Xanadu Station:



Xanadu is suppose to mean utopia and Xanadu Station was set up on the concept and on the outside it would appear to be just that. All races are tolerated and the whole population is guaranteed both freedom and a basic standard of living whatever the person's station. Most of the population does live comfortable lives and most see the planet as utopia or as close to it as you can come

The problem is that there is a lot of trouble hiding behind the scenes of paradise. The political system is becoming corrupt with every year that passes and is looking towards keeping to allow those in power to continue to stay in power. While the freedom of speech is one of the rights, there are laws to prevent subversive speeches and those laws have been abused to quell those who would speak out against the government. As well, in the effort to promote the freedoms of other cultures, groups that are hostile and having strong anarchistic tendencies themselves are allowed to settle on the planet. In individual cases, some beings who are wanted criminals in other systems are allowed to stay on the planet and even become citizens. There is also a growing unrest by the members of the military due to the fact that so many of them, especially senior officers, have been replaced by politically appointed individuals who know little about military operations. As well, the government leaders have attempted social engineering within the military causing further internal problems in the armed forces. Finally, the military has been used to quell a few minor internal incidents and in some cases allies have asked for aid and it has not been given.


The population of Xanadu Station is one of the most diverse in the Three Galaxies and comes from all corners of the Three Galaxies and in some cases elsewhere in the Mega-Verse. A key element of the planet's population comes from a universe where the humans fought a major war against a race of giants named the Zentran (Macross II).

The planet which became Xanadu Station is situated in sparsely populated space between the Consortium of Civilized Worlds and the Trans-Galactic Empire. The system is fairly close to the system of New Coventry. The planet was officially claimed by no group but there was a tiny population of sentient beings that settled on the planet. In the past, the planet had been a home base for smugglers and some had gone native and settled on the planet. The planet was off normal trade routes so had gained little interest and due to the systems proximity to Kreeghor space, it held little interest for Consortium colonists. The Kreeghor had so far left the system be, likely because they did not want to create concern within the Consortium over a planet that they considered insignificant.

The "Xanadu" was a Colony Ship that had been converted from a Zentran Landing Ship and was the basis of a colonizing fleet that left Earth in the Macross II Universe on a colonizing mission. A large percentage of the original five million colonists were French in origin. Many of the older colony leaders had been French government administrators before the UNSPACY government took control of Earth in their universe. These leaders wanted to set up a socialist style Government similar to the way that they had it before UNSPACY had taken over and they also wanted to true some new ideas that they had. To do this they wanted to get outside of Earth controlled space because they were afraid that the UNSPACY government would interfere. These leaders had convinced the present government on the basis that there was a need to spread out the human race so if the Earth was attack that the human race would not be killed.

The Colony Ship was escorted by a large force of warships although none of the vessels other than the Landing Ship had hyper space fold capability. Since the colony left about a decade before the Marduk assault on Earth, the Metal Siren class Valkyrie fighter was not available. In most cases, the military leadership was much more conservative than the colony leaders and the composition of the military forces had a large percentage of Zentran and Meltran compared to the rest of the colonist.

The Xanadu Colony fleet had spent slightly less than a year looking for a suitable colony world when something went wrong. As a result of some unknown phenomena, the fleet was thrown from its native universe to the Three Galaxies. Some scientists who have investigated the ship suspect that the ship interacted with a wormhole that had been fed by a huge amount of energy and the hyperspace drives were slightly misaligned. As luck would have it, a Consortium survey vessel was operating just a few light years away and detected an unusual energy signature of the mis-fold and went to investigate. The Consortium Commanding Officer, Captain Vell Rankin, met with the civilian leaders of the colony expedition and the admiral in command of the military forces. The civilian leaders found in Vell Rankin a person like themselves who understood the need for social engineering. As well, the admiral was able to relate to the Consortium Officer due to his military background.

The group discussed what would be best to do next. The Captain knew of a system in fairly sparse populated space that they could settle at without many problems and convinced the others that it would be a good place to settle. The small population that already lived on the planet welcomed the new arrivals. The planet had plenty of land to spare and the military forces of the colony fleet would protect the system from bandits.

The colony was set up and Vell Rankin put up a call for people to settle from overpopulated worlds and for peoples who have been displaced. Potential colonists were told that they would have complete freedom and that workers would be protected from evil company bosses as well as being guaranteed high standard of living. Vell Rankin retired from the Consortium Armed Forces to become a liaison between the new settlers and the population from the initial colony ship. At first, the colonists came in slowly but the trickle became a torrent as more people learned of the world. Along with the settlers, Xanadu Station was able to get assistance from several systems and private individuals that agreed with the goals of the planet. This gave the initial boost that the fledgling colony needed.

