Dark Widow / Marina Paradine:

Name: Dark Widow
True Name: Marina Paradine
Alignment: Miscreant (Evil)
Hit Points: 44 S.D.C. (Physical): 74
Attributes: I.Q.: 19 (+5% / +2), M.E.: 15, M.A.: 10, P.S.: 21 (+6), P.P.: 24 (+5), P.E.: 23 (+16% / +4), P.B.: 19 (45%), SPD: 37
Weight: 168 lbs (76.2 kg) Height: 6 foot 2 inches (1.88 meters) Build: Slender / Muscular
Age: 34 years Race: Human Sex: Female
Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Brown Skin: Medium / Dark Caucasian
Marina is an extremely conniving person, not trusting anyone and willing to sell out virtually anybody when the price is right. Her skills are such that most of her employers take that as a condition and simply try and make sure that they cannot be outbid. Unless they are outbid, she will stay loyal to an employer. In effect she is as loyal as money can buy.
Friends are to be betrayed if there is a profit involved. After all, you can always find new ones. She will often see them as plotting against her even when they are not. Marina is a bit paranoid and distrustful of others. Maybe it comes from her own plotting against others and she perceives her own craftiness in them. She tends to deal with those who she perceives as plotting against he in rather permanent ways wether or not they really are. Lovers are in an especially precarious position and per name "Dark Widow" comes partially from her tendency to murder her lovers. In spite of this, she is extremely skilled in the sexual arts and can often entwine them. She is extremely good at acting when she needs to. She is also perfectly capable of using subterfuge when it will get her what she wants.
To her, the ends always justify the means. In that respect, her clients have often been pleased with her result. Marina will do virtually anything for a profit and does not care who her clients are. Demon, Splugorth, or Human, she would not care. While she has never been hired by the Coalition, she would not care except to make sure they pay her up front.
She sees nothing wrong with torture and gets a dark pleasure from torture although is careful to not let it take over. Losing control is such a manner she sees as a weakness which she will not allow herself. Even though she was a slave herself, she perceives nothing wrong with taking slaves herself including women and children. After all, if she could free herself they shoudl be able to if they really want to.
O.C.C.: Mystic Knight Experience Level: Seventh (7) Experience Points: 40,000
Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Expert and Boxing
Attacks per Melee: Seven (7)
Bonuses, Combat: +7 to Strike, +11 to Parry, +11 to Dodge, +6 to Damage, +9 to Roll with punch, fall, or impact, +6 to Pull Punch, +4 to Initiative, +3 to Disarm, and +2 to Entangle. Knockout on Natural 20, Critical Strike on Natural 18, 19, or 20. Has Kick attack which inflicts 1D8+6 and paired weapons.
Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14] +6, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +6, Harmful Drugs [15] +6, Insanity [12] +0 (+6 to save vs Possession), Psionics [12] +1 (+2 vs Mind Control), Magic [12] +5 (+7 vs Mind Control), Horror Factor [Varies] +3, 21% to save against Coma and Death.
Psionics (Major): I.S.P.: 79 (Gains 1D6+1 Per level) Powers: Healing: Resist Fatigue (4), Physical: Alter Aura (2), Mind Block (4), Night Vision (4), Summon Inner Strength (4), Telekinesis (Varies), Sensitive: Object Read (6), Remote Viewing (10), See Aura (6), See the Invisible (4), Sixth Sense (2), Telepathy (4), Total Recall (2), Super Psionics: Bio-Manipulation (10)
Special Abilities:
Indomitable Will: +6 vs Possession, +2 vs Mind Control, +1 vs Horror Factor, Can stay alert for 48 hours and can hold 50% greater weight for 1D4 minutes
O.C.C. Special Abilities:
P.P.E. Channeling: Charge E-Clips / other Electrical Storage, Also can fire Energy Bolts (4D6 M.D.C. / 1000 feet) for 5 P.P.E. (Can double range for 15 P.P.E.),
