Mage City of Salem:



It was the morning of winter Solstice in the year 2098. Over the past month, he had been getting visions of Armageddon. In his dreams, mushroom clouds blotted out cities and storms raged around the globe. He might have thought that it was the creaking of his old bones from the winter but he was not alone in his visions. Many of the others that were gifted in seeing the future were seeing the same thing that he was. Over the past few days, his visions had been getting far worse. He did not think there was much time left. He was Stanley Hawthorn, the eldest psychic sensitive in Salem. It was time to call a council of the gifted of Salem. Maybe there was hope that something could be done in time.

He had just called a meeting of the leaders of the Psychic and Arcanist members of the community of Salem. He hoped that he and the leader of the Arcanist would be able to get the others to work on a solution. Althea Browning, the eldest Arcanist, was not gifted with the ability to see the future but she was smart enough to believe him and others. Oh, how he remembered her twenty years ago. Her family had been high sorcerers and sorceresses for generators and her great grandmother, who carried the same name as her great granddaughter, had been the first to live in Salem.

As he got dressed, he reminisced about old times. It all seemed so wonderful just a few years ago. All the nations were at peace and it seemed that war was a thing of the past. It was simply human nature that it could not last. Hostilities were re-ignited and the so called Golden Ages ended. Now, all the nations were so tense that a single spark could create an inferno that would absorb the world.

A few hours later, the gifted of the city met in the local park. While cold, it was a beautiful day with a blue sky and fresh soft snow underfoot. It seemed an unlikely location for people to meet to discuss the end of the world. Stanley wished that they would be a bit quieter. It might have seemed like the perfect place for a snowball fight though. The yelling was such that he could not hear anyone else and could not get a word in himself. His voice was not as strong as it used to be. Althea Browning was attempting to get the attention of the crowd as well with as little luck even though her voice had faded less with age. After almost an hour of arguing, finally tempers were settling down.

Stanley finally was able to speak without being overwhelmed by everyone. He begun "Many of us gifted with the ability to see the future have been seeing a vision of the future. We all know that tensions have been building between the countries of the world. All of us know that war is coming and it is likely that bombs will fall. What I am concerned about is something worse than bombs. The bombs will trigger some sort of magic eruption that will consume the world. Is there any way that we can convince the outside that this will happen? I will answer that for you, No! There is nothing that we can do to convince others."

Yelling broke out again but this time it died out quickly.

Althea spoke up when the yelled have died down again "I have been hearing from those sensitive about the future and knowing that something needed to be done. I have been working long hours on a magic ritual to protect the city from the mage storm. The spell will require the magical energy of every mage in the city to cast it combined with all the forces that we can tap on this solstice. The spell will also need to be reinforced by psychic walls by those of you who are psychic. I consider this to be our only hope."

The crowd again dissolved into argument. It took the two leaders a long time to get the discussion under control. Just as they were getting it back under control, the sky began darkening with unnatural colored clouds. They appeared to be from a storm from hell. The time for discussion was over.

The Arcanist Althea said is a clear and piercing tone "It is time to decide, yes or no."

The crowd gave their assent, as much for fear as anything. Althea Browning began her spell. She knew that casting it would take several hours and she hoped she would have time. As the sky darkened, a glowing crackle of lightning in every color of the rainbow formed as a barrier between Salem and the outside world. Horrible noises could be heard outside but the city was safe. . .for now.


The mage city of Salem is in the location of the Pre-Rifts City of Salem, Massachusetts. It has been around since before the coming of the Rifts. This is the same city that is famous for the witch burnings and as a meeting place for many Pagans in the later twentieth century. Most residents date the town to 1626, the historical foundation of it as a town, or 1692, the time of the Witchcraft trials. No matter, it is the oldest Mage City on Rifts Earth. It has endured many hardships and has done well at surviving since the coming of the Rifts.

Much of the original Pre-Rifts city remains intact and has been strengthened by various forms of magic. This includes such famous places as the home of Nathaniel Hawthorne. The old style of house building has been recreated and many new houses are constructed in the same way. There are some relatively modern looking buildings. Most of them are various industrial buildings. Fortifications have been constructed around the city to help protect it from the ravages of monsters and marauders.

