Wolfsbane (Rune Axe):

The Rune Weapon, "Wolfsbane" is a well known item. It is strongly feared by Werewolves and similar creatures. As one might expect, those who hunt or simply hate Werewolves and the like often want to acquire the axe. Many famous werewolf hunter have carried the weapon. Some have come down from history as good while others have committed some extremely evil acts. Many have been less than honorable. Like many rune weapons, the origins of the weapon are far from clear. Scholars who have studied stories of the weapon and they believe that stories of the weapon appear to go back thousands of years. Legends tell that the wolfsbane herb is extremely effective against werewolves.

In appearance, "Wolfsbane" is a single bladed weapon, a relatively short hand axe as far as length. Some people are surprised at how unassuming the weapon appears, expecting it to be a huge battle axe. There is the design of the wolfsbane herb covering the sides of the blade of the axe with small runes interspersed with them. As well, the handle of the axe is covered in runes. There is a slight bend in the handle of the rune axe. Unlike most rune weapons, Wolfsbane appears to be forged from solid silver. Both the blade and handle appear to be made from silver.

Even though silver should not be able to carry anything like an edge and is an incredibly soft metal unsuitable for weapons, Wolfsbane is completely indestructible. It has an extremely sharp edge. Like most rune weapons, it is extremely well balanced, equal to the finest Dwarven made weapons.

As far as personality, the weapon has an extreme hatred of werewolves. It dislikes other were creatures but nothing like its hatred for werewolves. If the possessor does not want to attack a werewolf if encountered, the rune weapon will continuously argue with the possessor. It will also tell stories about the horrors committed by werewolves. If a possessor is not careful, they can find themselves infected by the weapon's hatred. While the rune weapon has little care about who possesses it, it does not seem to like those who are extremely honorable. It has no real sense of honor and will break almost any rules. The personality is such that often an honorable possessor will decide to get rid of the rune weapon before bonding with it.

The enchantments of the rune axe are mostly gear towards the slaying were creatures. While its hatred is geared mostly towards werewolves, it is just effective against similar shape shifters. The weapon inflicts more damage to such creatures than it does to other creatures. As well, wounds on such creatures are infected and will not heal normally. They have to be healed through magic or psionics. Many were creatures, not expecting this, will avoid getting help and die as a result. It can sense werewolves and other such creatures, no matter what form that they are in. It seems as if were creatures can also sense it and they fear it. They will often rune in fear of the weapon. Surprisingly, the weapon is not a soul drinker.

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