Rod of the Fire Lord (Rune Staff):

Long Ago, there were two powerful fire warlocks who ruled a land with an iron fist. Some scholars believe the Rod actually dates to the time of the emergence of mankind. It is unknown if they were Lizard Mages, Elves, or even Humans but it is known that they were brothers and were very evil. It could have been that one of them became suspicious of the other or both could have become suspicious of each other. The two started arguing with each other which soon became open fighting. Before long, they divided up their properties and went into full scale war. Fire Elementals wandered the lands and huge tracks of forest and farmland were torched. Before they were finished, the lands around were devastated but eventually one of the two brothers won. He captured his brother alive and him entombed into a rune staff. It is unknown if he was a rune master and did it himself or commissioned a rune master to do it. There are rumors that the brother eventually had a change of heart and became a monk in a temple. No one knows all the facts though.

The staff or rod is about five feet tall and is of an octagonal pattern. Each side is engraved with tiny runes and the staff is constructed of a matt black metal. Near the top of the staff, it widens and there is a flame that permanently burns on the top of the staff. The fire burns in a pattern that appears that of a burning skull. The fire cannot be extinguished by any known means. The fire produces light equal to that of a powerful torch and will illuminate a 20 foot (6.1 meter) radius. As well, weapon will ignite most flammable materials and will boil water.

The weapon can be used effectively in hand to hand combat as well as having fire warlock abilities. While the blunt end of the staff can be used as a weapon, the burning tip of the weapons inflicts additional fire damage. As well, fire blasts can be fired from the burning tip of the staff, The fire blasts appear as burning skulls as they fly through the air. The fire blasts have a range of three hundred feet and can be fired an unlimited number of times. Finally, the staff has the standard rune weapon ability to cast fire elemental spells.

As stated previously, the personality of the staff is that of the brother fire warlock who was trapped in the staff millenniums before. The presence still feels wronged by his brother and will tell others how he was wrongfully punished by his brother. At the same time, he is utterly without mercy. He will urge any wielder to treat all those weaker than himself as animals to be treated without any care. In addition, the staff will suggest extreme revenge for the smallest of slights. The staff is not particularly subtle and is not great at deceiving its wielder. While the staff can be used by any evil beings, all beings of Aberrant alignment have discarded the weapon before the weapon's bonding process was complete. Simply put, the attitude of the staff is too much for them to deal with and it is completely without honor.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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