with the surviving orbital colonies and those further out in the system, which forged on to a destiny of their own.. A goal of making it to the stars, of abandoning planets altogether. They are very close, indeed, to have the stars open to them.

Indeed, those orbital colonies have succeeded in reaching the stars.. Without their leader. A bitter irony for Kalyaran.. If she knew. She does not.

Recent history:

During the two years on Earth, Kalyaran has gathered a group of misfits and like-minded dreamers and fighters around herself, establishing major facilities at an old Boeing test field in the former Eastern Washington State of the "American Empire". During that time, numerous interest individuals have joined in "Valkyrie Industries", a high technology think-tank and growing industrial facility which is rapidly beginning to take over the Naruni share of the market for North America in terms of high technology weaponry Northern Gun and other companies cannot match, though at prices that limit the market to high-level, rich adventures, mercenaries, and kingdoms.

The size of her production lines and the utilization of the underground facility is rapidly growing, with prototype products becoming available on the market and more prototypes being finished. She has also concluded treaties with a nearby Indian preserve, and gained their trust by cleaning up chemical and nuclear contaminants from the area and repairing several Pre-Rifts USN submarines to defend that preserve from water-borne attackers. She plans to open a secondary facility, a shipyard, near it, to facilitate the construction of naval vessels to add to Valkyrie Industries' line of products. Her research into high energy and obscure realms of physics also continues. One result of that is the cumbersome prototype of The Tesla Cannon, as it has been nicknamed.

She aggressively searches for any form of technology such as contra-gravity technology, and is also very interested in the transformable Mecha of the "REEF", which she has heard rumors of; She would pay quite allot to get possession of several for studies and reproduction.

However, something rather interesting has happened in terms of personal life; A pilot of a so-called "Join Chiss-Imperial mission", a blue-skinned, glowing red-eyed female D-Bee of a species called the Chiss, who's fighter craft was rifted to Earth and wrecked, though she survived, has become involved with Kalyaran romantically (Kalyaran's preference for other women was open knowledge on her world; Such relationships were not considered abnormal.). Sylvenar Mrel'lest'hiara, or Lesthia, as her "Core Name" is, is a member of the Chiss species upper cast and a crack fighter pilot with decent knowledge of Contra-Gravity technology, called repulsor lifts by her own species. If they can get possession of a Contra-Gravity generator, Sylvenar can certainly come up with a solution for reproducing versions of it, though initially bulky, large ones with the technology at hand; Streamlining might be possible over time. She, Kalyaran, and a half D-Bee scientist of extremely mysterious origins from the NGR form the top level of Valkyrie Industries' scientific minds.

Currently, Kalyaran is rather obsessed with finding the necessary materials copy her own bionic enhancements and provide them to her lover so that they can share a form of near immortality. However, such high technology is very, very rare even on Rifts Earth. Were she to learn of the location of the parts she needs, she would undoubtably pay a group of explorers or adventures or mercenaries a great deal to recover it for her.

