Texas Irregulars (Mercenary Company):

The Texas Irregulars is one of the most magic oriented mercenary companies operating on Rifts Earth. The company was originally founded by a techno-wizard that goes by the name 'Charlie Blade.' Before forming the mercenary company, he was an adventurer and he made huge amounts of money both adventuring and selling techno-wizard creations. The idea behind the company was to form an elite unite that was composed primarily of techno-wizards that would take on special jobs. He contacted other techno-wizards he had met through the years and proposed forming the company. One of those was a combat techno-wizard that is thought to be one of the founders of the combat techno-wizard class.

The Texas Irregulars is fairly small compared to many other mercenary companies. Most of the combatants are techno-wizards. In addition to the techno-wizards, there is a number of Warlocks with Earth Warlocks being the most common. As far as non mages in the company, there is a small number of operators and an even smaller number of mercenary types. Many concepts he executed in his company were unique. He did not want to have a large dedicated support staff so he made sure that most of his troops can do more than one speciality. The Texas Irregulars has very few non-combatants. These are a few non combatant techno-wizards and operations to do repair work the troops do not have time to do and a few vagabonds that do various odd jobs such as cooking and cleaning for the company.

Charlie Blade was born in what used to be the State of Texas and was also a fanatic history buff about the Republic of Texas before it joined the old Earth American Empire. When he formed his Mercenary Company, he decided to adopt a modernized version of the Republic of Texas uniforms for his troops. Military ranks are a simplified version of the rank structure used by most mercenary companies. The only military ranks are Colonel (Leader of the company), Major (Second in command of company), Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Corporal, and Private.

Weapons that the company has used in the past include Techno-Wizard Elemental Mines and Anime Backpacks. All vehicles are of techno-wizard design and all ground troops are equipped with techno-wizard power armors. Where most companies would use conventional gear, the company uses magical and techno-wizard gear which makes it far harder to tap into by organizations (such as the Coalition) which do not use magical equipment. While troops are issued standard weapons and armors, a large number of troops carry their own personal weapons and armors. Because of the huge amount of money that the company had on startup, it is far better equipped than any conventional company of comparable size.

The Company has fought in several engagement including against vampires and at the Tolkeen Front. Often, the company was outnumber by a large number yet has always been able to defeat their opponents. Because of the specialized nature of the mercenary company and their reputation, they can command four times more than a similar sized conventional mercenary company could.

While the company does not have a permanent base, the company will often stop for a few months in a quiet town or city. During this time, the company will make and sell techno-wizard creations. The company has a few techno-wizard creations that are quite unusual that they make.

Except for the Combat Techno-Wizards, all members of the company are expected to be trained before joining the company. All members of the unit are expected to be able to fight at least at hand to hand basic level. About half of the combat techno-wizards are trained by Major Forester. This training was begun because it was impossible to get enough trained combat techno-wizard for the unit. These students are trained during time the companies is not in the field. As a result of his training, many of the combat techno-wizards have hand to hand commando.


  1. Sponsorship: None, 0 points
  2. Outfits: Gimmick Clothing, 30 points
  3. Equipment: Magic Technology, 20 points
  4. Vehicles: Specialty Vehicles, 30 points
  5. Weapons, Power Armor, & Bots: Extensive Weaponry, 40 points
  6. Communication: Full Range Systems, 15 points
  7. Internal Security: Iron Clad, 20 points
  8. Permanent Base: None, 0 points
  9. Intelligence Resources: Psionic and Magic Operatives: 20 points
  10. Special Budget: Large loans, 25 points
  11. General Alignment: Unprincipled & Scrupulous, 7 points
  12. Criminal Activity: None, 0 points
  13. Reputation/ Credentials: Excellent, 25 points
  14. Salary: Excellent, 20 points

    Total Points: 253 points
    Size & Orientation: Free Company

Officers: 15 Officers

Personnel (Averages):
Line / Combat Personnel:

4Special Forces
36Standard Techno-Wizards
40Combat Techno-Wizards
24Techno-Wizard Aviators
4Techno-Wizard Thieves
2Earth / Fire Warlocks
4Earth Warlocks
2Air Warlocks
2Fire Warlocks
2Water Warlocks
Total Personnel: Approximately 160 Combat Personnel and 40 Support Personnel (including non combatant mechanics, medics, drivers, supply clerks, cooks, etc). Non combatant O.C.C.s include techno-wizards, operators, and vagabonds. About sixty percent of non combative personnel have some combat training and have had to hand basic and one or two weapon proficiencies. The non combatant member of the unit have no standard issue weapons and armor.

Weapons, Equipment, and Resources:
Note that most members of the mercenary company have personal weapons and other equipment that they have acquired on various assignments. Members are allowed to retain any equipment that they manage to capture while with the company as well.

Company Vehicles:

This includes both combat vehicles and support vehicles. All support vehicles have the ability to act as combat vehicles. The "Demon Beetle" Troop Transports are used for transporting troops and equipment with several being converted to act as support vehicles although they retain all weapon systems. When not being used for scouting, the T.W. Scout Cycles are carried on the troop transports. Each Iron Mark tank has two techno-wizards and three non techno-wizards as crew, each Lightning Knight has one techno-wizard and one non techno-wizard as crew, and each Demon Beetle has one techno-wizard and three non techno-wizards as crew.

Aircraft: 12 total

4 TW-AV8B Merlin VTOLs
8 TW-P51W “Wildstorm” Mustang Fighters
Armored Personel Carriers (APC) & Tanks: 26 total
6 T.W. Iron Mark Battle Tanks
10 T.W. Lightning Knight Light Tanks
10T.W. "Demon Beetle" Troop Transports
Power Armors: 40 total
40Mystic Power Armors
Other Vehicles: 10 total
10T.W. Scout Cycles

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