Galatea Full Conversion Cyborg / Transferred Intelligence (Phase World):

This body style is named after the statue that transformed into a woman in the hand of an expert sculptor in the story Pigmalion. Unlike most robot or cyborg body styles, The Galatea body style appears like a normal person. The body can be constructed either in a male or female form. Because of its fully human appearance, it is one of the most advanced cyborg body styles manufactured in the Three Galaxies. Because of its many advanced features, the body is very expensive and hard to construct. Currently, only one company constructs these bodies. Although most individuals in the Three Galaxies avoid cyborg conversions, this body style is the exception and it is very popular among both the wealthy and soldiers. This is because the body does not age which interests the wealthy and in combat has a much higher survival rate than a normal human which interests the soldiers that can afford it.

The main purpose of this body style is to look and feel human while still augmenting a normal human. The body style is constructed to the desires of the person purchasing the cyborg and can be as small as five foot six inches tall to a height of six foot six inches tall. The body can be slim, medium, or heavily muscled. The structure of the body is laid out in a similar pattern to a human skeleton and is constructed out of advanced lightweight composites. These are much lighter than traditional frames for cyborg body styles while still retaining the same strength. The myomars (artificial muscles) are laid out so that they are in the same pattern of muscle of a normal person. This does have the disadvantage that some of the higher strengths are not able to be constructed in the lighter body styles. The outer of the cyborg is also constructed out of an advanced composite armor material that while very strong, is flexible as well as light at the same time. The end result of all these efforts for lightweight construction is that the cyborg body style only weighs an average of ten pounds greater than a human of the same size would. One of the benefits of this is that the cyborg has no prowl penalties. To make the cyborg realistic, virtually every conceivable advance that could be applied was used on the cyborg. The nerve system is incredible and the person has about 94% of a persons normal sense of touch (although there is a cutout to reduce high level pain so it does not impair the person) in all body locations. The body also has excellent olfactory sensors. Micro myomars have been used for eyes, facial expressions, and all other small body activities. The face has tear ducts and the body has artificial pheromones so they can be even closer to human. The cyborg body style is even designed to eat normal foods. This cyborg is designed to be able to do anything a human can without betraying the fact that the body is a cyborg body.

There are two styles of this cyborg body for control systems. The first is a traditional cyborg. The brain is placed in a special protective system and is fed oxygen by special cyborg lungs and is fitted with a food processing system. The second is more expensive but is preferred by some people. It actually transfers the persons essence into a special super advanced computer. The person then does not need to eat or breath. This option is very restricted. The most common situations is that person is dead or just about to die and has a brain recording and wishes to have the recording transferred into the body. Some militaries do these style transfers in secret to produce super soldiers.

Depending on the purpose of the body, there are a large number of options. Each body is constructed individually to the specifications of the user. Sex, height, hair type, skin type, and figure all depends on the choices of the purchaser but it does not stop there. In the same respect, physical strength, physical prowess, physical beauty, and speed can be chosen by the purchaser. There are two broad categories of options, combat oriented and non-combat oriented. Many of the non combat oriented are useful in combat as well but it is not the primary purpose of the option. While there are many non combat options, the most common are adding superior hearing equal to amplified hearing (standard is equal to normal human), multi-optic eyes (standard eyes are equal to human norm), extra cyberjacks, cyber-disguise (very useful at parties), and sensor hands. Weapon systems are hard to mount on the body style because there is little room in the body style. The most common weapon system are laser beam eyes. The damage absorbing ability of the body can be increased and a Naruni force field can be mounted in the body as well. There is a special reflex boosting package and the lungs can have filtration and oxygen storage cells. Many other combat and non-combat options are available as well. Unlike most cyborg bodies, this one is not designed to use cyborg body armors and uses instead normal human body armor styles

Model Types: GCB-1A (cyborg style) and GCB-1B (transferred intelligence style)
Class: Full conversion cyborg or transferred intelligence body
Crew: One human volunteer

M.D.C. by Location:

[1] Hands (2):30 each
Arms (2):80 each
Feet (2):40 each
Legs (2):150 each
[2] Head:120
[3] Main Body:330

[1] Hand and Feet are difficult target. They require a called shot and are to hit are -5 to strike
[2] Destroying the head of the cyborg / transferred intelligence will kill the character! However, the head is a small and difficult target to hit. The attacker must make a called shot and even then is -3 to strike.
[3] Depleting the main body will effectively destroy the artificial body, but for cyborg versions, emergency systems will keep the brain and vital organs alive for 36 hours. Recovery of the severely body will allow doctors to place the organic components in a life support system until the organic components are put into a new cyborg body. If the body take over 100 M.D.C. below zero, the life support systems will fail and kill the organic components. In the case of transferred intelligence style, as long as the head remains intact, the brain may be restored to another body. Note: Up to an additional 200 M.D.C. can be purchased and added to the body style. Naruni force fields may also be purchased and mounted in the body style.

Running: 50 mph (80.5 kph) without further augmentation. Can purchase up to a speed of 150 mph (241 kph) for the body style.
Leaping: Powerful bionic / robotic legs can leap 20 feet (6 m) up or across, with a running start add 30 ft (9 m)
Flying: Body Style can be fitted with a Jet Pack or Contragrav Pack that allows flight just like a normal person with the same equipment.

Statistical Data:
Height: 5 foot 6 inches to 6 foot 6 inches (1.68 meters to 1.98 meters)
Weight: About 10 pounds (4.5 kg) initially greater than a human of the same size. Normal ranges of weight are from 130 pounds (59 kg) for slim person that is 5 foot 6 inches tall (1.68 meters) to 250 lbs (113.4 kg) for a strong looking frame with a height of 6 foot 6 inches (1.98 meters). Every 100 extra M.D.C. to the main body (Up to 200 M.D.C. can be added) adds 20 lbs (9 kg) to the weight to the body style. Every extra point of strength also adds 2 lbs (.9 kg) to the weight of the body style. Force fields generators also add the weight of the system to the body style.
Physical Attributes: P.S. 20 (Robotic), P.P. 20, P.B. from 3 to 20, and SPD 75. P.S. cannot be raised in a light body style, P.S. can be raised to 25 in medium body styles, and P.S. can be raised to 30 on heavy body styles (Cost is 10,000 per point of strength). P.P. can be raised to 26 (Cost is 10,000 per point of prowess). P.B. is chosen by individual. SPD can be raised to 220 (150 mph / 241 kph) (Cost is 5,000 per point of speed).
Power System: Advanced Nuclear Fusion, average life is 20 years
Cargo: None (the design of the cyborg prevents the body style from having storage compartments except possibly on in the chest of the cyborg)
Market Cost: 8.8 million credits for the basic model and 10 million for transferred intelligence style.

Standard Features:

  1. Basic Audio: Gives hearing range of a normal person
  2. Basic Optic System: Gives visual range of a normal person
  3. Single Voice Synthesizer: Give the cyborg / transferred intelligence a pleasant voice
  4. Internal Computer: Equal to the processing power of an Holographic Personal Computer (HPC) from page 143 of Rifts Dimension Book Two: Phase World. The computer is in addition to support computer and intelligence storage computer.
  5. Bio Comp self monitoring systems (Cyborg Only)
  6. Bionic Lungs (Cyborg Only)

Upgraded Features (Non-Weapon Types): Most of these features can be found in either the bionic/cybernetic section of Rifts RPG or in the Rifts: Sourcebook One but have been upgraded to represent the higher tech level.

