R.E.F. in Phase World:



The R.E.F. in the Phase World universe has set up a major base at a Wormhole that links the Corkscrew and Anvil Galaxies. The Commanding Officer of the R.E.F. ship Minerva found the junction and began building fortifications at that junction. The general agreement was that the R.E.F. would get a percentage of the profit from the wormhole in return for protecting the planet. There is a fee charged to use the Wormholes and this fee supports both the R.E.F. and the planet. In the system a small Zentraeti maintenance facility was found and expanded on to service the larger R.E.F. ships. The R.E.F. also purchased a Hunter destroyer maintenance and construction facility. They original used it to produce hunters but now have refitted and use it to produce their new designs. Most of their construction comes from a Robotech factory that they were able to find.

The R.E.F. probably has the largest military force outside of the three most major powers in the Three Galaxies. The three most major powers are the Consortium of Civilized Worlds, Trans-Galactic Empire, and United Worlds Warlock. The R.E.F. has fought the Trans-Galactic Empire in several major actions and were able to hold their own due to the superior ability to move ships using jump engines and their super heavy particle beam weaponry. The REEF is also very fighter heavy and their Raptor class acts as both a very light carrier and as a light cruiser. The only reason the R.E.F. can maintain such a large force is because of the self contained nature of the Robotech Factory and the large income from the wormhole. The are far more independent than most militaries are and act virtually independently.

Military Breakdown:

Much of present R.E.F. military is built from ex C.A.F. personnel. The R.E.F. offers slighter higher pay but is very choosy about who their take into their service and not all are acceptable. A reasonable percentage of the military forces come from the populations of new Tirol and a moderate percentage are Zentraedi from the Factory that were awakened. The leadership of the R.E.F. is drawn in large portion from the original crew of the Minerva but retired senior officers from the C.A.F. were also recruited

28%Human (55% Male)
16%Other Races

Military Organization:

It was decided when forming the new Military Forces that the forces would be reorganized into simpler branches. These are space forces and ground forces. This has not completely reduced confusion because fighter pilots, if either ground forces or space forces can be assigned to either ground bases or star ships as needed. Unlike the C.A.F., fighter pilots can either be officers or enlisted. Rank gaining was very rapid in the early evolution of the Forces but has slowed down some now that the forces are up to strength and the R.E.F. has a high retention rate.

Enlistment: Enlistment is for six Terran years. This allows for enough time for both training and service. Enlisted may continue to reenlist unless due to problems of service (many disciplines problems for example). This term is applied for both enlisted and officers. Crews are well treated and retention rate is very high so to allow for the retaining of individuals with critical skills. Both officers and enlisted can be discharged for illegal activities and other activities that are dangerous to the service.

O.C.C.: The O.C.C. of the personnel depends on their background. The former crew of the Minerva are all O.C.C. from the various Robotech books depending on if they are R.E.F. or R.D.F originally. All R.D.F. and R.E.F. characters receive the new skills given in the conversion book. All crewmembers also receive zero G combat and movement and is considered an O.C.C. skill. Zentraeti fall under the various O.C.C. for Zentraeti with new skills from the conversion book and zero G movement and combat as well. Ex C.A.F. personnel are one of the various C.A.F. O.C.C. from the Phase World books including turbo jockeys from the Phase World Source Book. The can learn up to four new skills for new equipment and vehicles. For new recruits, use the R.E.F. O.C.C. from Robotech: Sentinel book with the modifications of giving the character the skills from the Rifts: Conversion book and give all characters the Skill of Zero G Movement and Combat.

Uniforms: The R.E.F. uses the old R.D.F. uniform for their dress uniform and the everyday uniform is basically the R.E.F. standard uniform from the Sentinel wars. The uniforms have been modified to act as skin suits and crews are also assigned both C.A.F. jumpsuits and heavier armor for combat situations. The only other change in the uniforms are the colors. Instead of the color of uniform being able to be chosen by the crewmember, all Space Force Personnel dress in dark blue and Ground Forces dress in a dark green. This has eliminated confusions and has allowed the C.A.F. that are adopted into their forces.

Equipment: Uniforms, Galant H-990 Weapon System, C.A.F. Jumpsuit, CVR-X Body Armor, and all other equipment as per character class. For Robotech characters, weapons may be chosen from Phase World equipment as well from Robotech.

