Widow’s Fleet (Pirate Force):

The pirate force known as the “Widow’s Fleet” is one of the largest pirate forces within the Three Galaxies. It is commander by a woman who is known mostly by the name “The Widow” Even though not of a military background, she is a highly skilled fleet officer. Few pirates have more than a handful of ships and the vast majority only have a single vessel. In comparison, she has over thirty ships in her forces.

In addition to its size, the Widow’s Fleet is composed quite a bit differently than most pirate forces with the fleet actually have a fairly extensive support fleet including a captured repair ship. Few pirate groups operate any carriers and the pirate fleet operates an escort carrier. Most pirate forces are composed mostly of converted merchant vessels with the Widow’s fleet operating a larger number of true warships.

While her forces will sometimes operate as singletons, most often she will work her forces in concert with each other. This allows her forces to take on targets that few pirates would. Most people are amazed at the targets that the Widow’s Fleet is willing to go after. Part of that has to do with the firepower of the Widow’s fleet but it also has to do with the commanders skill in planning. Most pirates, for all of their tough talk, are unwilling to go after well defended targets. There is good reasoning for this. A damaged pirate ship cannot raid and pirates generally lack much in the form of logistical support.

The Widow’s Fleet has never been recorded as attack first tier defenses but has attacked surprisingly well defended targets. They have ambushed convoys which were escorted by light warships and a few of their warships were captured in this manner. In addition, her forces have attacked reasonable well defended system both mining colonies and even the planets themselves. Since being weakened by the war against the R.E.F., the Kreeghor have even been attacked by the Widow’s forces. The newer Berserker was captured in this fashion with several crew going over to the pirates.

The various different vessels tend to get assigned to different roles. The faster ships tend to be used for smash and grab raids and well as other missions where speed is essential. There is speculation that the Widow would eventually like all of her ships either replaced by faster ships or rebuilt for greater speed. The slower ships, which includes the converted merchant vessels and the older Berserker and Ferret vessels, are not usually used in such roles. Because the Ferret corvettes do not have any fighters, they do not usually operate on their own but instead in support of other ships. One tactic is to operate a pair of Ferret with a single old Berserker.

The Consortium of Civilized Worlds has a warrant out for the capture of this band of pirates and especially the Widow herself. The Trans-Galactic Empire also have warrants out for both the Widow’s fleet and the pirate leader herself. A large number of smaller powers also bounties for the capture of her and her forces. Still, the Free Worlds Council have no warrants for her capture and the Trans-Galactic Empire has accused them of harboring the pirates. There is speculation of her forces being harbored in Splugorth held space. She also appears to have dealings with some in Naruni Industries. Scattered systems also have dealings with her and give her safe harbor. The fleet does not have any sort of true base. She will hire her forces out as mercenaries for the right amount.

The pirate group generally does not murder their captives although is not afraid to shed blood if needed. The Widow will punish the crew, usually with a loss of pay, if they kill or abuse prisoners. There is nothing stopping the prisoners from being strong armed. She does pay fairly well and give a percentage of the spoils to her crews. With captives, she will ransom them when possible. If there is no ransom, she will usually sell prisoners, often to the Splugorth. What happens to them once they have been sold to the Splugorth is of little concern. A large percentage of the weapons and equipment come from the Splugorth Markets. In some cases, captives with skills will be given an opportunity to join the Widows’s Forces.


  1. Sponsorship: Criminal - Organized Crime, 0 points
  2. Outfits: Specialty Clothing, 20 points
  3. Equipment: Unlimited Equipment, 50 points
  4. Vehicles: Unlimited Vehicles, 50 points
  5. Weapons, Power Armor, & Bots: Extensive Weaponry, 40 points
  6. Communication: Superior Communication, 40 points
  7. Internal Security: Iron Clad, 20 points
  8. Permanent Base: None, 0 points
  9. Intelligence Resources: Infiltration Network, 50 points
  10. Special Budget: Big Bucks, 45 points
  11. General Alignment: Evil - Miscreant and Aberrant, 0 points
  12. Criminal Activity: Con Man (5), Prostitutes (5), Smugglers (15), and Forger (30) - 50 points
  13. Reputation/ Credentials: Hunted, 0 points
  14. Salary: Excellent, 20 points
    Total Points: 300 points (390 points)
    Size & Orientation: Mercenary Army (300 base points Base)
Total Personnel: Approximately 6,200 Personnel including around 3,600 Ships Crews and 2,600 Troops and Fighter Pilots.
Common O,C.C.: Space Pirate, Spacer, Runner, Mercenary, Consortium Trooper, Special Forces, Cyborg (10% of troops are cyborg soldiers), Consortium Fleet Officers, and Turbo Jockey.

Weapons, Equipment, and Resources:
This equipment is standard issue but there is a wide amount of variation with a variety of weapons and armor which have been captured by pirates.

Ship’s of Pirate Fleet

1 "Blood Claw" Escort Carrier (Converted Merchant Vessel)
1 “Widow Ching” Trans-Galactic Empire Defiler class Heavy Cruiser (Modified)
1Huntress class Light Cruiser
1Pirate Cruiser (Converted Medium Merchant Ship)
Destroyers / Frigates (23 Total):
2 Bushido Hekireki class destroyer
2Consortium Scimitar class Patrol Craft (Modified )
6Human Alliance Ferret class Corvettes
1Trans-Galactic Empire Berserker Attack Craft (Modern Style - Modified)
4Trans-Galactic Empire Berserker Attack Craft (Old Style - Modified)
4Wolfen Hunter class Destroyers
4Pirate Destroyers (Converted Light Merchant Ships)
Support Vessels
1Repair Ship
6Support Vessels / Cargo Ships

Notes of Fleet:
Consortium Scimitar class Patrol Craft are modified with four medium range missile batteries and four light assault shuttles. The Trans-Galactic Empire Berserker Attack Craft (Both old style and new) have their cruise missile payload reduced with a pair of light assault shuttles carried.

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