  1. Advanced Audio System: Head jack with radio receiver and transmitter, amplified hearing, ultra ear, and sound filtration. Also has optic nerve implant for cyborg style and equivalent for robot. Gives +1 to parry, +2 to dodge, and +6 to initiative. Cost: 50,000 credits
  2. Extra Cyberjacks: Allows connecting to more equipment. Cost: 2,000 credits each
  3. Multi Optic Eyes: 8 x magnification telescopic, 16 x magnification macro lens, passive night vision, thermal imaging, light filters, targeting system (Gives +1 with all ranged weapons / +3 with specially designed weapons) Eyes look like normal human eyes. Cost: 120,000 credits
  4. Language Translator: Advanced Language translator system. Has 50 languages in storage and can be programed for an additional 25 languages. Cost: 10,000 credits
  5. Modulating Voice Synthesizer: Can change/disguise their voice. Has 50 difference voices stored in memory. Can also transmit sound inaudible tones. Cost: 25,000
  6. Sensor hand on each hand: Gives heat detection, motion detector, radiation detector, radar detector, gyrocompass, and clock calender. Cost: 80,000 credits
  7. Internal Computer: More powerful that standard computer (Holographic Personal Computer) and has three times the storage and memory of the standard computer. The computer is in addition to support computer and intelligence storage computer. Cost: 10,000 credits
  8. Cyber Disguise: Very similar to the black market AA-1 style cyber disguise and allows for the manipulation of the skin, facial structure, both hair and skin color, hair length, eye color, and most other facial features. The system has 20 distinct faces in storage and gives a +30% to the disguise skill for other faces. Cost: 500,000 credits.
  9. Enhanced Reflexes: The reflex system of the body style can be boosted. Gives +2 attacks and +4 on initiative. Cost: 100,000 Credits
  10. Micro-Repair System: This system has about two hundred tiny robots to do repairs. It can repair system damage or armor damage. It repairs system damage by repairing and replacing component and wire runs. It repairs armors damage by first stabilizing the damage (repairs about half of damage) and finally by scavenging from objects around it. When stabilizing damage, M.D.C. is repaired at the rate of 20 M.D.C. per hour, but when micro-robots are scavenging, repair rate is limited to 5 M.D.C. per hour or less based on the availability of supplies. Cost: 2,000,000 credits
  11. Bionic Lung with Gas filter and oxygen storage cell (Cyborg Only): The filter has a 96% change of filtering out toxic gasses. Lung also stores enough oxygen for 8 hours but requires four hours to recharge. Cost: 200,000 credits

Weapon Systems:

  1. Laser Beam Eyes (2): Works by looking at the target and a mental command causes the guns to shoot. The laser beam eyes can shoot at any target that can be looked at.
    Maximum Effective Range: 1,200 feet (366 meters)
    Mega Damage: 3D6 for single eye blast or 6D6 per double blast (Both eyes firing at the same time). A double blast counts as one attack.
    Rate of Fire: Equal to combined hand to hand (usually 5 or 6)
    Payload: Effectively Unlimited.
    Bonuses: +3 to strike
    Cost: 200,000 credits each
  2. Optional Hand Held Weapons: The Cyborg / Transferred Intelligence can use all normal human sized weapons and many slightly larger than human sized weapons. These can include rail guns, energy rifles, energy pistols, grenades, and other weapons.
  3. Hand-to-Hand Combat: Rather than use a weapon, the person can engage in mega-damage hand to hand combat. Most of the attacks are S.D.C. except special attacks. Unlike the laser eyes, this is an automatic feature (after all it has 2 arms and 2 legs) and does not need to be purchased.
    Attacks per melee: Equal to characters hand to hand attacks (Boosted reflexes gives +2 attacks).
    Damage: Based on robotic strength. Listed are for a robotic strength of 20
      Restrained Punch: 2D6 + 5 S.D.C.
      Full Strength Punch: 1D6 M.D.C.
      Power Punch: 2D6 M.D.C. (Costs 2 melee attacks)
      Head Butt: 1D4 M.D.C.
      Kick: 1D6 M.D.C.
      Jump Kick/Leap Kick: 2D6 M.D.C. (Costs 2 melee attacks)
      Judo Style Flip/Throw: 2D4 M.D.C.
      Full Strength Ram/Body Block: 2D4 M.D.C. (Costs 2 melee attacks)

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