The city is one of the largest centers for mages and psychics in North America. Tolkeen, Lazlo, and the Federation of Magic have far larger number of Mages and supernatural creatures. Still, there is a large number of different mages and psychics within the city.

While the city is not attempting to keep itself secret, it is not well known. It is in a relatively quiet locations and the Coalition seems to have no interest in the city at this point in time. The leaders of the city are concerned about what the Coalition is doing and about the creatures of Atlantis. Atlantis is one of the major reasons that they were very glad when the techno-wizard sailors wished to use Salem as a port for their vessels. The city has been spying on the Coalition and attempting to get more information from Lazlo about the Coalition.


The city has a total population of 45,000 beings and the surrounding areas have a population of around 35,000 beings. This does not include transients and various monster races. The city populations is still mostly human but a large percentage of them are mages and psychics. Most of the humans are Caucasian from the original population mix from before the coming of the Rifts. The second largest population is of Elves. Some mutant animal escapees from the Coalition have found their way to the city of Salem. As well, few Dwarven Techno-Wizards have set up shop. The actual number of Supernatural Creatures and Dragons are a small percentage of the number of other races that can be found there. It is suspected that there is a number of Changelings in the population but there has been little concern by the other residents. There are a fair number of rogue dog boys within the city although any that come from the Coalition are carefully watched. Psi Stalkers are no particulary welcome because of the disruption that they cause both for psychics and spell casters.

Over the last few years, there has been a spike in population growth. Some of these people are from the city of Tolkeen attempting to escape from the war with the Coalition.

68%Human (24% are mages or master psychics)
18%Elves (38% are mages or master psychics)
3%Mutant Animals
1%True Atlanteans
6%Others (Includes Baby Dragons and other Supernatural Creatures)

Economics & Demographics:

Agriculture: New England has always been a very rocky location and hard to farm. With the assistance on mages, especially Earth and Air Warlocks, the city and its surrounding area are mostly independent and could survive on their own if needed. Greenhouses, being relatively simple technology are popular and a large amount of winter vegetable and fruit are grown in them. Salem does import various grain from the mid west. This even includes from the Coalition but the city is careful to keep their identity secret. The biggest food supply comes from fishing of various type. Salem has a huge fishing fleet which one of the major jobs of the military is to protect. The extra from fish harvests is much of what helps to purchase materials from other places. The city even sells fish products to the Coalition although they are very careful to keep their identity private. The city keeps much of their selling and purchasing secret by simply teleporting materials to and from the city. Wood is heavily used in construction and as a fuel source. Most of this wood is not cut but is instead magically grown by Wizards and Warlocks.
Technology: Technology is fairly primitive compared to some of the more advanced places in North America but the city does use some advanced technology. Much of the city's technology was purchased or acquired from more advanced governments. The generators providing power to much of the city were stolen from the Coalition when the generators were in route to a Coalition base. These replaced ancient diesel generators. The military weapons is a large percentage of the high technology in the city. Many items of technology can still be purchased in the town but basic electronics is marked up about 25% and stuff like vehicle and power armors are marked up by about 50%. Many functions originally done by technology have been taken over by magic. Most houses use magically enchanted lighting and heating. Very little metal is used and is replaced with wood with the spell “Ironwood” on them. Nails are made of wood and then enchanted with that spells. As well, many houses are reinforced with the same spell once they are complete. Techno-Wizardry is taking over some of the jobs done by technology. This included Techno-Wizards generators for power and T.W. Wingboards as a form of travel. Techno-Wizard weapons are also becoming popular. Still, many houses outside of Salem proper use old or simpler styles of lighting, heating, and other tools of life. This includes oil lamps and would stoves. Magic is a part of this as well because most of the wood burned is magically created.
Industry: Most of the industrial areas of Salem were destroyed in the attacks of marauders after the coming of the Rifts. What was left was some light industry only mainly in textile areas. As a result, many jobs were taken up by magic. And/or more primitive forms. This is not without any interesting applications. Most of the houses and fishing vessels are constructed from wood. In most cases, this wood was created by a spell caster and then later enchanted to be as strong as some of the more advanced alloys of Rifts Earth. Since the mass influx of Techno-Wizards, the amount of industry has been steadily been increasing.
Medical: Psychic and Mage Healers do many of the jobs that doctors did in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Century and herbalists are also common. Most of these peoples medical knowledge is self taught or taught as an apprenticeship. There are a few traditional medically trained individuals in the city as well. They came from other locations including Lazlo.
Education: Moderate level of Literacy (65%). While parents are given recommendations to have their children to go to school but many children are sent to work or apprenticed at a young age. Students that go to school are education up to what would have been considered about sixth grade education. History is slightly mangled but it does not seem to be intention just simply the fault of lost records. The only real higher education is that of the magic schools. Most of the magic can be learned including many of those from Federation of Magic. Since almost the beginning, there was a school for Arcanist and is one of the few schools for them on Rifts Earth. Later, a school for Ley Line Walkers was established and more recently, a school for Shifters was also set up. Most of the master psionics are taught informally by each other and most mystics are self taught. Over the past few years, a school for Techno-Wizards has sprung up. The Techno-Wizard school has teaches the sub classes of Techno-Wizards Sailor (use standard Techno-Wizard OCC but normally has a large number of ocean and water based skills and spells), Techno-Wizard Aviators, and Combat Techno-Wizards. These is the only place where there is any formal education in technical fields. All other technical education is by apprenticeship or self taught. Many children learn their parents profession.

