Janus 122:



All over the Megaverse, changelings are reviled and feared due to their ability to mimic other humanoids. Few changelings use their mimic abilities for any evil reasons but this has not stopped many beings from believing that the changeling's goal is to murder or control all other races. In addition to this, many people believe that changelings are in league with evil supernatural beings such as devils and demons. In many ways, this hatred is not unlike the treatment of the followers of the Hebrew religion on the planet Earth over the centuries. In many places, a being who is even suspected of being a changeling will be put to death. There have been incidents where the entire changeling population of a country or planet has been killed when they were discovered by others.

A small City State / Country named "Calabar" on a medieval world had a population that was virtually all changelings. This was discovered by the countries neighbors and the nation was attacked. The leader of the nation, King Trinston Argette, discovered the attack and had his mages create a giant gate and was able to get the majority of his population through the gateway. The group ended up on the city of "Center" on the planet "Phase World." His people were able to adapt to the high technology and many were able to hire themselves due to being powerful psychics and spell casters.

While the prejudice was less in on Phase World and in the Three Galaxies, it was still found to be oppressive and the leader looked for a solution. The only solution seemed to be to separate themselves from the other races. It was decided that they would settle on their own planet and the changelings spent years gathering credits to finance a colonization expedition. During this time, many more changelings joined them and eventually the number of changelings involved in the expedition exceeded one hundred thousand individuals. The group included some Pleasurers which the Changelings consider to be changelings as well.

The main condition that they were looking for was a life supporting planet that was far away from any other inhabited planets. To keep other groups from being interested in whatever planet they settled on it was decided that they would choice a marginal planet that was also mineral poor. They wanted a planet that had a low number of ley lines but not completely dead in magic. A final feature was that the planet would have a low salt content.

The expedition searched for several years before discovering the planet that they decide to settle on. The planet was rather arid and orbited a yellow orange. The system itself was closest to the United Worlds Warlock as far as major powers. The leaders in the U.W.W. noted their new neighbors but took little notice. The system, which the pioneers named Janus 122, seemed perfect and no one else seemed interested and the planet was named Calitran after an ancient hero of the changelings although after the long search, many changeling took to calling the planet Oasis due to it being a safe place to settle. They settled on the planet using the components of their starship to built their first city.

The population of the planet demanded that Trinston Argette get named king. Other changelings flocked to the planet and the population grew steadily. The planet required a lot of hard work to make it truly habitable but good sized areas of the planet were irrigated and many changelings decided to start families. The population became pacifistic, although not completely, in the peace that they were being given.

Trinston Argette died in an accident about sixty years after founding the nation and was succeeded by the ruler's first born child. Kerdon Argette, the new ruler, continued advancing the planetary nation and the planet's population reached more than five hundred million over a course of a hundred years of peace after the initial settlement.

Several systems nearby were settled by other races over the years and these system had been fighting among themselves for several decades and took no notice of the changeling system. A starship from one the other local planetary systems entered into the Janus 122 system and was driven off. Several more raids entered the system and while they were driven off, it was discovered by the raiders that the system was inhabited by changelings and the local systems united against what they considered the evil changeling threat. Their planets were also mineral poor and thought that the changelings were hiding vast resources which the used to convince their populations of the rightness of their cause. The leaders of the other systems decided to attack Janus 122. Due to the high number of mages and psychics in the population, the planet was able to hold its own initially but it was a losing battle.

The leader tried asking for help from everybody they could. The Consortium of Civilized Worlds was too distant to be truly interested and the United Worlds Warlock was involved in other interests at the time. The leaders tried to get help from the Cosmic Knights but those that they talked to were apathetic to the changeling predicament and several told them that they brought it on themselves. The King considered trying to open dimensional portal to save the population but the population was too numerous and they were unable to find a place to support them. A handful of changeling did retreat into U.W.W. systems but most remained behind. In desperation, the planet purchased weaponry from Naruni Enterprises.