Steal & Redirect Ley Line Energy: Can prevent others from using Ley Lines, steal magic energy from Spell Casters drawing on Line, and gets double P.P.E. from a Ley Line or Nexus.
Impervious to Energy: Takes no damage from normal energy weapons, magical / ley line energies do half damage, most kinetic (bullets, swords, explosions) attacks inflict full damage (magical or non-magical)
Ley Line Abilities: Sense Ley Lines & Magical Energy, Ley Line Phasing, Ley Line Rejuvenation
O.C.C. Bonuses: +1 attack per melee, +4 to initiative, +3 to disarm, +2 to entangle, +4 to Pull Punch. +1 to Roll with impact or fall,+5% to save vs coma and death, +2 to save vs disease and poison.
P.P.E.: 139 (Gains 2D6 per level), Spell Knowledge: Third Level: Armor of Ithan (10), Invisibility: Simple (60, [1] Magic Shield (6), Fourth Level: Carpet of Adhesion (10), [1] Fists of Fury (10 or 50), Multiple Images (7), Fifth Level: [1] Aura of Death (12), Domination (10), Escape (8), [1] Mend the Broken (10+), [1] Mental Blast (15), [1] Sustain (12), Sixth Level: Call Lightning (15), [1] Energize Spell (12+), Mask of Deceit (15), [1] Power Bolt (20), [1] Targeted Deflection (15), Tongues (12), Eighth level: [1] Power Weapon (35)
[1] Spells from Federation of Magic Sourcebook,
O.C.C. Skills: Espionage: Intelligence (+10%) 71%, Tracking (+10%) 70%, Horsemanship: Horsemanship: Knight 93% / 73%, Horsemanship: Exotic (+10%) 75% / 65%, Mechanical: Basic Mechanics [With Armorer] (+20%) 85%, Military: Armorer (+15%) 90%, Demolitions (+15%) 98%, Physical: Hand to Hand: Expert, Boxing, Running, Rogue: Palming (+10%) 65%, Seduction (+10%) 53%, Technical: Language: American (+30%) 98%, Language: Elven / Dragonese (+20%) 98%, Literate: American (+15%) 80%, Lore: Demon & Monster (+20%) 80%, Lore: Magic (+10%) 70% / 60% / 55%, Weapon Proficiencies; Ancient: Blunt (+2 [+9] to Strike / +2 [+13] to parry), Chain (+2 [+9] to Strike / +1 [+12] to parry), Sword (+3 [+10] to Strike / +3 [+14] to parry), Weapon Proficiencies; Modern: Energy Pistol (+3 Burst/+5 Aimed), Energy Rifle (+3 Burst/+5 Aimed), Wilderness: Land Navigation (+10%) 65%,
O. C. C. Related Skills: Espionage: Detect Ambush (+5%) 70%, Disguise (+5%) 65%, Escape Artist [Gained at Sixth Level](+5%) 45%, Wilderness Survival (+5%) 70%, Physical: Acrobatics [Gained at Third Level), Gymnastics, Technical: Language: Demogorgian (+10%) 95%, Literacy: Dragonese / Elven (+10%) 75%,
Secondary Skills: Communication: Radio: Basic 80%, Domestic: Cook 70%, Physical: General Athletic [Gained at Third Level], Rogue: Streetwise [Gained at Seventh Level] 25%, Weapon Proficiencies; Modern: W.P. Heavy Weapons (+3 Burst/+5 Aimed)
Skills From Gymnastics & Acrobatics: Sense of Balance 95%, Walk Tight Rope or High Wire 83%, Work Parallel Bars & Rings 83%, Climb Rope 97%, Climbing 75%, Back Flip 98%, Prowl 70%,
Marina is obviously of Hispanic heritage although is extremely tall, being over six feet in height. Her figure is muscular but obviously feminine as well with decent breasts. Her skin is darker than average for Caucasian although not extremely dark for one of Hispanic heritage. Her hair is a dark brown and she wears her hair straight. It hangs down to the middle of her waist. Her eyes are also brown and she lightly highlights them with eye shadow. She often also wears bright red lip gloss. Even though she is quite beautiful, there is something dangerous about her appearance as well.
Marina dresses mostly fairly utilitarian, preferring simple leather pants with a halter top when she is not in armor. Her favorite set of armor is a special suit of black mystic power armor. She is almost never disarmed and usually carries her sword on her person even though the blade is huge. She does have a weakness for black diamonds which she often wears several.
Weapons, Normal:
Neural Whip - Similar in operation to a neural mace but may be used to entangle as well attempt to stun an opponent (1D8 S.D.C. damage and unconsciousness, -8 to Strike, Parry and Dodge for 2D4 Melees if save is made - Save 16 or Higher, does not work through environmental body armor) Whip length is 10 feet (3.1 meters.)
