Castle Caoth:


General Information:

Castle Caoth is a huge castle that is located in what was West Virginia and it is within 50 miles (80.5 km) from the border of what was Kentucky. The castle itself is centered of a Ley Line Nexus which it controls.

The castle is independent nation but it has strong ties to the R.E.E.F. in Florida. This is reflected in the military patch which is an RDF symbol with a picture of the Castle Caoth in front of it. The actual military base is about 10 miles (16 km) to the west of the castle. About 10 percent of the forces are housed within the castle itself.

Castle Description:

The castle is constructed with incredible geometric precision and accuracy in terms of stone construction. The outer walls of the Castle are built like an eight-pointed star aligned with the eight ley lines going into the Ley Line Nexus and are as well lined up with true north, true south, true east, true west, and forty-five degrees between each one. Each corner has a four story round tower with the northern and southern towers also housing the main gates . Like the external walls, the inside is geometrically lined up with the outside although the inside gates are on the inside towers. There is a tall central tower with eight sides lined up with the outside walls in the center. On the top of the ten story tower there is a smaller round observation tower with a clear dome on top. Around the main tower is an eight sided central building where most of the castles living quarters are. The main tower of the castle is 120 feet (36.6 meters) including the smaller observation tower and the castle is 800 feet (243.8 meters) in width. The castle is on a hill that is 400 feet (121.9 meters) tall.

Castle M.D.C. By Location:

Main Gates (2, North and South Towers)600 each
Outer Towers (8)4,000 each
Outer Walls (8)4,000 each
Inner Gates (2, East and West Towers)800 each
Inner Towers (8)6,000 each
Inner Walls (8)6,000 each
Central Building:50,000 each
Main Tower:15,000
Observation Tower:4,000

Castle Abilities:

The main abilities of the castle are like those on an Atlantean Pyramid but instead of being controlled by a Stone Master, the abilities of the castle are controlled by the wielder of the staff. Most are actually so keyed to her that most of the abilities cannot even be used by a stone master.

Non-Stone Master Abilities:

Stone Master / Pyramid Like Abilities:

Military Forces:

Military ranks are based on those of the old United States Army with the except that Warrant Officer ranks are not used for simplicity. The highest rank used is that of Brigadier (As in Brigadier General). The uniform is an olive green jumpsuit with shoulder bars for officers. In the field, officers do not wear special marks to prevent them from becoming targets.

Ground / Air Forces:
Fortified Defenses;

100 REEF-ATV-2 Missile Launchers: Each is controlled by one of four main frame computers (Three Backups) that allows for targeting of each missile independently at up to 800 targets.
Veritech Fighter Forces;
12 VF-1AS (A) Super Veritechs [Low Ranking Soldier Model]
6 VF-1AS (J) Super Veritechs [Low Ranking Officer Model]
6 VF-1AS (S) Super Veritechs [High Ranking Officer Model]
24 VF-1AS (I) Super Veritechs [Two Seat Intercept Model]
2 VF-1AS (T) Super Veritechs [Two Seat Trainer]
24 VAF-8+ Contra Grav Alpha Fighters
2 VAF-8ECM+ CG Hurricane Alpha Fighters
6 VAF-8SF+ CG Shadow Alpha Fighters
26 VBF-2C+ Contra Grav Combat Beta Fighters
6 VBF-2SF+ Contra Grav Shadow Beta Fighters
Fighter/Attack Forces:
24 M.I. FB-144 Thunderhawk Fighter-Bombers
30 REEF A-20 Adventurer III with fusion reactors
Air/Ground Forces;
100 CC-ST-1 Sparrow Light Power Armor
2PA-06 Coalition SAMAS Power Armors
25PA-09-SW Sidewinder SAMAS Power Armors
10PA-09-WW Wild Weasel SAMAS Power Armors
25X-10 Triax Predator Power Armors
Air Transport and Bomber Forces:
2Horizant Shuttle
2Coalition Deaths Head Transport
10 REEF-VC-33B Glamour Transports
Light Mechanized Ground Forces:
120 VR-052-II Battler Cyclones
60 VR-038-LT-II Light Combat Cyclones
30 VR-041-II Saber Cyclones
Heavy Mechanized Ground Forces:
120 Veritech Hover Tank Mark II
20 SDR-25-MK I Missileer Robot Vehicles
20 REEF-R01 Scorpion Robot Vehicles
1Coalition Abolisher
1Coalition Spider Skull Walker
1Coalition APC
Non-Mechanized Ground Forces; Personnel: 600
600Ground Soldiers

Civil Defense Units:

Basically the equivalent of a national guard and is only mobilized in emergency situations.

