Killing Frost (Rune Sword):

Stories abound about this weapon. One is about a Duke about four hundred years previously. He had antagonized the wrong person and that person had hired one of the most dangerous assassins or the time. The assassin was a women that when by the name "Lady Ice" who was extremely beautiful, dressed all in white, and was known to be completely cold yet with a sense of honor in her killing. She carried the weapon "Killing Frost" and was reputed to have never not gotten her mark. After the Duke found out who was being sent after him, he hired four extremely skilled mercenaries to act as his body guards. No one knows how but suddenly the main door to his audience chamber opened and there she was. The four mercenaries quickly surrounded her. The first fighter, bolder than the rest, drew a large sword and swung at the female assassin. She parried the weapon with Killing Frost and a layer of ice formed on the mercenary's blade. When he swung the sword again, this time to parry, the sword slipped from his hand. She struck leaving a deep line in his chest. The cold of the blade invaded his body and left him almost unable to fight. Two more blows are he would never fight again. She turned to her next opponent. The other three mercenaries charged he togther. She parried each of the attackers blades and left their weapons frozen as well. She then went on the offensive. Where she hit their metal armor, their skin was frozen. It was a losing fight for the mercenaries but still their fought on. The fight took several minutes but by the time the fight was done, all of the mercenaries were on the ground. She walked to the Duke with the sword still bared.

While there are many stories about Killing Frost that are similar to the previous one, the actual origin of the weapon is unknown. The weapon has never told anyone about its history and trying to do psychic reading creates so many conflicting images that it is impossible to get the history that way. The personality of the sword is that of an extremely disciplined assassin. The weapon is evil but has a sense of honor at odds with that of many other evils weapons. The weapon is very choosy about who it allows to wield it. Only those of aberrant alignment can use the weapon.

The weapon is a very attractive slim short sword. The weapon is a very light blue grey and like all rune swords is covered from tip to handle with runes. While the weapon does not have any gems, the weapon is beautifully engraved. The scabbard of the weapon is of some type of white fur and is reinforced by the same very light blue grey material as the sword. The metal is highly engraved like the sword itself. Like the sword, the scabbard seems to be indestructible and the fur always stays white.

The sword radiates cold constantly although the cold from weapon does not effect the wielder. While a few scholars consider the weapon to be a lesser rune weapon due to it not having any spells or psionic abilities, most scholars consider the sword to be a greater rune weapon due to the abilities it does possess. The weapons cold effects can be extremely dangerous to opponents. These include the fact that the weapon will freeze any weapon it comes in contact with, wounds inflicted by the weapon inflict frost bite and numb the person, and the fact that the cold will penetrate metal armor even if the weapon does not.

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