Eventually, the number of new settlers vastly outnumbered the number of settlers from the Macross II universe and Vell Rankin took over as head of the government. From the beginning, the planet has been heavily controlled by the Government and he continued that practice. He retained the old colony leaders as his councillor but started getting rid of military leaders who did not follow the government line and replacing them with people who agreed with his philosophies. One of the first senior officers he had replaced was the original leader of the military fleet that protected the colony ship. He made allies with many other powers including the system of New Coventry nearby and the R.E.F. It seemed to both New Coventry and the R.E.F. that Xanadu Station was like minded but time has proven them wrong. The problem was that he delayed any assistance when the R.E.F. was attacked by the Trans-Galactic Empire. As a result, his allies do not know if they can trust him. Most recently, he has become allies with the Dartrok, a race of virtually supernatural beings. The Dartrok are regarded with suspicion by most groups including many of Xanadu Station's Allies and has furthered the distrust. The ex-Captain has also appeared to have considered some type of alliance with the Kreeghor. It is likely that most of Xanadu Station's initial allies will begin to distance themselves.


The population of Xanadu Station is incredibly diverse and rival such planets as Phase World itself. While the Zentran and Meltran (and half breeds) are an important part of the military, they are a very tiny amount of the population itself.

2%Machine Person
38%Other Races (Includes Zentran & Meltran)

Economics & Demographics:

The government attempts to control all aspects of the economy. In most cases, this is been done by specific regulation but there have been some cases of direct government intervention. Many leaders in Government feel that big business is evil. A large amount of the tax is taken from large businesses and some businesses have been shut down by these taxes. A number of these, including production for the military have been taken over by the government. There is a large number of laws designed to protect employees from what the government considers unfair labor practices. While most Governments have laws to protect their employees, Xanadu Station goes to extremes. Laws make it virtually impossible to fire an employee without an incredible list of infractions. In most cases, a government board must review any firing of an employee before the person can be fired. While this might seem as a good situation, these Government Board are very pro worker and are almost impossible to convince. For example, an employee might have been absent from work multiple times. The person will use the excuse of family problems. The labor board will often take their word for and will not accept evidence that proves that this is false. On the job injury is a similar situation. In most cases, the labor board will find for the employee no mater what the conditions are. If a position is dropped from a company due to changes in technology, the company is required to support the employee until they get a new position. In government jobs, the firing process is even harder and in most cases, incompetent employees simply get shuffled to a location where they can do little harm and only lets go employees which have become a liability. This is generally people who have said something seen as against the government. One of the problem with most of the economy being government control has been that there has been less expansion in business than in a more capital based society and there is little desire for private individuals to reinvest back in the system. A second is that there has been more corruption in the businesses that the government has taken over than a non government run company would allow. Because of the systems economic problems, some economists outside of Xanadu station predict that the government will collapse within the near futures. Estimates on the time frame go from two years to about twenty years. Still, about eighty percent of the population is employed and with changes in government, the relaxing of some laws, and the privatization of some government companies, the planet could become economically stable again.

Agriculture: The planet has huge amounts of land and ocean which are used for agriculture and aquiculture. The planet has only a relatively small population and the excess is sold outside the system. If not for the taxes generated in selling the large agriculture surplus, the planet would be presently running economically in the red. Like most other aspects of Xanadu Station, Agriculture is heavily regulated by the government.

Industry: Due to the boost of heavy equipment on the Colony Ship, the system started with a good amount of heavy industry. Most facilities were set up in orbit or on the moons. The problem is that this did not grow at the same rate as the population did and several large and important companies were taxed until they went bankrupt. Because of this, the government has taken over several of the manufacturing firms and has been building their own manufacturing facilities in the attempt to keep up with civilian and military demand. The system imports manufactured goods due to the limits of the planets manufacturing facilities and the military uses a large portion of what is manufactured by the government. Because of the inability of being able to manufacture a large amount of excess goods, Xanadu designs have been licenced to be manufactured by other groups instead of selling the equipment itself. An example of this is that New Coventry produces the Spitfire class bomber and pays a licence fee to Xanadu station for the design.

The Xanadu system has two rich asteroid fields which are mined for materials and the system exports some raw materials. Mining is about half controlled by the government and all asteroid mining is closely watched by the government as with other industries.

Education: Virtually the entire population is literate and government controlled higher education is available for free to all. The problem is that the public education system is government controlled and private education is heavily regulated. There are many social science classes that are required for students and in many cases the courses could be considered to be for the purpose of socially engineering the students. While the students do learn most basic skills, their understand of history and government is very skewed by these government required courses. The Government has attempted to introduce this into military schools but so far the military has resisted this. In technical training, the education is much better than most places outside of the Consortium but the education has begun degrading.

Media: The Government does not control the media outright but still has multiple methods to keep the media in check. First, the keep the threat of the media being tried for subversive activities to prevent the media from saying too much actively against the government. The second is that the government partially funds the media for the stated reason of being good for moral. They use this money as a tool to convince the media that it would be best to take a pro government stance.

Society of Xanadu Station:

Society is controlled by the government because of the controls they have over the systems economy and education.