Military Ranks:

When the Robotech Defense Forces were formed on Earth, the forces were formed in a very short time from the various military forces that made up the United Nations. A large portion of the forces were from the United States Military and the ranks that were used were U.S. for this reason. The R.E.F. in Phase World uses the same rank structure as the R.D.F. did and the U.S. did previously


A very large portion of the R.E.F. officers corp are ex-enlisted and it is relatively easy for a character to go from being enlisted to being an officer. Mustangs (Officers that started as enlisted) have also been known to reach the highest ranks in the service in the R.D.F. and the R.E.F. such as General Rick Hunter

Space Forces:Ground Forces:
O-11Fleet AdmiralGeneral of the Army
O-9Vice AdmiralLieutenant General
O-8Rear AdmiralMajor General
O-7CommodoreBrigadier General
O-5CommanderLieutenant Colonel
O-4Lieutenant CommanderMajor
O-2Lieutenant Junior GradeFirst Lieutenant
O-1EnsignSecond Lieutenant


The senior enlisted rank is an administrative positions for the care and welfare of the enlisted of their branch.

Space Forces:Ground Forces:
E-10Master Chief of the NavyCommand Sergeant Major of the Army
E-9Master ChiefStaff/ Command Sergeant Major
E-8Senior ChiefMaster Sergeant / First Sergeant
E-7ChiefSergeant First Class
E-6Petty Officer First ClassStaff Sergeant
E-5Petty Officer Second ClassSergeant
E-4Petty Officer Third ClassCorporal / Specialist
E-3CrewmanPrivate First Class
E-2Apprentice CrewmanPrivate Second Class
E-1Recruit CrewmanPrivate

Military Rules & Regulation:

Military Law: Very similar to most military law. The laws are much harsher than civilian court systems and Treason and Desertion are very serious crimes. The court consist of nine members and only a majority must rule in favor of a decision. Officers are always tried by officers but enlisted may choose to be tried by either senior enlisted or officers. Non judicial punishment is available for enlisted for minor infractions but officers must be tried by court martial. Non Judicial punishment is given by the commanding officer of the enlisted man in question. Punishment for non judicial punishment can include loss of rank, restriction to quarters, and loss of pay.

Military Protocol: Officers are addressed as either Sir or Ma'am depending on sex but due to the high amount of ex C.A.F. personnel, female officers are often addressed as sir by reflex. It is simply preferred that the sexes are differentiated. In the R.E.F. Service, noble titles are not recognized. Service members from the C.A.F. or other militaries that have noble title and join the R.E.F. are not addressed by their title. Members of other militaries with noble titles are addressed by the titles in official meetings between the militaries.

Religion: The R.E.F. developed specific rules to deal with other religions. While the R.E.F. already had similar rules, the C.A.F. had better developed rules so the R.E.F. adopted most of the C.A.F. rules. While a person may practice most religions, but they will prosecute and stop religious members for doing illegal activities. This ranges from the demon worshiping cults that sacrifice people to a religion that members of their church will not bring children for medical treatment because of religious reasons. They also do not allow beings to join the R.E.F. if the being will not use medical treatments for religious reasons due to the fact that this is a detriment in combat.

Sexual Contact: Unlike Modern Militaries, the R.E.F. is very lax about sexual contact. There is no discrimination for same sex contact or interspecies contact. While it is officially discouraged, sexual contact between officers and enlisted and between members of the same command are allowed.

Mages & Psionics in the Military:

While the R.E.F. has no prejudices against either mages or individuals with psionic ability, there is only a tiny percentage when compared to the C.A.F. This is because the R.E.F. has no background in magic and because the protoculture systems interfere with magic. A decent number of latent psionic individuals were triggered when the Minerva was Rifted to the Three Galaxies and if any player characters from the R.E.F. were rifted with the ship, they may roll of the Rifts Table for Psionics. Individuals with Major and Minor Psionics fall into standard R.E.F. or C.A.F. O.C.C.s. To create a mage (Ley Line Walker, Mystic, Battlemage, ect.) or a Master Psionic (Mind Melter, Burster, ect.) use the O.C.C. but add standard Phase World background skills and add the following additional skills for Military Training.

Total Mobile Space Forces (Includes both Fold Capable and Non Fold Capable):
This does not include prize ships captured from the Trans-Galactic Empire. The number of these ships and the conditions of the ships is unclear at the moment. It is probable that most of the captured ships will be sold off with the exception that some may be assigned to intelligence gathering.

