Magewhisper (Rune Short Sword):

While the popular image of Wizards portray them as having no hand to hand combat skills, the reality is that many Mages are surprisingly skilled in melee combat. As well, the image of Wizards usually is that of using a dagger or maybe a quarterstaff, but the reality is that many mages prefer swords over other weapons. Often a Wizard will have used up most of their magical energy or want to save what they have for later need. As a result, the ability to fight hand to hand can keep a Mage alive. As a result, there are several magical or rune weapons which appear to have been created for spell casters. Magewhisper is one of these.

Magewhisper's history is well documented compared to many other rune weapons. The short sword was crafted for a female Elven Wizard about three thousand years before the Elf and Dwarf war during a time of peace. History also tells us that her name was Drelane and she was a younger daughter of the queen on the elves. As such, she was able to afford to have a rune weapon commissioned for her. She passed the rune sword to her daughter and it was in turn passed to the original wielder's granddaughter. The sword passed from mother to daughter for nine generations before it was lost. The descendent who wielded the weapon was killed in the opening stages of the Elf and Dwarf war and it is believed that the sword somehow got buried with the body. The rune sword was lost and buried for millenniums. Without any type of outside stimulation, the rune sword went into a kind of sleep and remained that way until it was rediscovered. It was found near an ancient ruin in the Old Kingdom. The discoverers were a group of adventurers with a female Elven Thief in the group. She felt an immediate attraction to the spot which the sword was buried and started digging. The body, if it was entombed at the same time, was gone but the sword was intact and after the dirt was removed, looked lit it did the day it was created. It was obviously a rune weapon but initially appeared to be a simple rune weapon with very little personality. It actually took several years for the sword to fully wake up and show its full abilities. Since being rediscovered, the sword has passed through a variety of hands but has not been lost for any significant periods of time. Often when the wielder gets too old to use the sword, they will sell or give it to another of the sword’s choosing, often a daughter. Price usually asked is enough to retire with but quite low for that of a rune weapon. The favorite choice of the sword seems to be attractive female Elves who are also spell casters, usually Wizards or Psi-Mystics, but has been wielded by humans and other races, males, and non spell casters. The preference for Elven females and spell casters appears to be a simple preference, not any type of absolute.

The personality inside of Magewhisper appears to be that of an Elven Wizard and the mental voice of the sword seems to come out as a whisper. Even so, the sword enjoys conversing with its wielder and loves to tell tales of the past and about its various wielders. The sword has been able to fill some of the missing information about itself although it has no real memories of its time in torpor. Magewhisper was once asked why it prefers the company of lovely Elven females, it answers "If you were a man trapped in a sword for all eternity, who would prefer to remain around." It is also assumed that the preference for Elven females is due to being first wielded by one. He loves to flirt with all female wielders including those who are not elves but is flirting is always very polite and he does not act jealous of most male company which the wielder keeps although the sword has high standards and expects any company which the wielder to keep to be up to those standards. There have been a couple of cases where the lover of the wielder has gotten jealous of the sword. In both cases, the wielder chose the sword over the man. When Magewhisper has been wielded by a male, the sword tried to persuade the wielder into finding attractive female company. This has come with mixed results. The common assumption about the sword preferring Elves is due to their long lifespan and not wanting to keep switching owners. It loves to converse with wielders about magic and seems to prefer various types of spell casters for the same reason. Even though it fought in the beginning of Elf and Dwarf War and its wielder at that time was killed by the Dwarves, it has no real hatred for Dwarves. It will not bond with them due to considering them too "stodgy"or boring. In morals, the sword is generally good natured and cares strongly for life but like many elves, has virtually a disrespect for following rules and authority. As such, the sword will only allow those of Unprincipled and Scrupulous alignments to body with it. Magewhisper considers Principled individuals to be too law abiding and as such to be dull. The sword also considers those of Anarchist alignment to have too little respect for life. Still, it will not "attack" those of principled and Anarchist alignment which attempt to wield it but instead will not bond with them. It will also complain whenever the wielder does something which the sword disagrees with including in a few cases refusing to let the wielder use the sword’s magic. This is far more common with Anarchists wielding the weapon than with Principled individuals. There have been a few cases where wielders who were Anarchist have been cajoled into a more acceptable moral code. The Sword has had less luck with Principled wielders. The sword will also attempt to persuade a wielder into giving the weapon to one which is more acceptable. Evil wielders are treated quite differently, it will "attack" anyone of Evil alignment which attempts ti hold the weapon.

Magewhisper is a handsome two edged short sword which seems to be made from dark grey metal with a metallic sheen to it. The blade is straight and comes to a sharp point for stabbing. The sword is well balanced for fighting and is the equal of the finest Dwarven crafted weapons. Along the blade are tiny runes but the blade is otherwise plain. The hand guard has what appear to be the design of two sickles pointing up the blade although the design has no edge at all. Inside of the sickle pattern is the design of stars. In the middle of the hand guard is the rune for magic on one side and of knowledge on the other. On the sides of the hand guard, there appear to be the design of a thorn pointing down. The hand grip is slim and is rippled for a better grip in what appears to be scales as if it is made from some kind of lizard hide. The pommel appears to be the stylized head of what appears to be a demon.

Magewhisper's most major power is the ability to cast Wizard spells. The spells most often are used in combat include Energy Bolt, Armor of Ithan, Telekinesis, and Invisibility. The sword has the ability to cast a couple of other spells which are less combat oriented. These spells are See Aura and Sense Magic. Unlike most rune weapons with the ability to cast Wizard spells, Magewhisper can actually share its magical energy with a wielder it is bonded to. It cannot provide magic energy to those it has not bonded to and does not really contain as much magical energy as some of the more powerful Wizards. Still, it is twice as much as most talismans and the sword regenerates its own magical energy. In addition to the sword having its own ability to cast spells and act as a super magic talisman for a wielder, Magewhisper boosts the wielders combat abilities. The wielders physical speed is doubled and they can attack more often and faster than when they wield a normal weapon. This ability is more commonly found in greatest rune weapons than greater rune weapons and makes the sword very effective.

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