Society of Salem:

All of the societies of the city are based on magic and psionics due to their importance in saving the city and their high number in the population. In general males and females are considered equals.
Social Structure: Mages and Psychics are the cornerstones of the society and all of the city leaders come from these two groups. As well, most of the wealth of the city is in hands of the mages and the psychics. Status between mages and psychics is through how powerful they are. Many of them consider non gifted individuals to be inferior to them. There is no active discrimination against non mages and psychics except they cannot become city leaders and that in court cases, the gifted will usually win any case against non-gifted. Even so, the people live better than in many other areas on Rifts Earth and many are well to do. There has been no serious unrest due to the inequality but there is some tension due to it. A common argument by the gifted is that the city would not be around if it was not for them and forget that the normal people fought a long battle to protect the city after the mages and psychics could no longer fight.
Dress: Popular dress has been adapted from clothing of colonial times for the most part but most clothing is acceptable including modern types. Females most often wear skirts or dress but this is not set as any kind of absolute. Pre Rifts sailor clothing is becoming popular with the sailors on the Techno-Wizard vessels. Quality of dress varies on income. Mages have special robes that indicate their school, status, and their income. Cotton, silk, wool, and synthetic materials are all used in the creation of clothing.
Buildings: Construction tends to be very colonial in interior and exterior appearance as well. Internal reinforcements are modern to make the houses stronger. Wood is the most popular building material and is often enchanted so it can withstand far more damage that if it was not enchanted. The more wealthy and most mages and psionics live in larger homes of similar style. Many of the old Pre-Rifts buildings are still remaining and have been protected by magic like the newer buildings.
Religious Groups: Most religions are permitted within the city and is surrounding areas. The most common religions are those based on magic and earth worship. The two most common religions are Wicca and Druidism.
The only criteria on religions is that the religion does not perform illegal activities. This ranges from the demon worshiping cults that sacrifice people to a religion that members of their church will not bring children for medical treatment because of religious reasons. There is some suspicion of the Christian religions. This is due to the fact that the witch burnings being an important part of the history of Salem.
Views on other races: Most races are welcome in the city and surrounding areas. Elves are considered important citizens of the town and several are on the council. Dwarves are becoming important members of the town with their metal crafting skills.

Government of Salem:

After the city successfully defeated the attacking monsters, a council was formed from the surviving mages and psionics. This council was maintained over the years with elder mages and psychics replaces those that decide to leave the council or die. This council is still composed of elder mages and master psionics. Several members of the council are elves and have been on the council for over a century. A being must be a resident of the city for at least twenty years before the can join the council in addition to being gifted as either a mage or master psionic. In the last two years, Techno-Wizards have joined the council. The council acts as both administrators and as the highest court.
To reduce tension between gifted and non-gifted, a board of advisors was formed to give a way that the non gifted may express their opinions. These people are gathered by craft type and each craft sends a representative. They have no actual voting power but the council normally does listen to the representatives.