Generally it is considered taboo for an individual to make disparaging remarks about another individual's culture. In some cases, this has resulted in what are almost criminal activities being labeled as cultural activities. Disagreement with the government is increasingly being called subversive activity and there is concern that there will be attempts to overthrow the government. In reality, there is a movement to peacefully overthrow the present leaders and form a more stable society with less government control and social engineering

Social Structure: There are four basic social structures on Xanadu. The Government, Military, Workers, and the Disenfranchised are the major groups.

The Disenfranchised are people who are unemployed beings who are basically permanently on government assistance. Some of these people have never worked, some have lost their jobs when a company was unable to stay in operation, and are people who simply cannot keep a job. "To save the Disenfranchised" has become a rallying call for a variety of new laws, new social programs, and the increasing of taxes. In some cases, these laws seem to have little to do with helping the unemployed but use the same slogan.

The Government has become a fixed institution over the years. In most cases, it is expected that the children of Government employees go into government service themselves. There is a habit in government service that those who are able to use the most political correct dialog to advance in their careers.

The military, especially those that were in the Macross or Consortium Militaries (Both are often called the "Old Guard" by government employees that disagree with them), is almost a total different culture which makes merit a much more important concern than the government. Even though the government is trying to politically control the military, the military is still somewhat of an independent group.

The workers are maligned in many ways by both the disenfranchised and by the government but in reality they are the very slender straw that supports Xanadu station. They pay high taxes compared to most Governments in the Consortium with much of the Xanadu taxes spent on social assistance programs for those who are not employed.

Dress: Various strongly on roles.

The disenfranchised tend to wear very garish clothing in an attempt to set themselves apart but still achieving a sameness in their style. They will often wear elaborate hair styles and makeup as well.

Government leaders usually wear very somber utilitarian clothing when in the public eye to show that they are the poor servants of the people but in private they tend to wear expensive and fashionable clothing from other areas of the three galaxies and have a special dress code to show their social status within the government.

The workers usually wear very utilitarian clothing while working but there is an increasing tendency to adopt the garish clothing styles when on their own time. The workers, even when dressed in garish styles, tend to wear much simpler hair styles and wear far less makeup.

The garish style of dress is likely a subconscious rebellion against the blandness in many other areas. Fashions is one of the few areas where there are few government regulations and this is likely due to the government being unable to come up with regulations that do not seem simply silly.

Buildings: Most buildings are reinforced super towers like is common in much of the Three Galaxies. The inside of the building is furnished depending on the function of the building and status of the occupants. There are some small communities where people live in small dwelling which are mostly of utilitarian construction as well. Most of these are large super ceramic domes. There are some lavish buildings for official government offices but most building are externally utilitarian.

Religious Groups: All religions are tolerated except those who openly attempt to control the Government or actively participate in illegal activities. In most cases, minor illegal activity is condone and crimes that are not condoned include such crimes as murder (including human sacrifices), rape, and kidnapping.

Views on other races: Racial Tolerance is one of the basic tenants of Xanadu Station. This even includes races such as individual Kreeghor and other races that are known to be normally evil. Against this policy, the government leaders themselves are concerned about changelings taking over key positions of power and have begun considering how they can detect changelings.

Views on Magic & Psionics: The laws are written such that neither mages or psychics can be discriminated against. The real situation is a little different.

Because all education is government monitored and mages generally dislike any outside interests in their activities, there are no known schools for mages on the planet and few mages have been interested in settling on the planet. The only real exception to this is the Silhouette who keep to themselves in many cases and have been keeping a conspiracy of silence with regards to magic.

The government requires that all physics are trained in how to use their psychic talents so they are not a danger to themselves or others. Few of the psychic training programs are not government run schools. Many non psychics consider that the schools act are recruiting centers for government service. While this is not completely the case, some recruiting is done by the government. As a result of the government run psychic schools, a growing number of people consider most psychics to be government spies and avoid them.

Laws of Xanadu Station:

The legal system of Xanadu system, like most of the society is heavily controlled by the political situation. In reality, most crime is prosecuted normally and criminal are punished for their crimes. The problem is when the beings involved is seen as a representative of a specific racial group or is a member of the "disenfranchised" group and there is a large public outcry by the group involved. In these cases, behind the scenes pressure is usually used.

The prosecutor might be told how hard to press the case or even to drop the case using the reason that they do not having enough evidence. Judges will also be asked to come up with creative interpretations of law to protect or get convicted an individual and in some cases the judges are also requested to give specific levels of punishment.

The court has three judges and six jury members normally and like most normal courts, all six jury members have to agree to convict in criminal cases and a simple majority is needed in civil trials. The judges rule by majority decision and make final judgement on sentencing.

