Heart Seeker (Rune Dagger):

While a few scholars consider this rune dagger to be a “lesser” rune weapon, most consider it to be a "greater" rune weapon. The reason why some scholars consider it to be a “lesser” rune weapon is because it does not have any of the magic abilities which most "greater" rune weapons display such as psychic abilities, clerical abilities, or spell casting. Legends say that the dagger was found in an ancient fortress on an island which the location of has been lost in time. There has been much speculation on where that island might be by scholars but it is little more than speculation. It is believed to have been found around five hundred years before current times and is one of the newest discovered rune weapons. There have been extensive studies on the legends of rune weapons and nothing seems to fit the dagger from any ancient records. Since the dagger has been discovered, it has been carried by a variety of interesting individuals. Some have been wizards, some have been warriors, and some have been less reputable. A better word might be to simply call them thieves. None are known to be truly evil though. Most have been female but not all. As with many rune weapons, it has disappeared periodically for up to a few dozen years at a time. Each time, it was rediscovered.

The personality of the dagger appears to be more feminine than anything else and a few wielder have called the Dagger "Lady Heartseeker." The personality seems to have very little evil about it but is mischievous. Occasional she will suggest actions that some would consider a bit amoral. Taking something that is "unclaimed" according to her and that sort of thing. Still, she will not allow those who are truly evil to possess her. She tells stories to her wielders about once being a fabulous Elven thief who stole a fabulous set of crown jewels and was put into the dagger as punishment. She also tells stories about having been a powerful lady wizard who single handedly battled a dragon to a standstill. Some of her stories include stories with sexual escapades. She loves telling stories and it is hard to tell which are true and which are not. She seems to prefer to bond with females although a few men have bonded with her as well. She seems to like to gossip. Expect if you bond with her to have all your secrets told to the next dozen generations who also bond with her. She seems to be willing to bond with almost every profession, psychics, mages, and even a scholar once bonded with her. She seems to really like thieves though.

The dagger is made from dark grey metal and like all rune weapons, it has runes running from blade to tip. The dagger is in the general pattern of a Cinquedea and is double bladed. The tip is extremely sharp for stabbing. The weapon has a wide hand guard which gives excellent protection and the hand grip is in a thatched pattern which makes for an extremely good grip. It can be considered as finely balanced as the greatest Dwarven crafted weapons and is equally good for melee combat and for throwing.

The special abilities of the dagger are mainly for combat. Anyone wielding the dagger will find themselves slightly faster to strike and it increases the persons natural speed as well. The weapon needs to be considered an excellent weapon for throwing as well. When thrown, it always returns to its thrower even if that thrower has ducked behind cover. It also seeks when thrown at an enemy, giving the thrower a better chance to get a telling blow when it is thrown. A most spectacular trick is that the dagger can be thrown around a corner and hit an enemy around the corner. The accuracy will not be as great but it will still return to its thrower.

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