Vixen’s Pride Mercenary Company:

Few mercenary companies can claim to be directly supported by industrial powers and no others can claim that their leader is the lover of the owner of said company. Vixen’s Pride can claim this. Vixen, a person who few if any know her real name, is leader of Vixen’s Pride. Her lover is and he is owner of Metalworks Incorporated which makes for an incredible ability to get equipment. While he does not have an official military rank, he is treated as if he is the executive officer of the mercenary company. Because of the support of a good sized industrial power, Vixen’s company rivals Larson's Brigade in abilities. The unit is very power armor and aircraft heavy which means that the company is one of the most desirable companies to hire due to its high mobility although hiring Vixen’s Pride is very expensive. Like Larson's Brigade, often small numbers of the until are hired for a job. There is also some who believe that the Mercenary company is in reality an army created by the city of Tolkeen as a defense force against the Coalition. Unknown to most people, the Mercenary Company does have a fair amount of Coalition equipment. This is normally used on Infiltration missions. While they have none of the newer vehicles, they do have new Coalition weapons and other small equipment. The main base of Vixen’s Pride is in the same large town / city in which Metalworks Incorporated is located at. This is about 250 miles to the north and west of the city of Tolkeen.

Stories have it that Vixen herself is a Headhunter that climbed through the ranks in mercenary copies that served the New German Republic until going off to adventure in North America. These same stories seem to indicate that she was badly injured and she does have a bionic left arm. There are some stories from her adventuring in North America that are both grand and incredible in nature. One of the few items that many people accept as being factual is that Rachet, the owner of Metalworks Incorporated, adventured with her before he founded Metalworks.

The company is very well organized and professional. The Companies organization seems to be based on the New German Republic Army. The military ranks are based on those of the US Army previous to the time of the Rifts except that there are no Warrant Officer ranks. Training while in barracks is very intense and while not in the field, the company is expected to act as more defense forces for Metalworks Incorporated. Officers and Senior Enlisted also receive general education in various areas and all new recruits are taught to read and write. The uniform of the company is a blue and grey jumpsuit. The military ranks are shoulder patches. The patches are velcro and can be taken off in the field to prevent officers from being shot by sniper in the field.


Officers: 60 Officers

Personnel (Averages):
Line / Combat Personnel:

20Coalition Elite R.P.A. (CS Deserters)
60Coalition Grunts (CS Deserters)
5Coalition Military Specialists (CS Deserters)
5Coalition Dog Boys (CS Deserters)
5Coalition Psi Stalker (CS Deserters)
80Special Forces
200Headhunters, half with robot combat elite
60Wilderness Scouts
10Full Conversion Borgs
5Ley Line Walkers
5Mind Melters
60Others (Cyber Knights, Crazies, Juicers, Adventurers, etc)
Total Personnel: Approximately 650 Combat Personnel and 800 Support Personnel (including mechanics, medics, drivers, supply clerks, cooks, etc). All non combative personnel have some combat training (Equipped with L-20 Rifles and Huntsman Armor) due to the fact that assaults will end up effecting support personnel as well.

Weapons, Equipment, and Resources:

Company Vehicles: This includes both Combat and Support Vehicles and many vehicles can operate in both roles. The Behemoths are often used to transport the company to the battlefield and the smaller APCs and Transport Aircraft are used to transport soldiers in the field. These company vehicles are those in standard service with Vixen’s Pride and does not include any transients vehicles in the mercenary company. As might be expected, a large amount of the Mercenary Companies equipment is manufactured by Metalworks Incorporated. It is probable that Vixen’s Pride will get Sparrowhawk fighters, Stormhawk jammer aircraft, and Zephyr hovercraft when they are in full production.
Aircraft: 98 total

6Naruni Crescent Moon Delta-Wing Space Plane
20 M.I. A-100 Ironhawk Ground Attack Aircraft (nuclear version)
4 M.I. VAC-33X Firehawk Gunships
36 M.I. F-500 Tigerhawk Light Fighters (nuclear version)
12 M.I. FB-144 Thunderhawk Fighter-Bombers
8 M.I. V-25 Kestral Tilt Rotors (nuclear version)
12 REEF-F-40 Sabertooth Fighter (upgrade version)
Armored Personel Carriers (APC): 18
2Coalition Mk. V APC
12 Iron Armory LAV-800 Mountain Lion Armor Personnel Carrier Version
2 Iron Armory LAV-800-CC Mountain Lion Command and Control Version
2 Iron Armory LAV-800-REW Mountain Lion Radar and Electronic Warfare Version
Flying Power Armors: 130
10Coalition SAMAS Power Armor
80 CC-ST-1 Sparrow Light Power Armor
40Triax X-10 Predators Power Armor
Ground Power Armors: 95
60Triax T-21 Terrain Hopper
5Triax T-31 Super Trooper
20Triax X-535 Hunter
8Triax X-1000 Ulti-Max
Combat Robots / Robot Vehicles: 12
12Triax X-2700 Dragonwing
12 SDR-25-MK I Missileer Robot Vehicle
4 M.I. Behemoth II - Cargo Version
1 M.I. Behemoth II - Command Version
1 M.I. Behemoth II - Mobile Hospital Version
1 M.I. Behemoth II - Repair Version
4 M.I. Behemoth II - Troop Transport Version
Tanks / Tank Killers: 40
4Juggernaut Heavy Tank
4XM-330 Phantom Hover Tank
8Iron Hammer Heavy Tank
12 Iron Armory LAV-800-AT Mountain Lion Anti-Tank Version
12 M1-A12 Abrams
Artillery / Air Defense Vehicles: 20
8 Iron Armory LAV-800-ADV Mountain Lion Air Defense Vehicle Version
12 Iron Armory LAV-800-MM Mountain Lion Missile Platform

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