Rune Shield of Drethor (Rune Shield):

While considered by most to be a lesser rune weapon, the "Rune Shield of Drethor" otherwise know as "Sword Shatterer" is much sought after by noble knights and paladins. If sold, it might very well cost as much as a greater rune weapon. The shield gets its nickname from the fact that normal weapons often crack or shatter when they hit the shield or are struck by the shield. The shield does not have magical or psychic abilities but compensates for this by the fact that the shield can be used to parry most attacks against the wielder and makes that same person immune to fire.

The shield is believed to originate to the times when Elves and Dwarves were friends. The shield is believed to have been made for an Elven Knight by a Dwarf Rune Smith who was also his friend and adventuring companion. Both have been dead for many millenniums but their friendship has been recorded for all time in the form of the shield.

Like all rune weapons, the shield is indestructible and shows no signs of the passing time. The shield feels extremely lightweight and is constructed of a dark red metal. On the face of the shield is the raised image of a crossed Elven long sword and a Dwarven forging hammer. Both symbols are incredibly detailed and extremely beautiful. The Elven sword is inlaid with ancient Elven writing and the Dwarven hammer is inlaid with ancient Dwarven rune letters. Around the edges of the shield are the magical runes used in the creation of the shield.

The personality of the shield is that of an ancient knight who is eager to pass his wisdom down to those younger than himself. Of course, being millenniums old, virtually everyone is younger than him. He can only be described as a very noble knight and he follows the knight's code of conduct as well as the most honorable knights of legend. Any being that carries the shield will be guided by him to follow this code of conduct and will be berated by him for not following the code. He does not like the current dislike between the Elves and Dwarves and only partially understand it. From his original times, Elves and Dwarves were firm friends. He loves to tell stories to the wielder of the shield and due to the perspective of the stories it is believed that all of his stories are from actual battles that he has been in. He will also attempt to advise his current wielder based on his very deep knowledge in the arts of war but still gives the person the right to choose their own path.

A few times in the past, the shield has been passed to worthy young men and women by the wielder. This most often happens when the old owner is getting old and is unable to fight anymore. The shield will actually train the individual to become a knight themselves. Several very famous knights have entered knighthood in this way.

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