Name: Kalyaran Su'ehlestai (Technically a Duchess; Renounced title. Deposed First Ideologue of the Universal Technocracy)
Alignment: Aberrant.
Attributes: I.Q.: 26, M.E.: 23, M.A.: 26, *P.S.: 24, *P.P.: 25, *P.E.: 24, P.B.: 24, *S.P.D.: 35.
*= Attributes that have been bionically enhanced.
Hit Points: 100
S.D.C.: 42
Special Cybernetics: Kalyaran has a cybernetic skeleton and artificial blood which consists of a 'cocktail' of nanites, a general biological preservative, and an artificial blood substance far more efficient than normal blood at transferring oxygen around the parts of her body that are still flesh. This formula is produced by her bone structure, created inside it using digested foods transferred to the system through an internal regulation system of her bodily intact. Because of this, foods very high in iron are a must for having a base metal for the producing of new nanites for her bloodstream.
Special notes: If her body is destroyed based on the S.D.C./Hit Point levels above, there are then these hit-points that must also be destroyed:
Artificial Skull: Made of superdense M.D.C. materials, this fully encases and protects her brain. Even if the rest of her physical body is totally destroyed, her brain will still be intact and functional inside this skull, which has 160 M.D.C. Artificial Skeleton: This consists of her entire skeleton except the skull, painstakingly replaced bone for artificial bone until complete. The combined total M.D.C. is 160 for this portion of the skeleton as well.
Regeneration: This incredible cybernetic system maintains, inside a computer chip in the artificial skull, a complete diagram of her genetic structure. Given the appropriate biological materials to consume and use as raw materials, as long as the skeleton is also intact, her flesh and blood body can be rebuild in 2D4 days. In the meantime, she can still function, but at half of all physical categories, zero PB, and a horror factor of 8 (16 when partially regenerated. Just imagine what that looks like.). If the Artificial Skeleton has been destroyed, then a new skeleton must be fitted before the regeneration process can begin. Valkyrie industries has the capability to build the artificial skeletons but not the more complex brain casings; Still, acquiring the materials for them on Rifts Earth is an exceptionally expense preposition. For the moment, neither cybernetic enhancement is remotely available; It would be questionable if Kalyaran would ever even consider selling this technology, the ultimate combination of flesh and machine, complimenting each other but not destroying each other. The artificial skull also includes a mechanical voice projector and radio system, along with artificial eyes, ears, and olfactory senses. Kalyaran can also choose to regenerate whenever she wishes; As long as her brain is still functional, she is effectively immortal and eternally appearing at her current age (846; mid twenties, roughly 26, for human comparative biology.). It is quite possible that her brain can be preserved for a very long time (Perhaps indefinitely!) in a functional level, with the combination of nanites working constantly to repair any tissue degrading, biological preservatives, and the general stable state of it's protective casing. To permanently kill Kalyaran, one would have to destroy the brain casing (And any weapon powerful enough to do that would easily destroy the brain as well.). The advanced technology required for this artful form of cybernetics is obvious in the fact that she is totally indistinguishable from an un-augmented member of her species! This is indicatative of her "New Type" revolution, which amounts to "Second Generation" MD technology. Had Ta'Shalron not been ripped by war, the Universal Technocracy would have completed a massive technological revolution of incredible heights, vaulting it to the top levels of many of the Phase World organizations; As it is, some of the technology with Kalyaran, and herself, are at the beginning of that.
P.P.E.: 4
O.C.C.: Began as a MD-scientist. As acquired the knowledge and abilities of numerous other OCCs over her career.
Level of Experience: 15th level Scientist/Scholar/Diplomat/Leader; For lack of a better term, she could best be called a scientifically trained dictator.
Natural Abilities: Exceptionally intelligent and calculating individual with, as there is simply no other way to put it, Hitlerian charisma. Called "nuhirrien" by one species, there is no particular word for it in the English language, making that one un-translatable; She is simply someone that people look to, possessing the incredible, indescribable, still beguiling and sinister charisma that makes those same people of weak heart or mind live and die at her command. She is innately curious and prone to odd sleeping hours while constantly studying. Her mind is in some ways a sponge; Oftentimes, conversations between herself and another person of intelligence will consist purely of her asking questions. She listens to answers, and, likewise, she does listen to advice from her followers and does act on it. Unlike many dictators, her flaw was not one of believe she was the only right person.
Obsessions: Kalyaran is utterly obsessed with the belief that technology must triumph over magic. She will go to any lengths necessary to push forward the goal of technology over magic, and after the attacks that ended her reign, wholesale extermination of magic users should she ever gain control of another country is not out of the question; Experience breeds behavior, after all, and trying to cure them seems to have failed from her Point of View. However, this does not mean that she immediately takes the hard line against Magic Users; She is simply very paranoid of them. For the moment she fully understands and recognizes the situation she is in, and similar to the Non-Aggression Pact signed between the SSSR and Nazi Germany in 1939, she ignores, and even sups with and pretends to be friends with those who are her mortal enemies. The time is not right to take any actions against magic users; She must first build her corporation from a medium sized specialty one into a major world-wide arms dealer, and then proceed to gain control of a country of suitable leanings for her purposes before she can think of revealing her plans to re-educate and, if necessary, exterminate magic users enmasse. The Australian City-States of Melbourne and Perth, discovered during a recon mission in the prototype LRB-70 Valkyrie, are prime targets... Eventually. If there is one thing Kalyaran has now, it is time.
Psychoses: Paranoid type. Manic Depressive.
Psionic Powers: None.
Magic Knowledge: Kalyaran has extensive knowledge of "defensive countermeasures" against magic (At least those that do not involve using magic), and also is fairly adept in telling the difference between Magical and Psychic powers; One is evolution at work. The other is a primitive superstition holding a sentient race back from it's destiny... Or at least her beliefs would hold.
Age: Eight hundred and forty Earth years. (Roughly 241 of her own planet's years); She's been on Earth for well over two Earth years now (Almost three). Thirty four of those years have been spent essentially frozen in age after her conversion to her bio-cyborg form. (For lack of a better term.)
Combat abilities: Hand to Hand (basic): 15th level.
Attacks per melee: Six.
Bonuses: All appropriate bonuses for physical/mental abilities of her level, +3 on initiative, +9 to dodge, +4 to roll with impact, +8 to parry, +8 to S.D.C. damage, and a +5 save against horror factor, finally a M.A. 80% likelihood to evoke feelings of trust or intimidate.
Weapon Proficiencies: W.P. Knife (Includes vibro-blades), W.P. Energy pistol, and W.P. sword all at 12th level proficiency.
Skills of Note: Cryptography, Ph.D. in advanced materials sciences (Or equivalent), basic and advanced math, physics, chemistry, biology, swim, dance, statecraft, diplomatic negotiation, public speaking, manipulation, Language: Speak Ta'Shalronese, Literacy: Read/Write Ta'Shalronese, ALL 98%. Computer hacking, computer programming, computer operation, radio: Basic, Pilot power armor, pilot aircraft, ALL 88%, Language: Speak English, 78%, Literacy: read/write English: 78%, Land Navigation, 53%, Streetwise, 40%.
Weapons: Usually armed with a light plasma pistol of some sort, a vibro-knife, and a ceremonial Ta'Shalron dueling dagger at all times (Essentially similar to a Gurka Kukri.)
Appearance: Kalyaran is tall, at 6'2", though that's roughly average for females of her species, and quite slender. She appears to be an exceptionally beautiful Elf, and is very hard to tell from one, except for the distinguishing factors of her cobalt blue colored hair and sunset red eyes; Ta'Shalron elves have green, purple, blue, and lavender hair colorings, usually, and red, yellow, gold, and orange eye colors, all of varying shades, which is largely what sets them apart other than their exceptional lifespans and some internal differences.
Bionics: (The following are in addition to the reconstruction system outlined above):
Artificial eyes: Can see in the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums along with the X-ray spectrum, and are capable of functioning underwater, and, of course, darkness presents no problems for such eyes.
Artificially augmented ears: Increases her abilities to hear and recognize sounds x6 that over normal Elven hearing.
Olfactory senses: Now artificial, with an increase x2 in the ability to smell things and differentiate them by smell.
An equivalent of the M.O.M. device "Eternal Brain", which functions in addition to the protectants mentioned above!
An equivalent of the M.O.M. device "Brain Programming".
(Note: Neither of the mentioned devices similar to M.O.M. technology have any penalties involved in their uses, and are not in fact M.O.M. technology, merely two devices with similar functions.)

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