WI-GL4 Revolving Grenade Launcher: Weight: 20 lbs (9.1 kg)
Needs strength of 20 or has a -1 to strike. Mega-Damage; 4D6 for Frag with a blast area of 12 ft and 1D4x10 for A.P. with a blast area of 3 ft Rate of Fire: Standard Effective Range: 1000 ft (305 m) Payload: 24 Round Magazine, 48 extra rounds of AP and 6 extra rounds of smoke, Bonuses: It has a laser targeting system (Gives +3 to Strike).
Magical Weapons:
Deathbringer Sword: Weight: 6 lbs (2.7 kg)
Heavy Bladed sword which looks like sword in character picture, single bladed weapon. Mega-Damage: 1D6x10 physical, M.D.C. of Weapon: 250 (regenerates 10 M.D.C. per day and only effective if opponent is trying to destroy weapon), Powers: Invulnerability (40 P.P.E. - 8 melees, impervious to all attacks except magic and psionics, only effects person not equipment and weapons), Sub-Particle Acceleration (20 PPE, 1D6x10+5 M.D.C., 500 ft range), and Spinning Blades (20 P.P.E. - See Spell), Bonuses: +1 to Strike and Parry
Enchanted Sabre: Weight: 2.9 lbs (1.3 kg) Length: 2.3 feet (0.7 m)
Mega Damage: 4D6, It is of the highest quality by human construction; +2 to Parry, +1 to strike, and +2 to initiative. Enchanted through spell of Enchant Weapon (Minor) permanently and has 250 M.D.C. and is only damaged by attacks against the weapon.
Armor, Normal:
Armor, Magical:
"Black Diamond" Mystic Power Armor: Not constructed from clear quartz but instead from extremely dark smoky quartz (almost black) and the center piece of the armor is a black diamond. Has a demon style helm built into the armor as well. Main Body: 150 (Restored with "Armor of Ithan Spell" and 100 P.P.E.) and impervious to fire, Environmental through "Breath without Air." Has “Eyes of the Wolf” and “See the Invisible”for optics and “Chameleon” in constant effect. Also has the “Globe of Daylight” enchantment. Has "Super Human Strength" (PS 30), "Super Human Speed" (Speed 44 / 30 mph), and Fly as the Eagle (50 mph, +1 to parry and +2 to dodge). Weapons are “Call Lightning” [6D6 M.D., 1200 feet, two bolts per melee], "Fire bolt" [4D6 M.D., 1200 feet, payload: two bolts per melee], "Magic Net' [Ensnares victim, range: 200 feet, see spell for full description.] See Rifts Main Book page 96 for a more complete description
Altarain Talisman of Armor: A magic talisman that allows the character to create an Armor of Ithan around himself or herself three times per day. M.D.C.: 100 Duration: 10 Minutes (40 Melees) Charges: 3 Charges and recharges in 24 hours.
Magic Items (Non Weapons):
Magical Amulet: White Gold Necklace with Black Diamonds.
Charm: Gives a bonus of +1 to save against magic and psychic attacks
Protection from the Supernatural: Gives a bonus of +2 to save vs Horror Factor
See the Invisible: Enables the wearer to see the invisible
Techno-Wizard Enchanted Jewelry: Each contains an emerald to hold magical energy. She wears two enchanted bracelets with 15 P.P.E. each, two enchanted earrings with 10 P.P.E. each, and eight rings with 10 P.P.E. each with a total P.P.E. of 130.
Techno-Wizard Magic Sheaths (Designed for her Deathbringer sword):
The sheath is lined with six emerald and stores 20 P.P.E. each gem for a total of 120 P.P.E. each sheath. Whenever the swords are pulled, the wielder can chose to activate one of the enchantments on the sword. Power is regenerated 2 per hour normally or 10 per hour on a ley line.
Other Equipment:
Vehicles: None
Clothing: Leather Breaches, Leather Halter Top, Leather Gloves, Calf Length Leather Boots, Black Fatigue Uniform, Ceremonial Robes, Utility Belt, Sword Scabbard.
Other Items: Feminine Items and Cosmetics, Lighter, Two Canteens, Backpack, Knapsack, Three Weeks of Food Rations, Four pairs of Handcuffs, 50 feet (15.2 m) of strong cord, 4 Flares, Flashlight, Compass, and Pocket Knife.
Valuables: 25 million credits and 10 million credits worth in precious gems and jewelry (including a large number of black diamonds and black diamond jewelry.