Important Figures of Salem:

Melinda Browning: She is the Arcanist Elder on the main council and is the descendent of a long line of Arcanist mages from before the coming of the Rifts. Her first ancestor in the city of Salem was Althea Browning and one of her ancestors created the spell that protected the town from the coming of the Rifts.
Manfred Silver: He is the Ley Line Walker Elder on the main council. He is presently one of the oldest on the council at 102 years old. In spite of his age, he has lost none of his powerful intelligence.
Quentin Adams: He is the Shifter Elder on the council. He is very careful with his juniors joining with supernatural Intelligences. He himself is not joined with one and he has dismissed from the city several who linked to demons and devils.
Silvana Bluetree: She is the Mystic Elder on the main council. She is the youngest member on the council at twenty eight but all of the other mystics agree that she is the most capable of the mystics. She is a strong supporter of making allies with other groups.
Isidore Thorngrave: He is the Techno-Wizard Elder.
Trista Stormwind: She is the most senior of the Warlock Elders who sit on the council. She herself is a Water Warlock and has been working with the techno-wizard navy. One of Trista's children is learning how to become a combat techno-wizard. While most believe that she is human, the being is in actuality a changeling. A Warlock of each element sits on the Council.
Keenan Trenton: He is the Mind Melter Elder who sits on the council. He is very conservative and he is the council most against making allies with other groups or governments. He does not like most other kinds of Psychics including psi-ghosts, psi-druids, and psi-warriors.
Rubia Flame: She is the Burster Elder who sits on the council. She has flaming red hair that most believe that she dyes. She plays up the temper of burster but is in reality a very observant individual.
Kenevron Ashakron: He is a powerful Elven Wizard and has been on the main council for over 100 years. He was Rifted from another world (Palladium Fantasy).
John Stevens: He is the Chief Representative of the non-Gifted. While he does resent the gifted, he has traveled and realized that conditions are much worse in many areas. He is also committed to working within the system to get more rights for the non mages and non psychics in the city of Salem.
Carlton Ashford: He is the current Commanding Officer of Defense Forces. He is a headhunter who has served in the Salem defense forces since he was sixteen. He is now fifty-eight. He is a minor psionic. The position is interesting because it is often filled by a normal who is not a spell caster or a major psychic. Normally the person is at least a minor psionic with the ability of mind block.
Shanna White: She is the current Leader of the Techno-Wizard Navy forces. She has over the years acquired a huge sum of money and a rune sword. She is normally very quiet but is an excellent tactician.

Treaties & Policies:

Atlantis: Atlantis is among Salem's biggest concerns because it is not believed that the cities defense forces are large enough to deal with the forces of Atlantis is they become interested in Salem. The leaders in Atlantis are not sure about the abilities of Salem's military forces so have so far left it alone.
Castle Caoth: Salem has heard rumors of a magical castle in the mountains to the far south but has no concrete information. A few scouts have been sent down to investigate but nothing has been discovered yet.
Coalition: The Council of Salem is carefully watching the Coalition but has made no moves. It is doubtful that the Coalition knows much about the Mage City of Salem. Salem has also made a few careful purchases of food and supplies from the Coalition but has been careful to cover their tracks.
Dweomor City: Salem has only heard rumors of the city but has sent expeditions to verify the information. Salem also knew of the war of the Federation of Magic against the Coalition but did not involve themselves in any way.
Free Quebec: Salem watches Free Quebec in a similar fashion as they do for the Coalition. Since Free Quebec seems less expansionist, there seems to be less concern.
Kingdom of Dunscon: Salem has learned a bit about the Kingdom but has little solid information. Salem has sent out an expedition to investigate the Federation of Magic. One of their jobs is to find out more about Dunscon.
Lazlo: Salem has sent envoys to contact the leaders of Lazlo. If all goes well, the two magic nations will have some mutual defense and trade treaties.
New German Republic: No contact between Salem and the New German Republic.
R.E.E.F. Florida: There is no large contact between both seagoing communities. Both have learned of each other and are considering sending ambassadors to each other. Salem is considering attempting to purchase military equipment from Florida if all goes well.
Tolkeen: Salem has been watching the war between the Coalition and Tolkeen with interest. So far, Salem has done nothing active in the war.