8 SDF-6 Class Battle Fortresses (Considered Battleships)
RFS Olympus (SDF-6), RFS Aegis (SDF-7), RFS Ragnarok (SDF-8), RFS Yggdrasil (SDF-9), RFS Valhalla (SDF-10), RFS Tartarus (SDF-11), RFS Hades (SDF-12) RFS Styx (SDF-13)
42 Citadel Class ARMD Platforms
Platform hulls are ARMDS 1 through ARMDS 42. The Platforms are named after very terms for fortification and famous fortifications as well
32 Gryphon class Command Carriers
Ship hulls are SFC-501 though SFC-532. Each ship of this class is named after a Mythologic flying animal or creature of various Earth or Tirol mythologies.
33 Minerva class Battle Cruiser (refitted)
Ships hulls are SFBC-1 and SFBC-11 through SFBC-42. Each ship of this class is named after gods and goddesses of various Earth or Tirol mythologies.
1600 Raptor class Combination Light Cruiser and Escort Carriers
Ship hulls are number from CLVE-412 to CLVE-2150 because some have been lost or destroyed. Ships are not individually named but ship crews have chosen names for many for their ships based on varies themes including famous peoples names and animal names.
1800 Reaper class Corvettes
Ship hulls are DDL-1 through DDL-2450 because some have been lost or destroyed. Ships are not individually named but ship crews have chosen names for many for their ships based on varies themes including famous peoples names and weapon names.
350Auxiliary Ships (Various classes)
Ships include repair ships and supply ships. Ship hulls depend on ships class and purpose. Some auxiliary supply ships are named and other auxiliary ships are not. There are even a small number of stealth style supply ships to supply and refit Reaper class corvettes in secret

Fixed Defenses:

New Tirol Defenses:

Has a total of 2 Grand Cannons with focusing mirrors to allow targeting in other directions. Each grand cannon and each city has for defenses 20 Zentraedi Style Lasers, 40 Point Defense Particle Beams, 20 GR-1000 Rail Guns, 20 Tachyon Scatter Beams, and a pinpoint barrier system. Grand Cannons are also protected by an Invid hive style force field each

Total Planetary Mobile Forces: 3,000 Alphas, 1,500 Betas, 600 Vindicators, 15,000 Star Phantoms, 12,000 Cyclones, 3,000 Glitter Boys, 1,200 Destroids

New Tirol Shipyard Defenses:

Shipyard has 50 Zentraedi Style Lasers, 100 Point Defense Particle Beams, 50 GR-1000 Rail Guns, 50 Tachyon Scatter Beams, 10 Cruise missile batteries, 40 long range missile launchers, a pinpoint barrier system, and an Invid hive style force field.

Mobile Forces: 2000 Alphas, 1000 Betas, 500 Vindicators, 2500 Star Phantoms, 5000 Cyclones, 1000 Glitter Boys, 500 Destroids

Other Systems Fixed Defenses:

Plans are in place to eventually put Grand Cannons on each planet for defense but the plans have not been acted on yet. The Kreeghor defense were left in ruins. Each city has for defenses 20 Zentraedi Style Lasers, 40 Point Defense Particle Beams, 20 GR-1000 Rail Guns, 20 Tachyon Scatter Beams, a pinpoint barrier system.

Total Planetary Mobile Forces: 750 Alphas, 325 Betas, 150 Vindicators, 3,000 Star Phantoms, 3,000 Cyclones, 800 Glitter Boys, 300 Destroids

Fleet Organization:

Inner Wormhole & New Tirol Defense Forces:

2Minerva class Battlecruiser
2Gryphon class Command Carrier
14A.R.M.D. Platform (8 normally around planet, 2 protect shipyards)
100Raptor class Combination Light Cruiser and Escort Carriers
100Reaper Corvettes

Outer Wormhole Forces:

1Minerva class Battlecruiser
1Gryphon class Command Carrier
4A.R.M.D. Platform
50Raptor class Combination Light Cruiser and Escort Carriers
50Reaper Corvettes

Factory Satellite Defense Forces:

2Minerva class Battlecruiser
2Gryphon class Command Carrier
8A.R.M.D. Platform
200Raptor class Combination Light Cruiser and Escort Carriers
200Reaper Corvettes

Planetary Defense Forces (Other than New Tirol):

4 eachA.R.M.D. Platform
50 eachRaptor class Combination Light Cruiser and Escort Carriers
50 eachReaper Corvettes

First Battle Fleet:

