Pseudo Dragon

They are small winged reptile like creatures from an unknown world that look like miniature dragons. They have a slightly more solid build than full sized dragons and they can be Blue, Grey, Green, or White in color. Even though they have a life span of 400 years, they mature in about two years. As many types of dragons can take a humanoid stance so can pseudo dragons and their forward feet can be used as hands with 60% of the ability of human hand. The creatures is Sentient and have a spoken language that can be understood with enough listening but cannot be spoken by a person. This language is instinctively know by all members of the species. They also can understand after some listening, most other creatures tongues although they do not have the vocals to speak those languages either. They are quite adept at learning human body language and can easily be understood using the Tongues spell. They form mated pairs on their home planet and that pair will normally work with one or two other mated pairs. This complex bonding often means that when not with their species, they will form emotional bonds with humans and other races and remain very loyal to them. This is also why they are most commonly Scrupulous, Unprincipled, or Anarchist because they tend to look out for others in their group.

They are high energy omnivores and as such they eat large amounts of food and if not watched carefully they will eat huge amounts of their friends food supplies. In their native environment, there are hunting creatures that use Psionics to freeze their prey so their developed strong defenses against those attacks.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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