Defense Forces of Salem:

The Defense Forces of Salem contains standard forces, techno-wizard navy, and Militia forces in times of emergency. Salem has also been mostly non-expansionist and as a result has not recruited an army the size of many other nations on Rifts Earth. The Military has always been geared towards the protection of the city from monsters, bandits, and supernatural creatures. The magic using and psychic citizens of the town are expected to act in defense of the city in times of need. The original military forces were based on residents of the town who were members of the national guard. Because of this, many of the procedures of the military are similar to those of the Pre-Rifts United States army. In addition, the backbone of the military are Pre-Rifts military vehicles. There have been many additions but with the Coalition capturing Iron Heard Industries facilities, the City major source for military equipment is gone. It is likely that if they can, they will purchase military equipment from Florida. The weakness of the military forces is why they welcomed the Techno-Wizard navy into their power

Military Personnel (Averages):

Does not include support personnel and does not include Techno-Wizard Navy and Mercenaries. Techno-Wizard Navy have their own listings. Mercenaries are hired as needed to protect the city. Militia forces include virtually every able bodied person in the city and includes a vast number of spell casters and master psionics.

12Mutant Animals (Mostly Dogboys)
40Special Forces
180Headhunters, half with robot combat elite
40Wilderness Scouts
25Ley Line Walkers
20Techno-Wizards (50% Combat Techno-Wizards)
25Mind Melters
40Others (Cyber Knights, Borgs, Atlanteans, Adventurers, etc)

Weapons, Equipment, and Resources of Defense Forces:

Because equipment was gotten from a variety of different sources, the type of equipment is far more varied that it is in most more organized defense forces. The militia is normally armed with older weaponry, armor, and other equipment.

Ground Troops: Various Combat Rifles (Most common are L-20 Pulse Laser Rifle, NG-P7 Northern Gun Particle Beam Rifle, Coalition C-12 Laser Rifle, and Wilk’s 447 Laser Rifle), S.D.C. Automatic Pistol or Revolver (Has 4 normal loads and 4 silver reloads/magazines), 8 Grenades, 8 E-Clips, Vibro-Weapon, and 4 Silver Knives. One in five carries a heavy weapon (CR-1 Rocket Launcher and WI-GL4 Revolving Grenade Launcher are most common)
Power Armors & Vehicle Crews: Various Energy Pistols (Most common are C-18 Laser Pistols, Wilk’s 320, NG-57, and NG-33 Northern Gun Laser Pistols, S.D.C. Automatic Pistol or Revolver (Has 2 normal loads and 2 silver reloads/magazines), 6 Grenades, 4 E-Clips, Vibro-Weapon, and 2 Silver Knives.
Power Armors without standard weapons (Flying Titans): Combat Rifle (Most common are L-20 Pulse Laser Rifle, NG-P7 Northern Gun Particle Beam Rifle, Coalition C-12 Laser Rifle, and Wilk’s 457 Laser Rifle), 10 Grenades, and 12 E-Clips. One in five carries a heavy weapon (CR-1 Rocket Launcher and WI-GL4 Revolving Grenade Launcher are most common)
Mage Forces (Not including Techno-Wizard Navy): Most are outfitted as group troops. About 25% are outfitted with magical weapons. These include TW Converted Weapons, TW Flaming Swords, TW Firebolt Rifles, TW Firebolt Pistols, Kisentite Swords and Bayonets, and a small number of TW Weapons from Federation of Magic.
Ground Troops: Medium Body Armor (Most common are CA-1, Bushman, Crusader, and Urban Warrior Armors),
Vehicle Crews: Light Armors (Most common are Crusader and Urban Warrior Armors)
Mage Forces (Not including Techno-Wizard Navy): Most are outfitted as group troops. About 25% are outfitted with Mystic Power Armor.
Other Equipment:
All: NG-S2 Basic Survival Packs, 4 Wooden Spikes, Emergency Rations, and Binoculars

Combat Vehicles:

Does not include magical and techno-wizard vehicles. It also does not include non combat transport vehicles.