The planetary defenders were able to eventually defeat the attackers but by that time, they were far in debt. Naruni seized the whole planet when the king found no way to pay them. The defenders tried to fight Naruni but the mega-corporation responded with far more forces than the planet could hope to fight and the system was seized within less than twenty-four hours. Some of the population was able to escape through magical rifts created by shifters and other spell casters to escape. Others escaped by phase gates and conventional mean of escape but it was less than ten percent of the planets population that could escape this way.

Since taking over the planet, Naruni Enterprises sold many of the planets children into slavery including the ruler's oldest child. Most of the children to have been exported to the pleasure worlds to act as entertainers but some are believed to have been trained as spies. Naruni Enterprises does not hate changeling and has many in their organization. They simply are taking advantage of the system that presented itself. The planet has now been under the company’s yoke for more than twenty years and most of the population is kept in virtual slavery. In reality, the income that Naruni Enterprises has received from the planet would have payed back the debt but there seems to be no plans to give up the planet. Any record keeper can manipulate records to show almost anything they want and Naruni Enterprises makes it look like the planet still owes massive amounts to Naruni.

These are some individual resistance but no organized resistance. This is due to the fact that the Naruni have disabled most of the communication systems on the planet and any resistance is met with deadly reprisals. There has been some attempts to mimic Naruni officials and have succeeded in the short term but so far all deceptions have been discovered. Some changelings have also mimics individuals passing through the system and have used that to escape the system.


Approximately 540 million. A small amount of the population escaped through phase gate systems to center and others used magical rifts to escape. Since being enslaved by the Naruni, population growth has reduced to virtually zero and has actually decreased a little bit. The conditions of life are far worse than they were previous to the Naruni taking over the system and changelings are not one of the hardiest races in the Mega-Verse. Military reprisals for perceived revolts has claimed many lives. Many changelings have escaped the systems though a variety of magical and conventional means. Finally, there have been few Changeling children born since the Naruni have occupied the planet and those that have been born have been sold into slavery by the Naruni. If the planet was every freed from Naruni control, it is likely that there would be an explosion in children born.

The Board of Directors at Naruni Industries has debated moving their own population onto the planet and eliminating the changeling population but it has been voted down due to the fact that keeping the Changeling population is less expensive than moving their own people in. While none have been constructed yet, there is planned the construction of military training camps which will

1%Others (Mostly Naruni Enterprises Members and Transients)

Economics & Demographics:

Agriculture: The planet is very arid and most farming is done in vast irrigated farms that draw water from the few rivers or from the oceans. Before Naruni Enterprises took over, the planet produced enough food to feed the population with a small excess that could be exported which was used to purchase manufactured goods. This is where much of the planets outside income came from before the planet was taken over by Naruni Enterprises. Since them, found supplies to the planets population have been reduced greatly to increase export. Of course, this excess is sold to enrich Naruni Enterprises.

Industry: Before Naruni Enterprises acquired the planet, there was mostly light industrial only with few orbital facilities. The planet was capable of repairing the vessels that they operated and build equipment to help. Most metals came from mining asteroids and a small smelting facility in orbit. Since being taken over by Naruni, the planet has become vastly more industrialized. While much of the raw materials has to be brought in, the population is used to man massive factories that produce products that Naruni then sells. Naruni does have a sales outlet on the planet to sell to adventurers in the area and other local governments.

Education: Before being taken over by Naruni Enterprises, the education system was excellent although most education was non technical in origin. Virtually the entire population was literate and there were schools for a variety of different mage types. The planet got most of its technically educated individuals by sending them to other systems to be educated. When the Naruni took over, most higher education and all mage schools were closed down. The Naruni only educates the population in what they need to for working in the factories.

Society of Janus 122:

The planet was settled by changelings from a huge variety of different cultures. Most of them brought their cultures with them to the planet and much of the planet could be considered a melting pot of Changelings from different cultures. In some areas, the population prefers to be in their natural changeling form while in other places, they prefer to take the forms of other races. A variety of different rules as far as parenting exist as well on the planet. This difference in cultures might be an aspect of why there is little organized resistance. The society of the planet has become muddled since Naruni Enterprises has taken over the planet and has been slowly breaking down.