There are full laws to protect against discrimination for race, sex, religion and sexual choice. As previously stated, there are laws to prevent anarchy which are often used to stop people from speaking out against the government. The punishment for subversive activities varies a great deal depending on the nature of the activities and usually involves a fine. Serious or repeat cases can be punished by a year of rehabilitation. Seizing the property of the convicted individuals is quite often done as well in such cases. Quite often, the property seized is the equipment used to promote their subversive activity such as communication gear. After all, a person cannot promote subversion if they have no means of getting their message out. In real cases of subversion, the being involved will most often simply disappear. This actually does not involve the death of the individual but they are transported to another system with enough funds so that they can survive for a few years. One of the most common destinations is Center on Phase World.

Controlling Weapons has always been a serious concerns. Owners of ranged weapons must have special licences to own weapons. While not an impossible process, the process is difficult and can take as long as a couple of years. The time involved can be greatly reduce by knowing an important member of the government and getting them to cut through the procedures involved. There are special procedures for bodyguards and security personnel which reduced time involved for getting licences. Mercenaries traveling through the system can usually get temporary permits.

In Xanadu laws, there is a section which prevents many extraditions. The laws were set up to protect beings from false charges and in some cases protects unfortunate individuals but in a small number of cases has allowed hardened criminals to hide in Xanadu system. Any case where the being involved has a death penalty, the being will not be extradited unless the death penalty is dropped. The Extradition policy also does not allow the extradition of individuals who have been tried in absentia.

CrimeXanadu StationCCW
Weapon Possession2 year rehabilitationVaries (In many places none)
Concealed Weapon1 year prison & 2 years rehabilitation1 year rehabilitation
Weapon Traffic10 years prison & 5 years rehabilitation5 years prison & 5 years rehabilitation
Smuggling1 year prison & 2 years rehabilitation1 year rehabilitation
Drug Possession1 year rehabilitation2 years rehabilitation
Drug Traffic2 years prison & 4 year rehabilitation5 year prison & 5 year rehabilitation
Grand Larceny1 year rehabilitation1 year rehabilitation
Armed Robbery2 year rehabilitation2 year rehabilitation
Piracy10 years prison & 5 years rehabilitation15 years prison & 5 years rehabilitation
Rape5 years prison & 5 years rehabilitation5 years prison & 5 years rehabilitation
Man Slaughter5 years prison & 5 years rehabilitation5 years prison & 5 years rehabilitation
Murder 28 years prison & 5 years rehabilitation10 years prison & 5 years rehabilitation
Murder 110 years prison & 5 years rehabilitation15 years prison & 5 years rehabilitation
Kidnaping10 years prison & 5 years rehabilitation15 years prison & 5 years rehabilitation
Slavery10 years prison & 5 years rehabilitation20 years prison & 5 years rehabilitation
GenocideNo such crime in law booksDeath

Unlike the Consortium, the rehabilitation borders on brain washing techniques to make the being involved a proper citizen. Drugs and psychics have been considered for use but so far are not used in rehabilitations.

Government of Xanadu Station:

The Government is officially a Representative Republic but the reality is a bit different. All individuals past their majority are allowed to vote. The votes are adjusted based on the idea that some groups are not properly represented in the vote. Exit polls on the votes are done and how the various groups vote are calculated. The numbers usually end up favoring the groups already in power. This adjusted voting is normally used to re-elect both the Grand Council and more junior government positions. A few representatives that are not from the main power bloc have been elected but they must have a large majority in order to win against the adjusted voting. In addition to the managing of voting groups, the government using its heavy amount of pull in the media to use the media to support their candidates. Each city is governed by a mayor and grand council in a similar fashion to the system.

Governor: The Governor is Vell Rankin and he has been in that position since its creation. Previously, the senior role was know as Grand Councilor and was the most senior of the original civilian leaders of the colony mission. Technically, the position of Governor is elected by Grand Council but Vell Rankin will likely retain the position unless something happens to him. The Governor can veto any vote by the grand council but the veto can be overcome by a two thirds majority.

Grand Council: Originally just simple known as the colony council, it was renamed the Grand Council when the position of Governor was created. The grand council is the body that composes most laws and regulations. Fully half of the grand council are members of the original civilian leadership of the colony expedition. The other half are beings who have been brought in who have like views. For new members of the council, there is a large number of members from races who only have a small population on the planet. Grand Councillors also are in charge of a variety of government departments including the equivalent of the positions Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, and Secretary of the Economy in the United States.

Important Figures of Xanadu Station:

Vell Rankin: He was a Consortium Captain before joining Xanadu station. Presently the Governor of Xanadu Station. He tends to believe that the ends justify the means and will commit to actions that go against previous agreements for an eventual goal. He is a strong believer is social welfare programs as well as that all creatures, no matter how hostile they have been in the past should be given a chance.

Grand Councilor Wonnie Butler: Leader of the Grand Council and was leader of the system until Vell Rankin took over the position. A Strong believer that the citizens of the colony need to be protected from themselves and is the architect behind many of the social welfare laws in Xanadu Station.

Admiral Preston Davis: Chief of Military Operations for Xanadu Station. He is an ex captain in the Consortium military and was put in place by Vell Rankin. He took over the military after the previous admiral was required to resign. He is not well liked by many members of the military and most of his support comes from the government and beings that he has put into positions. He is similar in philosophy to the Governor and is trying to reform the military socially.