9Minerva class Battlecruiser
8Gryphon class Command Carrier
200Raptor class Combination Light Cruiser and Escort Carriers
200Reaper Corvettes

Second and Third battle Fleet:

4 eachOlympus class Battle Fortresses
8 eachMinerva class Battlecruiser
8 eachGryphon class Command Carrier
300 eachRaptor class Combination Light Cruiser and Escort Carriers
400 eachReaper Corvettes

Reserve Forces:

3Minerva class Battlecruiser
3Gryphon class Command Carrier
250Raptor class Combination Light Cruiser and Escort Carriers
250Reaper Corvettes

Populated Planets & Systems:

New Tirol:

Planet was originally settled by colonists from a crashed ship sent by Zor. Since the R.E.F. has discover the planet, the planets populations has increased drastically with people from other areas. Planet is mostly earthlike but is slightly larger and has a gravity of 1.05 of Earth. Water covers 62% of the planets surface. The wormhole is located within this system outside of the planets positions.

System Population: 2 billion (before discovery of wormhole, population was 500 million)

System: Yellow Dwarf Star, 6 Planets (2 small rock balls, 3 small gas giants, 1 medium gas giant), and 1 asteroid belt

Hades Furnace:

System in which the factory satellite is located in. There are no inhabitable planets in the system. The system is about 15 light-years from New Tirol. The system has a heavy particle density and has a large number of errant bodies. If the system is invaded, the plan is to have the fleet stop the attackers while the factory retreats. The Factory is not to engage in combat under any circumstances

System Population: 100,000 to 200,000 (personnel on ships and factory satellite.

System: White Dwarf Star (Dying Star), 5 planets (5 rock balls - cores of gas giants), and 4 asteroid belts.


This system was the first system that was captured from the Trans-Galactic Empire. The planet population is mostly human and while there were Kreeghor residing on the planet, they have went back to Kreeghor space. The planet has a Kreeghor shipyard in the system that is being refitted by the R.E.F.. Planet is mostly desert with only 34% of the planet covered by water. The planet is close to the star, is smaller than earth and has a gravity of .85 of Earth.

System Population: 800 million

System: Yellow/Orange Dwarf Star, 4 planets (2 small rock balls, 2 small gas giants), and 3 Asteroid Belts


This system could have almost been considered a Kreeghor hell world even though it is a lush and beautiful planet. It was a major food growing planet but the Kreeghor used slave labor and the treatment was brutal. The planet population is a diverse groups of different races. Since the R.E.F. has taken over the planet, all Kreeghors have been shipped back to Kreeghor space. The farming has been placed into the hand of the population and it is expected that farming with make the planet a good profit. 65% of the planet is covered by water. The planet is larger but has a lower density than Earth giving the planet a gravity of 1.03 of Earth.

System Population: 1.2 Billion

System: Yellow Dwarf Star, 8 Planets (4 small rock balls, 2 small gas giants, 2 medium gas giants), and 1 Asteroid Belt

Scarlet's World & Tarin:

This system was originally a very important system in the region of the Trans-Galactic Empire. Tarin was originally a TGE administrative center and a fleet station. Unlike most systems, this system is a binary system (distant binaries) with two habitable planets. Scarlet's World changed its name after being liberated by the R.E.F.. In this system is a small shipyard that the R.E.F. plans to use. Scarlets World is smaller and has gravity of .80 of Earth. The planet is also covered by 70% water. Tarin is larger and has a gravity of 1.2 of Earth . The planet has 45% surface water as well.

System Population: 10.5 billion

System: Two Yellow Dwarf Stars, 18 planets (8 small rock balls, 5 small gas giants, 2 medium gas giants, 2 large gas giants, 1 brown dwarf), and 4 asteroid belts


The final planet that the R.E.F. captured from the Trans-Galactic Empire. It was a relatively recently settled world and had only a fairly small population. It also had virtually no forces around the planet so it was a very easy capture. Juliet has a lot of water and has 84% of the planets surface covered by water. The planet is just a little smaller than Earth and has a gravity of .96 of Earth

System Population: 12.6 million

System: Yellow/Orange Dwarf, 6 planets (2 small rock balls, 4 small gas giants), and 1 asteroid belt

Relations with other Governments:

Consortium of Civilized Worlds: The R.E.F. are partial allies with the C.C.W.. They allow C.A.F. ships to use the wormhole to transit and R.E.F. ships are allowed to transit through C.C.W. space as well. There is a large amount of trading with the C.C.W. and some of the new technology the R.E.F. has received is from the C.C.W.. The R.E.F. would like to get a mutual defense pact with the C.C.W. and is working towards that as a goal.