Views on other races: In general, there is a strong prejudice against races that cannot change forms and those races are not allowed on the planet. The changelings would not go after other planets but would drive off any ships that were carrying races that were not shape changing or were supply vessels. Since Naruni Enterprises has taken over the planet, the Naruni has controlled any immigration and visitors.

Views on Magic & Psionics: Mages and Psychics are an integral part of society in most places and official laws prohibit discrimination. In the belief that psychics and mages would be the most probably source of resistance, The Naruni have attempted to eliminate or sell any mages or psychics on the planet. Some, like the planets King, have not been eliminated for political reasons and many other remain in hiding. It is believed than many mages, especially shifters, used magical rifts to escape to other parts of the Mega-Verse just before and during the Naruni occupation.

Government of Janus 122

The Government was initially formed as a Monarchy with the leader of the expedition becoming the King of the planet. Various areas were ruled by lower lords such as Dukes, Counts, and Barons. These positions could be awarded by the King for services to the crown or by carving a new section from uninhabited lands and requesting a title with the land. While theoretically the King was an absolute ruler, the agreement of the lower lords was required for peaceful governing. The acceptance of policies by important merchants and the principles of the mage schools was helpful as well. Before the planet was taken over by the Naruni, there was discussion of the formation of a house of commons so that the population would have a larger voice.

The Naruni has kept the king as a figurehead but rule in reality. This is to help keep the population satisfied and less likely to resist. They do what they want without respect to lord or territory. Where protests would have been resolved peacefully before, Naruni Enterprises simply sends troops in to smash any that dare to riot.

Important Figures of Janus 122:

Kerdon Argette - Changeling, King of Janus 122, mostly a figurehead since Naruni Enterprises took over the system. He is a 10th level Mind Melter. He is 120 years old and is an accomplished scholar. He does not like the situation he is in but he has been working to keep as many of his people safe as possible and is hoping to find a way of getting them free of the Naruni yoke.

Seedren - Uteni shifter, the overseer / director of Janus 122 that was chosen by Naruni Enterprises. He was specially picked by the Naruni Council to be director. He is greedy and wishes to become a member of the Naruni Board of Directors himself. To this end he will squeeze the planet to the breaking point and will not hesitate to use military action to quell a rebellion.

Relations with other Governments:

Before being taken over by Naruni Enterprises, the changelings had very little contact with other governments except some limited trading. There are several nations, whatever they opinions on changelings, that might be willing to attack the system to seize it from the Naruni. These include the Splugorth and Bushido Industries who are both concerned about that Naruni. Since the system is not well known, they never had formal relationships with many of the other powers.

Consortium of Civilized Worlds: Due to requests for assistance, the Consortium does realize that the system exists but it is far from their borders.

Dartrok: The system is a large distance from Dartrok controlled systems and likely of little interest as well. As well, the Dartrok avoid attacking well defended systems and would likely not be willing to fight Naruni Enterprises over the system.

Free Worlds Council: Few in the Free Wolds Council have heard of the planet. It is likely that if they knew of the planet, they would be unlikely to give aid due to them making large purchases of Naruni equipment.

Human Alliance: The system is far from Human Alliance space and the Human Alliance would make no moves without the formal support of the full Consortium which is unlikely.

Naruni Enterprises: Naruni Enterprises presently controls the planet

New Coventry: New Coventry is not aware of the system

Paradise Federation: Previous to being taken over by Naruni Industries, the planet had no ties with the Paradise Federation. Now the system has been take over by the Naruni, the Federation gets some of the products from the system and the Federation has been used to sell a large amount of their trade in slaves.

Phase World: Before the Naruni took over the system, the Changelings used to use phase gate systems to trade at center. This same method was used for some of the changelings who escaped the planet. A large number of changelings from Janus 122 have semi-permanently settled of Phase World and are considering setting up a government in exile. Naruni Enterprises also trades at Phase World and it is believed that they keep a close watch of the refuges.

REF Wormhole Station: This is one of the true wild cards with the situation. At present, the leaders of the REF do not know about the situation but might very well see it like the Invid capturing the Earth. The REF is very self sufficient and the Naruni would not want to lose the ability to use the wormhole. The REF could send a force to liberate the planet from the Naruni if they found out about the situation. The only concern would be if they could free up enough vessels from their present concerns.