Admiral (Retired) Anita Bainbridge: Original Commander of the Macross military forces and of Xanadu Station military. She was forced from the position by Vell Rankin and she was replaced by one of the Governors cronies. In spite of her having retire, she is still very popular with many members of the military. She is much more of the conservative officer than the present Chief of the military and is more respected by her juniors. If there is a change in the government structure, she would be a popular choice to replace the Governer.

Startiger: Mutant Tiger Turbo-Jockey fighter pilot. She has always had an affinity for machines and was one of the top scoring fighter pilots to come from the Consortium Academy. She served onboard the ship that Vell Rankin was in command of and became his friend. Was imprisoned for a short period of time after being falsely convicted of hacking into payroll computers and stealing money. She was later exonerated but decide to retire and become a mercenary fighter pilot. She helped Xanadu Station with training of fighter squadrons and is the leader of a special fighter wing of Spitfire class fighters which are piloted primarily by Turbo-Jockeys. In the past, she has brought problems the military is having directly to the Governor to avoid ideas being shot down by the Grand Council or the Chief of Military Operations. She has been able to help her fellow members of the military in this way although she is beginning to consider that Vell Rankin should step down. She already wants to see the whole council replaced by more moderate leadership.

Relations with other Governments:

Consortium of Civilized Worlds: Xanadu Station has attempted to keep good ties with the Consortium and Vell Rankin has a special relationship with some of the leaders on Utopia Worlds. In spite of this, the relationship is not on as good a terms as it once was. Rumors of the government manipulating elections as well as the new relationship between Xanadu Station and the Dartrok has been creating problems. Xanadu Station and the Consortium have a non aggression pact.

Dartrok: Xanadu Station, mostly at the direction of the Governor, has become allies with the Dartrok. It is quite likely that Vell Rankin received a Dartrok brain implant. The situation of Xanadu Station become allies with the Dartrok is a concern of many of Xanadu Station's allies and neighbors.

Free Worlds Council: At one time, the Free Worlds Council was attempting to get assistance from Xanadu Station against the Kreeghor but Xanadu Station never would commit to either covert or overt aid. When the REF went to war against the Trans-Galactic Empire and Xanadu Station leaders would not honor their mutual defense treaties, the Free Worlds Council gave up on getting any aid from Xanadu Station.

Human Alliance: The Human Alliance has formed a similar judgement to some members of the Consortium. Basically, this is that Xanadu Station will not honor defense agreements so it is worthless to form concrete pacts with them. As well, Xanadu Station seems to be willing to consort with groups that seem detrimental to the Human Alliance's safety.

Naruni Enterprises: Xanadu Station has had some dealing with Naruni but have never needed any large amounts of Naruni equipment and have never overspent themselves. Xanadu Stations high taxes on imports have made Xanadu Station not an idea place for the Naruni to set up business.

New Coventry: New Coventry is the nearest heavily populated system to Xanadu Station. Since the formation of Xanadu Station, the two neighbors have traded with each other. The two systems are full allies although recent activities within Xanadu Station have created concern among both Government and Military leaders in New Coventry. It is likely that New Coventry will begin to distance themselves from Xanadu Station.

Paradise Federation: Xanadu Station does not boycott the Pleasure Federation because it is felt that the pleasure worlds are not being treated fairly. A result has been that Xanadu Station has become one of the changing points for people from the Consortium traveling to the Paradise Federation.

Phase World: Like many other independent bodies, Xanadu Station uses Phase World as one of their hubs of trade and other than Xanadu's neighbor New Coventry, Phase World is their most common port that they trade from. A good number of Xanadu Station's merchant fleet have phase gate devices. While it is unlikely that the Prometheans would ever be interested in the Xanadu, Xanadu Station and Phase World have a non aggression pact

REF Wormhole Station: A group of REF ships was rifted to the Phase World Universe. The control a unusual spacial anomaly that allows virtually instantaneous space travel between the Corkscrew and the Anvil Galaxy. The REF and Xanadu station had a mutual defense treaty but was dropped when the REF was attacked by the Trans-Galactic Empire and Xanadu Station did not keep up their commitments. The REF retained a non-aggression pact and the REF still allows trade through the wormhole that they control. If the Kreeghor attacked Xanadu Station, it is likely that the REF would still give aid if for no other reason but to protect their own interests.

Splugorth: There has been little contact between the Splugorth and Xanadu Station although a raid onto the system might have been from the Splugorth. The Governor plans to send an envoy out to Splugorth held space to attempt to get a trade and non aggression pact with the creatures. Several of their allies, including New Coventry, and their own military officers have attempted to warn that this is not wise but it has been to no avail.

Trans-Galactic Empire: Xanadu Station has a non aggression pact with the Trans-Galactic Empire. New Coventry leaders, REF leaders, and many of their own officers have attempted to convince them that any treaty with the Kreeghor is virtually useless but Vell Rankin and most of the Grand Council are convinced of the Empires noble intentions.

