Subdermal Cyber Armor

In order to survive attacks while not in body armor without appearing to be in thick cyberarmor like shown for a Cyber Knight, subdermal armor have been designed. They are far mor costly and involve extensive surgery to be implanted (In Phase World they use micro-robots to implant the armor and have far less trauma)

Armor Type
Rifts Earth
Phase World
Bare Skin
Under Cloths
Market Cost
Extra Light1015205 lbsIncredible (20)Impossible 100,000 Credits
Light1520257.5 lbsDifficult (17)Incredible (20)120,00 Credits
Medium20253010 lbsChallenging (14)Difficult (17)140,000 Credits
Heavy25303512.5 lbsModerate (8)Challenging (14)160,000 Credits
Super Heavy30354015 lbsEasy (4)Moderate (8)180,000 Credits

*Phase World includes Atlantis as well
** Body Armors add weight to the person wearing it
***Perception is the ability for someone to notice the body armor under the skin. Roll as a standard perception as listed in the Nightbane main book.

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