1,000T-C20 Terrain Hopper Power Armor with JA-12 Laser Pulse Rifles
5,000Militiaman (Mostly armed with L-20 with bushman body armor)

Standard Issue for Personnel (Does not include Civil Defense Units):

O.C.C.s (Does not include Mages and Master Psionics):

3%Original RDF, Southern Cross, or REF Personnel:These personnel are from the RDF, Southern Cross, or REF and are O.C.C.s from those books.
22%Recruited and Trained Personnel: These personnel have been trained by the Castle Caoth Military and have all the skills of Special Forces from the Rifts Mercenaries book
75%Personnel from Other Militaries / Mercenary Companies: These people are Headhunters, Wilderness Scouts, and various mercenary O.C.C.s from Rifts Mercenaries and other game books. It even includes some Coalition soldier that have switched allegiances

Magic & Psychic in the Castle Caoth Military (Does not include Major and Minor Psychics):

The Castle Caoth forces have a much larger percentage of mages. This is mostly due to the fact that the castle was initially settled by a mage and it is a safe haven for other mages.

300Ley Line Walkers
40Superspies (Magic)
48Mind Melters
16Wild Dogboys
8Non Coalition Psi Stalkers

Important Figures:

Treaties & Policies:

Local Manufacturing:

Areas around Castle:


Long Ago and in another realm, there was an incredibly powerful wizard and alchemist that went by the name of Gladror Caoth. He studied many paths of magic, including how to make rune weapons from Asgardian Dwarves and Stone Magic from True Atlanteans. He traveled all over the Mega-verse and saw many wondrous things. He found magical ways of extending his life and was over a millennium old before he decided it was time to settle down.

Eventually, he decided to settle and build a massive magical castle which he links to a powerful rune staff that he was creating at the same time. The castle was constructed in an area he reclaimed from wilderness and he was not under the jurisdiction of any king. The castle incorporated his knowledge in stone magic along with many other types of magic. People settled around the castle because he kept the local area peaceful. The settlers treated him as their ruler which bothered him because he was most interested in his magical studies. He had a good heart so he took up protecting them and the people lived in peace for many years. He took little more than a tiny share of their crops to keep himself supported in return for protecting them.

In his adventurer, he had made enemies of many other mages and several of them wished to get revenge on him. In addition, several rulers saw the lands around the castle and wished to rule what was becoming extremely productive farm land. One of Caoth's most powerful enemy mages decided to get all of them together and attack the castle in mass. He went by the name of the Mastrom the Black Wizard and was considered to be one of the most ruthless mages ever known. He was implacable and over the next ten years gathered his forces together. Ten mages and a large army went to attack the castle. The battle dragged on for years with the land around being laid to waste but in the end the Mage Lord Caoth was defeated. Only the Black Wizard was left standing but he was thwarted in the end. Gladror Caoth broke his staff into seven pieces releasing a massive magical storm. The storm threw the pieces of the staff into the Mega-verse and the castle disappeared as well. A great mage was killed but his enemies went with him.

Maybe at the same time, maybe thousands of years later, events happened on a planet known as Earth to start the process of bringing the castle back to reality. It is hard to delineate time in different realms of existence. Magic energy returns to Earth with a vengeance and rifts spewed items from all over the multiple realms know as the Mega-verse. The seven pieces of the staff were brought to Rifts Earth in this way but they were scattered in the process. It would not be for another few hundred years this would finished though.

A young part Elven Ley Line walker discovered one of the pieces of the staff and was curious of what it was. It had an incredible magical aura but seemed to have no purpose. She went by the name of Marlene le Fay to emphasize that fact that she was partial of the blood of elves. Over the course of several months, she was able to discover that this was only part of a very powerful magical rune staff and she decided that she would look for the other pieces of the staff. She gathered several companions together on the quest including a man who later became her husband. They had many adventures to find all the pieces of the staff. It took over a year for her and her companions as they traveled all over the continent of North America but eventually she was able to get the parts of the entire staff.

Something drew the young mage to a hill in the Eastern part of North America where there was a powerful nexus points. When she got there, she found herself putting the parts of the staff together. A massive amount of ley line energy pulsed over the nexus point much of it focusing straight into her. She collapsed unconscious but none of her companions could get close to her due to the magical energies surrounding her. They were slowly forced further and further back by the energies until they had to leave the top of the hill altogether. They stayed because they were concerned and did not want to abandon her. Marlene's companions started to notice something very unusual, the magical was forming a mist like silhouette of a castle. Over the next 48 hours, the mist thickened slowly and became strong grey stone walls. The castle was reborn.

Marlene found herself inside of a large marble chamber with herself wrapped around the staff. She could feel a link between herself, the castle, and the rune staff. She could control the magical abilities of the castle and felt the castle as her home. At the same time, even though they were distracted by the appearance of the castle, her companions went to look and find her. They found her sitting up just string into space and it took several attempts before they could get her attention.

Marlene and her companions settled into the castle but continued adventuring periodically. In almost a repeat of the past, settlers started building a town around the base of the castle because it was one of the few safe places around and is away from the wars that were brewing in the mid western part of the North American continent. Over the course of a couple of years, the village grew into a small city. Marlene's husband was an ex-soldier and realized that their neighbors would need protection so started creating a military. He had met several people who had been members of the RDF, Southern Cross, and REF before they had been rifted and they formed an important part of the core of the military. He discovered that a group of these people had already formed in Florida and made allies with them. Since then, they have worked together.

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