United Worlds Warlock: There is little contact between the two groups and Xanadu Station has few mages living on their planet.

Military Forces of Xanadu Station:


Specifically broken down due to the fact that the composition of the personnel of the Xanadu Station military is far different than the percentages of the planet's population. This is partially because a large number of personnel in the Xanadu Station military come from the Colony Ship escort fleet and the fleet has a large number of Zentran and Meltran soldiers. In addition, many of the new citizens come from Utopia World and have no interest in the military. This has cause a shortage of crews and the Xanadu Station military is undermanned. This has cause some serious concerns. Conscription has been considered but it is thought that the quality of personnel would suffer and that it would create moral problems within the military. Several government leaders, including Vell Rankin, are considering using clones as 100% loyal military personnel and letting go of the entire old military. This is being kept secret from the military itself due to the problems they see resulting. It is likely that the military would rebel if the idea of them being replaced by clones became known.

11%Zentran & Meltran
9%Zentran & Meltran / Human Crossbreeds
2%Machine Person
13%Other Races

Military Organization:

Xanadu Station has a huge navy that while the core of the navy was the Macross II escort fleet, it has added a host of smaller vessels and has built further capital ships. The fleet was originally built as large as it was to protect against the Trans-Galactic Empire. The Navy is the heaviest funded group because it is expected to stop any attackers from getting to the planet. It is felt that if any battle reaches the planet's surface, the battle is already lost.

Chain of Command: The head of the Military (all Branches) is the Chief of Military Operations and can be loosely considered the equivalent of the Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the United States Military. This position has so far been held by an Admiral because the space navy is considered the most important branch even though in personnel it is smaller than the army. The position is mostly administrative but major strategy is also decided. Under the Chief of Military Operations is the Chief of Naval Operation and General of The Army. They are responsible for fleet / troop disposition and grand strategy. Large Fleets / Army Units are usually commanded by admirals or generals and smaller squadrons / army units are normally commanded by junior admirals / generals or commodores / brigadiers

Enlistment: Enlistment for Enlisted in the Military is for two or four Terran Standard years. The length of initial enlistment is based on training given at time of enlisted. Fields which require more training require signing up for full four years. Enlisted may continue to reenlist unless due to severe problems of service (many disciplines problems for example) and personnel with important skills and good records are strongly encouraged to re-enlist. Political factors are rarely important at the enlisted level except that officers have problems in some cases getting rid of some enlisted crew members for discipline problems. Officers has a system that is less formal and yet more formal at the same time. Officers serve until they resign their commission (and are approved), booted out due to administrative action or court marshal, or retire. In normal cases, an officer must serve at least eight years before they will be permitted to resign. If an officer runs afoul with the government's political and social policies, they will often be asked to resign and will be allowed to resign early if required. This situation has forced some of the best senior officers to resign. Officers with the rank of Captain / Colonel or higher technically have to be court marshaled to be removed from service but are usually forced to resign. If they do not resign, they are put in a position of no authority. Xanadu station offers bonus to ex-members of the C.A.F. with good records that join the Xanadu station military.


Officers: A large percentage of the officers are ex-UN Spacy personnel (including Zentran & Meltran). These will be one of the various UN Spacy OCCs. Also a large percentage but slightly less, many of the Officers are from the Consortium Military. Most of these Officers are of the CAF Trooper OCC with a good percentage of CAF Fleet Officer OCC. A variety of Mercenary classes and Spacer classes make up the remainder of the Military' officers. There is a few Turbo-Jockeys with most serving with Startiger's special fighter unit. Newly trained officers use the UN Spacy OCCs with the adaption of Phase World Skills.

Enlisted: Similar in Composition to the Officers. A large percentage of the enlisted are ex-UN Spacy personnel (including Zentran & Meltran). These will be one of the various UN Spacy OCCs. Also a large percentage but slightly less, many of the personnel are from the Consortium Military. Most of these enlisted are of the CAF Trooper OCC. A variety of Mercenary classes and Spacer classes make up the remainder of the Military's personnel. Newly trained enlisted use the UN Spacy OCCs with the adaption of Phase World Skills.

Standard Combat Equipment: For the most part, Consortium Military Equipment has been adopted.
Ship Crew members: 3 CAF Jumpsuits with no weapons issued.
Ship Security Personnel: 3 CAF Jumpsuits, CAF Battle armor, CAF HI-10 Heavy Laser Pistol, and HW-19 Stun Pistol or Web Gun.
Troops: 3 CAF Jumpsuits, CAF Heavy Battle armor, HI-80 combat Rifle or GR-15AR Assault Rifle, and CAF HI-10 Heavy Laser Pistol
Fighter / Robot Pilots: 3 CAF Jumpsuits, CAF Battle armor, HI-80 combat Rifle, and and CAF HI-10 Heavy Laser Pistol (Startiger's Fighter Wings are allow their own equipment)

Uniform: Uniform Styles are simply modified versions of the UN Spacy uniform with the UN Spacy markings being replaced by Xanadu Station markings. CAF Jumpsuits are styled in the same fashion as the uniform and may be worn as working uniforms as well.