6GF-1A Grey Falcon Attack Jet
Armored Personel Carriers (APC):
8 USA-M-8 Maverick Infantry Fighting Vehicles
4APC-10 Iron Maiden APC
1Coalition Mk. V APC
Flying Power Armors:
30FT-005 Flying Titan Power Armors
8PA-06A SAMAS power armor
Ground Power Armors:
40 USA-GPA-01 Ground Assault Power Armor
20NG-X9 Samson Power Armors
Tanks / Tank Killers:
8 USA-M-7 Jackson Main Battle Tank
4IH-1B Iron Hammer Main Battle Tanks
Artillery / Air Defense Vehicles:
4Iron Bolt Missile Vehicles
Naval Forces:
4 Pre-Rifts "Margaret L. Baker" class Coast Guard Cutters
8IH-TB12 Black Eel Torpedo Boat
2IH-PB-12 Triton Patrol Boats

Techno-Wizard Military Forces:

In reality, only a small percentage of the Techno-Wizard forces are actually Techno-Wizards. Most of the remainder are sailors and other non magic using class. The Techno-Wizards often do jobs as mercenaries but have been home ported out of Salem for several years. Because of their very special skills, the techno-wizard forces are in large demand and are very well paid. Simply the spying using the black ghost fighters have been very profitable.

Techno-Wizard Forces Personnel (Averages):

Does not include support personnel but does include the crews of the naval vessels.

175Combat Techno-Wizards
30Ley Line Walkers
60Others (Cyber Knights, Psychics, Adventurers, etc)

Weapons, Equipment, and Resources of Techno-Wizards:

The Techno-Wizards forces are well equipped. In many ways, they are better equipped that the cities defense forces. Many of them have personal equipment that they have purchased.
Weapons: Assault Forces are normally outfitted with Wilk’s 457, JA-12 Juicer Assault Rifles, or Magical Weapons. Mages and shipboard crews are normally outfitted with NG-57 Particle Beam Pistols, Wilk’s 237 Laser Pilots, or magical weapons. Magic weapons include TW Converted Weapons, TW Flaming Swords, TW Firebolt Rifles, TW Firebolt Pistols, Kisentite Swords and Bayonets, TW Weapons from Federation of Magic, and a few magic weapons from Atlantis. Shipboard crews
Armor: Light Armors (Most common are Crusader and Urban Warrior Armors), many of the armors of those who are psychic or mages have techno-wizard enchantments added. TW Aviator armors are popular among pilots.
Other Equipment: NG-S2 Basic Survival Packs, 4 Wooden Spikes, Emergency Rations, and Binoculars

Techno-Wizard Combat Vehicles:

This does not include the large number of Techno-Wizard power armors used by the Techno-Wizard forces. It also does not have any support vehicles. The techno-wizards are working on a design for a techno-wizard escort destroyer type.

2 TW-SR-71 Black Ghost class Jet
24 TW-AV8B Merlin VTOL
18Helicopters (TW Engines)
Naval Forces:
1 T.W. Converted Light Carrier Cabot
1 T.W. Converted Cruiser Olympia
4 T.W. Nautilus class Submarine


The Town of Salem dates back to 1626 but the History of the "Mage City of Salem" can more accurately be dated to the time of the coming of the Rifts. Even at this time, the city was one of the largest concentrations of mages and psychics on the Earth. A few months before the coming of the Rifts, many of the truly gifted in the city started getting visions of destruction. As the time of the Rifts approached, these visions became more and more intense until all of them knew that something big was coming. In haste, all of the mages met together to try and come up with a solution. They knew that getting someone to believe them would be next to impossible so the only solution was to come up with some protections. The gifted created a series of magic and psionic wall to protect the city. As the magical storms raged outside these wall, the city of Salem was protected and survived completely intact.

Unfortunately, the mages and psychics were completely spent by the time that the time the Storms had ended and they could not help much in the defense against the various monsters that assaulted the city. This fell to the non gifted members of the city. Using National Guard equipment, the population was able to beat back the marauders and keep the city mostly intact. Once the mages and psychic recovered, they helped the people of the city to defeat the assault. This is not to say that there was not heavy loss of life and destruction. It required the next several years for the population to rebuild their town.

Over the years, many outsiders have become residents of the city. Within two years of the coming of the Rifts, a small band of Elves became residents. There was an exchange of knowledge between the humans and the elves and both were made stronger. The steady influx of people and the slow growth rate is mostly balanced by people moving around and the city has only grown by about fifty percent since the coming of the Rifts. The towns population was actually down a little bit in the late twenty-first century compared to the late twentieth century.

Over the past ten years, Techno-Wizards have been moving into the town in relatively large numbers. With them, some industry has been moving into the city. They have also began using the harbor for basing a number of vessels that have been converted by the Techno-Wizards.

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