Kinetic Mini-Missiles:

Aurora Earheart was pissed. It was not enough that the Coalition were attacking innocent towns using their new air force but bandits had to do the same. She did not understand why any one would want to attack an undefended village but she had just seen it. Whoever that someone was had converted an old F-22 fighter using fusion turbines. She had previously expended all her disposable ordnance except eight of her mini-missiles on Coalition fighters and had been heading back to Metalworks to land. They were a new kind of mini-missiles which metalworks was just beginning to produce that were much faster than normal mini-missiles but did not carry an explosive warhead. She slid behind the enemy fighter and opened up with her pulse laser cannons. Nothing happened, apparently, this murder had payed to get a techno-wizard to put impervious to energy on his fighter. The other pilot brought his fighter to full power and was beginning to pull away. She switched on the mini-missiles and squeezed the trigger to fire.

Gregory Bloodclaw had just payed a group of Operators and Techno-Wizard to rebuild the fighter he had found. He had the conventional engines replaced by nuclear turbines, auto cannon replaced with a rail gun, and had the ability to become impervious to energy put on his fighter. He just had to test his new fighter and that lone village seemed like the perfect target. No he would show this fighter that was on his tail how to fight. He brought his fighter to full thrust. He figured that he could peel away and come back around to shoot the other fighter out of the sky. He picked up the laser fire control that normal was used for mini-missiles. No problem, he could outrun them. Suddenly, eight mini-missiles hit his right wing and shredded the wing. He was in a spin and could not reach his ejection handle. His last thought before blacking out was "How."

Unlike most mini-missiles, these missiles do not carry any kind of explosive warhead. Instead the missiles have a super high density alloy head which inflicts damage through kinetic force due to their higher than normal speed. The mini-missiles have more powerful thrusters than normal mini-missiles and travel around Mach Six. While they do not inflict as much damage as Armor Piercing and Plasma Mini-Missiles, they can still be very effective and can be ripple fired like most mini-missiles. One advantage over rail guns is that the missiles are beam riders and have a better chance of hitting.

These special mini-missiles are believed to have been first developed by the United States Military before the coming of the Rifts. These mini-missiles had two significant advantages over other mini missile designs at the time of development. The first was that the missiles were far faster than any other mini-missiles and could be used when chasing enemy fighters above Mach Two. The second was that because they carry no warhead, there is no danger of an explosive blast hurting a target. This does not mean these missiles are safe and Kinetic missiles that hit the wrong target can still be devastating.

These warheads are used by many of the larger high tech governments and militaries of Rifts Earth. These include the New German Republic, the New Navy, and the Coalition States. Before the Coalition began building a significant air force, these missiles are rarely used but since they started having to deal with many high speed fighters, they have began experimenting with the use of these missiles. One advantage only seen after the coming of the Rifts is the fact that these missiles are very effective against high speed targets which are impervious to energy. Due to the special features of these missiles and due to being presently rare, they cost more than any other type of mini-missile.

Mega-Damage: 5D6
M.D.C.: 2
Missile Speed: Mach 6 (4,448.7 mph / 7,159.5 kph)
Maximum Effective Range: 1 mile (1.6 km)
Black Market Cost: 2500 Credits

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