Splugorth: Before the Naruni took over the planet, the population of the planet would have nothing to do with the Splugorth and would tried to keep the location of their planet secret from them. Now, they are one of the few groups who might intervene against the Naruni due to the groups dislike of each other. The Splugorth would likely want to take over the system themselves but might be better in their treatment due to them seing changelings as useful spies.

Trans-Galactic Empire: The Trans-Galactic Empire knows little about the system and mainly only knows that there is a Naruni trading center on the planet. The system is away from Kreeghor space and there is presently more important concerns for the Trans-Galactic Empire. They have purchased some of the changeling children sold as slaves and trained them to be intelligence personnel.

United Worlds Warlock: before the Naruni took over the planet, there was some limited trade between Janus 122 and the U.W.W. There had been some discussion of Janus 122 joining the U.W.W. as well. All trade with the U.W.W has stopped since Naruni Enterprises took over the system. The U.W.W. has been carefully watching the system thinking that it might be being used by Naruni for spying and other elicit activities.

Xanadu Station: Xanadu station is a government formed by a group of CAF fleet personnel and by people that were Rifted from Macross II universe. Xanadu station appears to have never had a coherent foreign policy and it is difficult to know how they would react.

Military Forces of Janus 122:

Prior to the war which resulted in the Naruni taking over the system, the planet had no true military and military functions were a part of law enforcement. In most ways, this was run like a military organization but still fell into the jurisdiction of law enforcement. The total military forces were less than 200,000 personnel strong total. System had two destroyers, two system defense boats, and eight squadrons of starfighters as space units. These vessels mostly performed anti-smuggling patrols. When the war broke out, the system quickly built up their forces with fighters and other military units purchased from Naruni.

Naruni brought in a large military force when they took over the system. This force is set up to protect the system and keep control on the population. To this goal, the Naruni military forces have about one million personnel total and are about 20% of the Naruni Enterprise employees on the planet. Naruni forces are designed around being able to withstand an assault from a limited capital ship and carrier group at a maximum. The forces are also have a large amount of forces dedicated to suppression of any dissidents. As expected, troops are outfitted with Naruni equipment.

Planetary Defenses Platforms:

2System Defense Platforms (Equal in Firepower to a battleship each)
4System Defense Ships (Equal in firepower to a Destroyer)
36Drop Shuttles
24 NFB-3000 StarSplitter Heavy Bomber
120NE FB-49 Fire-Eater Star Fighter / Bomber
120NE-SF10 Broadsword Delta-Wing Starfighters
360 NE-SF20 Kinjal Light Starfighter
Atmospheric Fighters:
120CM-DW1000 Crescent Moon Delta-Wing Fighter
240B-AA14 Boomerang Attack Aerodyne
800N-120B Carnivore Light Hover Tanks
400J-2 Juggernaut Hover Tanks
Combat Drones / Pods:
2,000NE-010 Destructo-Drones
10,000NE-020 Combat Drones
1,000NE-030 Spy Drones
400NE-300 OMAV Combat Pod
Robot Vehicles:
500DK-AR500 Death Knight Assault Robots
500N-SR20 Nomad Scout Robot
200O-AR600 Ovoid Combat Robots
Power Armors:
3000 NI MK-PA12D Mecha Knight MK II
2000PA E-1000 Enforcer Power Armors
2000Naruni Repo-Bots
6000Various other Cyborg Types

Janus 122 System:

The system is comparatively barren using the Sol system as an example. The star is a yellow orange star dwarf and the system consists of a small gas giant and one rock planet. There are a number of asteroids wandering around the system but no real asteroid belt although their is an Oortz cloud in the outer system. The system is eight billion years old and fairly old when compared with many of the systems in the Three Galaxies. Due to the star being a yellow-orange dwarf, it has a much longer life span than Sol. Because of the age of the system, the system mineral poor compared to newer systems, which had larger amounts of heavy atoms.

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