Personnel: Navy: 46,200 Army: 280,000

Military Ranks:

Like the RDF, the UN Spacy military were formed in a very short time from the various military forces from the countries that made up the United Nations. A large portion of the forces were from the United States Military and the ranks that were used were U.S. for this reason. Several other militaries had similar rank structures so adoption was relatively easy. This same rank structure was retained by Xanadu Station.

Recently, the Chief of Military Operations has started pushing to change the rank structure to that of the Consortium Military. He also proposes that to level the "playing field" that all seniority in rank is dropped with the change to the new system. The reasoning behind this seems to be so that his new appointees are equal in "seniority" to UN Spacy personnel who have served for a long period of time.


Space Forces:Ground Forces:
O-9Vice AdmiralLieutenant General
O-8Rear AdmiralMajor General
O-7CommodoreBrigadier General
O-5CommanderLieutenant Colonel
O-4Lieutenant CommanderMajor
O-2Lieutenant Junior GradeFirst Lieutenant
O-1EnsignSecond Lieutenant


Space Forces:Ground Forces:
E-9Master ChiefStaff/ Command Sergeant Major
E-8Senior ChiefMaster Sergeant / First Sergeant
E-7ChiefSergeant First Class
E-6Petty Officer First ClassStaff Sergeant
E-5Petty Officer Second ClassSergeant
E-4Petty Officer Third ClassCorporal / Specialist
E-3CrewmanPrivate First Class
E-2Apprentice CrewmanPrivate Second Class
E-1Recruit CrewmanPrivate

Military Rules & Regulations:

Military rules of conduct are similar to most modern militaries but are far less formal. Part of this is because the Macross military already was less formal than Twentieth Century militaries and because of reform by the new Chief of Military Operations. One important note is that sexual contact between personnel is not forbidden. This includes between officers and enlisted and between personnel in the same chain of command. The official instructions from command is that these relationship are to be openly supported by senior personnel. The relationships between crew members have caused some problems in the past but there seems to be no sign of the situation being changed. A few senior officers have brought up the idea of changing the regulations to ones similar to New Coventry but this has been rebuffed by the government and the senior military leader. In many commands, fraternization within the same chain of command is frowned on unofficially.

Court Marshal: If a person who commits a crime is in the service they are subject to civilian or military for legal actions. Laws for double jeopardy prevent trials at both levels. The composition of court marshals is similar to that for civilian trials except that it only requires a majority decision to convict. There are six jurors which are senior enlisted for enlisted and six senior officers for officers. There are also three judges which are members of the military legal system. Like the Civilian side, there is no death penalties in the military legal system. Originally, there was a system of non judicial punishment available but this was removed by the Chief of Military Operations because he felt that all punishments needed to be reviewed for fairness.

Military Protocol: Under the original Chief of Military Operations command, Officers in the Xanadu Military were expected to be addressed as sir or ma'am depending of the sex of the officer. This was given strong latitude with personnel from other militaries with different forms of address. Since the new Chief took over the military, this has changed to the formal address being "Sir" whatever sex the officer being addressed is. Much of the military is ignoring this system except by officers appointed by the new Chief of Military Operations.

Religion: After much debating, Xanadu Station military adopted the same system as the Consortium Armed Forces. While a person may practice most religions, but they will prosecute and stop religious members for doing illegal activities. This ranges from the demon worshiping cults that sacrifice people to a religion that members of their church will not bring children for medical treatment because of religious reasons. They also do not allow beings to join the Xanadu Military if the being will not use medical treatments for religious reasons due to the fact that this is a detriment in combat. Some felt that this last part was unfair and wanted it dropped but it was accepted in the end.

Prize Money: Xanadu station has no system of prize money

Personal Equipment: All equipment used must be issued except with Startiger's fighter wing.

Mage & Psionics in the Military:

Xanadu Station allows both mages and psychics in the military although due to variety of reasons, there is only a tiny amount of mages in the military. There is a larger amount of psychics in the military but most with sensitive abilities are urged to join military intelligence.

Planetary Surface Defense:

All major cities and military installations (200 total on Xanadu) have 6 long range missile launchers [launch 32 missile each per attack] and 12 medium range missile launchers [launches 16 missile per launcher attack] to stop missile attacks on cities. The locations also have 32 laser cannons [10 mile range in an atmosphere, 4D4x10 M.D.C.] and 16 gravity rail guns [16 mile range in an atmosphere, 4D6x10] for point defense. Each location also has 80 star fighters / valkyrie starfighter assigned to it as well. The crew of each station is 1500 including fighter pilots.

