Marilith Greater Demon:

Anru was just about to go to sleep when the comm signal sounded. Slightly irritated he got up to answer. The Elf`s pleasure did not increase when the communicator showed him the face of one of his most inept students, a human fellow named TimJo. Without wasting time on pleasantries like asking how his esteemed master was doing, or if he was perhaps calling at an inopportune time, TimJo just started shouting: "Master, I`ve done it, I`ve finally done it! I did what you said, studied the books, And I did it, you`ll be so proud of me!"

"Yes, yes," Answered Anru "but what is it exactly that you have done my fine student?". That last bit about TimJo being a fine student was a big lie, but when the students daddy pays thrice the normal fee of 100,000 credits per semester to have his magic blind, deaf, and dumb son tutored by the best expert on summoning that the Institute Of Magical Arts has, even the esteemed Anru (being the aforementioned expert) was inclined to be a bit more courteous than normal.

"Master, I summoned a Naga!" Answered TimJo with a big smile on his face.

This surprised Anru to a great amount, because TimJo had so far been unable to summon anything more than a swarm of undead wasps. That had been a most memorable occasion of itself, as TimJo had accidentally erased part of the summoning circle, which had allowed the swarm to spread out of control through the summoning chamber. It had been a few painful moments before Anru had been able to banish the foul insects. For TimJo to actually be able to summon one of the snakewoman of legend was a leap in ability that Anru had believed TimJo to be incapable of.

"Well, that is indeed something to be proud of TimJo." Answered Anru. "And in which summoning chamber are you, so that I may go there to admire your handiwork?"

"Chamber five master, on level three." Answered TimJo.

Anru got dressed quickly and hurried to the summoning chamber. Fortunately he lived on the terrain of the Institute, instead of elsewhere in the city of Center. While he was hurrying to TimJo he wondered a bit about his students sudden leap in ability. It almost seemed to good to be true. Upon arriving at the chamber, he found TimJo waiting outside. As Anru prepared to open the door, he asked TimJo:

"Well TimJo, before I go in to view the circle and the Naga, could you tell me which of the books I advised you to read you consulted, that you got such wonderful results?"

TimJo answered with a somewhat strained smile: "Actually it wasn`t one of those books oh Master."

"Really," Said Anru frowning worriedly while he opened the door. "So which book might it be then?"

"I had a hard time reading the title Master, but it was written by someone called Abdul Elhazared or something like that."

Anru didn`t answer. He had opened the door, and was staring in horror at the sight before him. It was a snakewoman that TimJo had summoned allright. But it wasn`t a Naga. Nagas didn`t have six arms and weren`t loaded with rune weapons, like the creature facing him. A Marilith. An angry Marilith, he corrected himself. In a circle meant for summoning serpents. She looked at him and smiled a smile which held more razorsharp teeth than he had ever seen. Oh Sh*t. He forced a weak smile on his face and closed the door, cutting off his view of the greater demon.

Anru found himself surprisingly calm when he turned towards TimJo, and spoke to him: "TimJo, would you be so kind as to run towards the nearest comm panel, and summon the entire staff? We might have a bit of a problem on our hands."

"Master?" Asked TimJo, totally, nay, blissfully unaware of the nature of the creature he had summoned.

"Just do it TimJo!" Said Anru. When this was over he was going to have the little shit expelled from the Institute, after he had found out who had left a copy of the Necronomicon lying around for TimJo to find and read.

That was assuming that they survived the night ahead of them.

Behind the door, the Marilith spoke a word that a mortal could never utter, and the feeble circle holding her shattered. She was one of Hades generals, and had been summoned whilst being away from the normal battles that she engaged in. Now she was in town, with some time to kill.


The Marilith is one of the greater demons of Hades. Although they are fierce warriors, they are very efficient and cunning tacticians which is reflected in their statue: they act as generals to the legions of Hades, and receive their orders directly from Modeus, to whom they are completely loyal. Often a Marilith will have up to half a dozen Baal-Rog as her lieutenants.

Their appearance is that of a half snake, half woman. From the waist down they have the bodies of giant green scaled snakes, whilst their upper bodies are those of beautiful females. The features that set them apart from other snake woman, such as the Naga, are that they have six arms, clawed fingers, long elven ears, and razorsharp teeth. Although most Marilith adorn themselves with jewelry and impressive ornate weapons (a different one for each arm, and often Rune weapons at that), there are some that eschew such frivolities, carrying only the barest minimum of weapons and adornments, and relying on their own powers and strengths to triumph in combat. Although Mariliths are capable of speech, they usually reserve this for magic, and use telepathy for normal communication.

They are seldomly found outside of Hades, and when they are found in another dimension, it is usually in command of an army of demons. However, if a sufficient challenge is made, a Marilith will engage in single combat, because they love to fight. A Marilith is almost never summoned, because they are hard to control, and will try to extract revenge on the one who called them away from their duties.

They are *Greater Demons*, and as such NPC material only!

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