Dartrok: The R.E.F. is very cautious about the Dartrok and is very concerned with their motivations. They have become more concerned since Xanadu Station signed an alliance with the Dartrok. It is likely that the REF will aid the Combined Stars Protectorate against the Dartrok.

Free Worlds Council: The R.E.F. is caught in a situation with the Free Worlds Council. The R.E.F. does recognize the Free Worlds Council but due to the fact that their are pursuing a defense treaty with the C.C.W., they cannot officially ally with the Free Worlds Council. The R.E.F. does give the Free Worlds Council aid and has even sold them many of their surplus Hunter class destroyers.

Naruni Enterprises: The R.E.F. does not like dealing with Naruni Industries but has purchased some items. They created copies of much of the items that they have purchased. They made enough changes to designs to prevent the Naruni from legal action against them and they have enough military forces to dissuade military action as well.

New Coventry: A single planetary system within the C.C.W. that has a fairly large military. When the R.E.F. become allies with Xanadu station, they also became allies with New Coventry. While small, the New Coventry Military is much better run than Xanadu station and in when the War between the R.E.F. and the Trans-Galactic Empire occurred, New Coventry took over the anti-piracy and other duties of the R.E.F. that did not put them at war against the Kreeghor. This is because New Coventry was prevented from this by being a C.C.W. member world. The R.E.F. also plans to help New Coventry if attacked by the Kreeghor.

Phase World: The R.E.F. for the most part treat Phase World as a semi friendly rival. While the wormhole has cut some into Phase Worlds commerce, it is not serious. Some of the R.E.F.'s ships have phase gate devices on them. They have non aggression pacts with Phase World and some limited trade with the Prometheans.

Paradise Federation: While the R.E.F. has no boycott against the Pleasure Federation, they are leaning towards one because they are trying to get the C.C.W. as allies. Admiral Moor does consider much of what they have heard about Paradise Federation to be disgusting. The R.E.F. does keep tabs on ships going through R.E.F. controlled systems on their way to Paradise Planets. Military Members are not banned from going to the Paradise Federation but it is strongly discouraged.

Splugorth Worlds: As soon as the R.E.F. formed a decent sized military, they specifically declared that any Splugorth raids would result in raids on Splugorth held systems. There was some rumors of a planned Splugorth raid on New Tirol but after seeing the R.E.F. reprisals the Kreeghor, any plans to attack them was dropped by the Splugorth.

Trans-Galactic Empire: Admiral Moor has fought several battles against the Kreeghor and has fought a war against them recently. The Trans-Galactic Empire sued for peace but it is very uneasy peace between the two government and the R.E.F. does expect them to stay away forever.

United Worlds Warlock: The R.E.F. has dealt with the U.W.W. to help them with solutions to several problems. The biggest was how to develop a weapon to render impervious to energy inactive. The R.E.F. does have a non agreesion pact with the U.W.W. as well but because the planets in the UWW are very unpredictable, the R.E.F. still treats the U.W.W. with caution.

Xanadu Station: Xanadu station is a government formed by a group of C.A.F. fleet personnel and by people that were Rifted from Macross II universe. Technically they are full allies of the R.E.F. but due to Xanadu station hedging in the last war between the R.E.F. and the Trans-Galactic Empire the R.E.F. is beginning to think about changing that. This and problems with command discussions has caused the R.E.F. to reevaluate their dealing with Xanadu station. Admiral Moor and her staff is also concerned with reports that the leader is having contact with supernatural intelligences and may even be a witch linked to a supernatural intelligence.


Captain Scarlet Moor was commanding officer of the RFS Minerva, lead ship of the Minerva Battlecruiser class, when the ship was rifted into the Three Galaxies during a raid a Kreeghor Dreadnought was making against a passenger ship. The captain could not accept the situation so she engaged the Kreeghor ship. While in some ways lower in technology, the Minerva had serval advantages against the Kreeghor ship. The Minerva destroyed the Kreeghor ship. Soon after, the captain made contact with the Consortium of Civilized Worlds and through there assistance were able to upgrade the deficiencies with their equipment. The captain completed several important jobs for the Consortium Armed Forces when she found a Trans-Galactic Empire fleet preparing to attack a small planet in neutral territory between the C.C.W. and the T.G.E. She was again able to defeat them but when she discovered why they were attacking this system, she decided that it would useful for the R.E.F. to control.