Ships of the Fleet:

This list does not include small auxiliaries such as tugs and small non FTL capable supply ships. The original fleet consisted of a converted Zentran Landing Ship, two Macross Cannons, four UN SPACY command carriers, and eight UN SPACY battleships. There were also 200 additional fighters carried by the Zentran landing ship. The ships that came from the Macross universe have been refitted with shields, heavier armor, better point defense weaponry, and better missiles but in most cases the main energy weapons were not modified. The Zentran Landing Ship is not fully crewed and is considered to be in reserve. There have been various plans discussed on what to use the vessel for but no decisions have been made.

Because the system does not have any orbital defense platforms, at least two of the Macross Cannons, six of the command carriers, and twelve of the Heavy Cruisers are not allowed to be detached from the system. These ships form the core of system defense forces.

Although the military forces are more powerful in general firepower and number of units, Xanadu station forces lack in supply and support vessels. The forces also lack in Assault Craft. This is partially due to budgetary constraints. It would be difficult to support both an expanding fleet of combat vessels as well as assault ships. This is also partially due to the fact that the present Chief of Military Operations does not want to antagonize his neighbors with planetary assault equipment. The Zentran landing ship could likely fill the role in times of need.


1Zentran Landing Ship.
8 “Lafayette” class Modified UN SPACY Command Carriers
Battleships / Dreadnoughts:
3 “Bretagne” class Modified UN SPACY Macross Cannons
24 “Duquesne” class Modified UN SPACY Battleships (Treated as Heavy Cruisers)
4"Warshield" class Consortium Cruisers
8"Raiden" class Bushido Industry Light Cruisers
8"Scimitar" class Consortium Patrol Ships
(Plan to purchase 28 more [32 total] and refit all to "Longbow" configuration)
12"Hunter" class Wolfen Destroyers
(Plan to discard when "Long Bow" class Patrol Ships enter service)
12“Ferret” class Human Alliance Corvettes
(Plan to discard when "Long Bow" class Patrol Ships enter service)
8"Grey Wolf" class Minesweepers
Assault Forces:
Fleet Auxiliaries:

Military Technology of Xanadu Station:

In general, the military technology is a mixture of Consortium and Macross 2 technology.

As far as Macross Technology, Xanadu Station lacks the ability to copy the fold drives on the Zentran Landing Ship so ships have switched over to using Contra-Grav FTL system with the exception that the Landing Ship retained its fold drives. No one could copy fold drives outside of the Factory Satellites and so a Zentran vessel was simply modified to act as a Colony Ship.

With Consortium Technology, the lack of being able to copy fold drives might have actually been an advantage. All of the Macross ships that relied on the fold drive field from the Colony Ship have been modified with CG FTL drives and can travel much farther on their own. As well, missile and computer technology from the Consortium is far more advanced than the previous systems and the ships have greatly benefitted from this. One point that has alarmed other systems is that they often carry anti-matter warheads on their ships when not on combat missions. This is considered unsafe by many governments. Xanadu Station does not have Graser or advanced battlelink computer technology.

In most cases, tanks are replaced by a variety of robot vehicles adapted from Macross designs. A large percentage of fighters are Valkyrie transformable fighters except the colony fleet left before the Metal Siren fighter was designed. The only non transformable fighter that Xanadu uses in large number is the Spitfire class heavy fighter although small numbers of Black Eagles and Katana fighters are used. At one time, they were were working on an agreemtn with New Coventry to purchase Lightning fighters but the deal seems to have fallen through.

Xanadu Station System:

The Xanadu Station System is a distant binary system. The main star is a yellow dwarf star that is on the large side for a yellow star and is very bright. The secondary star is a yellow / orange dwarf star. Both stars support a large number of planets. The system is generally mineral rich.

The planet Xanadu orbits the large yellow star in an orbital position further out than Mars in the Sol system and has a very long year. Xanadu has two small satellites which appear to both be captured asteroids. The planet is slightly smaller than the planet Earth but is more dense and has a gravity of 1.05 that of Earth. The planetary day is 20.2 hours in length. The planet has 64.5% of its surface covered with water. The planet has large polar regions which lock up a large amount of the planet's water. The planet has a population of around 4.5 billion with a mixture of different races.

The main star has seven small rocky type planets with one inside of the orbit of Xanadu that is terraformable to an earth like planet. There are also five gas giants although none are larger than Saturn in the Sol system. All of the Gas Giants have at least three moons with the largest having twelve satellites. The largest of the Gas Giants is the only planet with a ring. The system has a large asteroid belt that is four times denser than the one in the Sol system. This asteroid belt is heavily mined. Because the system has smaller gas giants, the system is generally more stable than the Sol system with less asteroids crossing the path of planets.

The secondary star has three rocky type planets with the closer two being tide locked by the star and the last being in outer orbit. There are three small gas with each having two to eight moons. The closest gas giant is around the orbit of Earth and is marginally habitable. With Terraforming, the planet could be made to be life supporting. The secondary star also has a rich asteroid belt but it is only about 50 percent denser than the asteroid belt in the Sol system.

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