Marina Paradine was born in a small village on the eastern part of what had once been the great American Empire. They were simple farmers who were tied to the land like their parents were. They tried to hide from the forces jockeying for power in the lands. Growing up, Marina was extremely attractive and there were several offers for her to marry others, either other farmers or their sons even though she was only fourteen. Always moody, Marina never liked the idea of becoming a farmer's wife and often fought with her parents. She was also extremely intelligent. The young girl thought about running away and planned to hitch a ride with the next traveler who came through her village. She would pay her way however she had to.

The Girl never got to run away. Instead, there was a bandit raid lead by a powerful Mystic Knight. He was after prisoners which could be sold to Atlantis as slaves. There was quite a bit of profit to be found in the selling of humans and that is where the majority of his profit came from. No to say that it was all and his activities included a large amount of banditry as well. The raid burned her village to the ground and many people, including the village defenders, were killed. Marina's own parents were sold into slavery and Marina has not seen them since they were put on a slaver's barge.

Several girls and women were kept by the bandits for their own amusement. This was a common practice and the girls would usually be kept until the bandits got bored with them. Marina was one of the most beautiful girls in the village and the Mystic Knight decided to keep her for himself instead of selling her. She was raped repeatedly by him. He was careful not to physically damage her just in case he tired of her and decided to sell her to Atlantis. Pretty Girls can often fetch a higher profit.

Marina decided to act compliant to the Mystic Knight and served his every whim. She saw him as a chance to gain power, if nothing else as his mistress. She pretended that she was falling in love with him and eventually he began to believe her. It took some time but eventually he began to actually trust her even though she was constantly considering her own revenge again him. Still only fourteen years old, her sharp mind was constantly turning.

Her plan included the incrimination of several of the Mystic Knights followers in plotting against him including his senior lieutenant. The lieutenant found his head removed from his body with the Mystic Knight none the wiser to the fact that his mistress had set up the whole thing. Marina convinced him that he needed a lieutenant who was truly loyal to him and convinced him then to train her to be a Mystic Knight as well.

It took incredible patience but she continued biding her time, learning the arts of the Mystic Knight. She drove herself through iron will far more than the Mystic Knight did. By the time it was finished, she was a woman of eighteen no longer a girl of fourteen. Even once she completed her training, she waited patiently for the right time, increasing her skills and her proficiency with the magical arts as a Mystic Knight. She was considered extremely valuable within the band using her subterfuge to succeed where brute force would not.

The right time came in a raid where she had informed the local defenders of the attack. A group of four Cyber-Knight joined the local forces to fight back the bandits, which had been a scourge for many years. She was careful to hold herself back and escaped without injury but virtually the whole rest of the bandit group were killed. The Mystic Knight himself managed to escape but was badly hurt. She offered to help him but instead drew her own enchanted saber and slew him, taking the Deathbringer Sword he prized for her own. She carries that sword as her primary blade to this day not interested in getting a true Rune Weapon.

Once she slain her "Mentor," Marina took a bit of time before resurfacing. When she did, she set herself up as an independent, leading raids herself although never forming a permanent bandit group. Like her "Mentor," she found that slavery made a tidy profit and some of the girls she sold into slavery were much like she was at that age. It never seemed to bother her. She branched off far more including working as a body guard and an enforcer. In many cases, they paid even better than dealing in slaves did. She even did some exploring, adventuring you might call it.

The female Mystic Knight also had a peculiarity to take many lovers, even though a rape victim from her "Mentor" she has a zest for sex, and shows surprising skill with them and often has them wrapped around her fingers. A bit paranoid, she often begins seeing them as plotting against her. Her solution to those who she sees as plotting against her is simple and permanent. Death although torture may be a way point before their death. That is how she got the name "Widow," from all the dead lovers..It is possible that some actually were plotting against her although likely the vast majority never were anything but loyal to her. Unlike her "Mentor," she trust no one enough to train them in the arts of the Mystic Knight.

Marina was always interested in the bottom line, working on making herself both wealthy and feared. While she will take credits, she prefers jewels and jewelry. She found she had a specific weakness for the rare "Black Diamond" which she saw as representing herself. Extremely beautiful but dark. With her skill, she also began to collect more magic items which she treasures as much as the black diamonds. She commissioned a techno-wizard to make a special suit of Mystic Power Armor for her. Made from smoky quartz instead of clear quartz and using a black diamond as a center piece. It also has a demon style helm which makes it extremely formidable appearing. For guarding a High Lord, she was paid with an Altarain Talisman of Armor instead of with coin. The other magic items she managed to acquire in a variety of different places. Some she even purchased.

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