The reason why the Kreeghor had prepared to seize the system was because the system has the only known stable wormhole between two points. Using this wormhole, any ship could travel from the Corkscrew Galaxy to the Anvil galaxy or back instantly. A secondary discovery was made by the R.E.F. as well. The planet had protoculture growing on it and the population appeared to be Tirolian. This caused Captain Moor to investigate the rest of the system. In the asteroid belt, the discovered a small abandoned outpost that also had a small manufacturing facility. In the outpost was records as well. The group of Tirolians and outpost were related by being from a small group of ships that were involved in a dimensional traveling experiment by Zor. He used the wormhole exit as a stabilizing point for his dimensional traveling experiment. Over the course of 500 years, the population had lost most of their records and settled on the planet. The planet had been named New Tirol but the population only had fragmentary records and had lost the origins of the name.

The culture on the planet was late 21 century with no space travel except to place satellites in orbit. Captain Moor send groups down to negotiate with the people on the planet. The eventual agreement was that the R.E.F. would act for the planets defense and help the population recover technologically and in return, the R.E.F. would receive both basing rights and a portion of income generated by tariffs on the wormhole. Neither group realized how much profit would be made. The profit from travel through the wormhole should make the system the second wealthiest system in the Three Galaxies within a century to a century and a half.

The R.E.F. started by purchasing eighty Hunter class destroyers to protect the system and to act as escorts for the Minerva. They also upgrade the Asteroid manufacturing facility so it could repair and manufacture ships the size of the Minerva. They also constructed a second facility to manufacture larger ships about the size of an Icazuchi Command Carrier. As their profits came in, they also acquired a defunct Hunter class destroyer manufacturing facility, shipped it to the Wormhole system, and began producing Hunter class destroyers. During this time, one of the engineers came up with a plan for a tiny corvette design that had more firepower than any other ship class of its size. Half of the Hunter facility was converted to manufacturing these ships.

A final surprise was in store. The sensors on the outpost detected the communication signals from a Robotech Factory. The problem was the Factory was in Kreeghor space. The R.E.F. prepared a secret expedition to recover the factory. While the expedition was discovered by the Kreeghor, they were able to capture the factory. Instead of putting the factory in the wormhole system, they put it in a nearby white dwarf system. The dust clouds help to hide the factory and a net of sensors have been put in place to detect any incoming ships. Captain Moor, who had now promoted herself to admiral at the extreme urging of her crews decided that all construction from the Factory Satellite would remain secret. The only ships that would be kept in the wormhole system would be those manufactured by the smaller facilities there, the RFS Minerva, and the ships that the R.E.F. had purchased. The only known R.E.F. fleet that was independent of the wormhole defenses was small fleet built around the Minerva.

The Transgalactic Empire decided that they would seize the Wormhole and the planet and gathered a large force to do so. The fleet was 20 times the size of what they knew the R.E.F. had. The fleet also had some new weapon systems to make the Fleet even more dangerous. The Kreeghor had not realized several facts that created huge problems for them. The R.E.F. was already used to fighting much larger forces then their own and would not loose moral just because of being badly outnumbered. The attacks of the Reaper class corvettes also came as a huge surprise when they kept doing short range folds and the ships could almost cloak themselves. As a result, the battle was being stagnated when two events almost destroyed the entire fleet the Kreeghor had sent against the REEF. The first is that a portion of the R.E.F. battlefleet from the white dwarf system attacked the Kreeghor fleet and the second was that the fleet came into range of the grand cannons on a planet. An estimated four ships survived the battle. The official count is three destroyers and one cruiser. The other two R.E.F. fleets were sent to attack Kreeghor system and the R.E.F. was able to quickly capture four Kreeghor system (most of the population of the planets said liberate). Not wanting a major war, the Kreeghor Emperor immediately sued for peace. Admiral Moor knew that while the R.E.F. fleet was powerful enough to deter the Kreeghor, it was not powerful enough to hold a large amount of Kreeghor space because much of the Kreeghor fleet was devoted to holding systems from rebelling and fighting among each other. As a result, she accepted the Kreeghor's treaty with the exception that system that the R.E.F. had seized would be able to chose for themselves if the wished to go back to the Transgalactic Empire. The results were of course that the planets all stayed with the R.E.F. and the R.E.F. now has several planets under their control.

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