Dreamweaver Bow (Rune Bow):

Over two thirds of Rune Weapons are sword and daggers. Among the least common are rune bows with only a handful of them know to exist. One of these bows is known as “Dreamweaver.” As one might expect, the weapon has the ability to effect dreams.

Various stories about where Dreamweaver came from are told but it is impossible to know which, if any, are correct. One tells that the bow comes from the early days of the Great Elven Kingdom while others suggest that the bow is far older. The bow itself has suggested many things but has been extremely coy about her actual origins. Sometimes she will suggest one origin while at others times another.

The rune bow itself is a short bow type weapon, made from a light blue grey metal. The string of the bow appears to be made from the same material. The design of the bow involves gentle curves, almost as if the bow is the design of clouds. Even though, like all rune weapons, the bow is indestructible, the bow looks almost delicate and is a work of art. Along the bow are small runes from one end to the other.

The personality of the bow can only be described as subtle. The weapon will often suggest various tactics that involve trickery and indirect approaches. Often, the bow prefers psychic attacks, especially unexpected attacks, over direct attacks. Will even suggest trying to use opponents against each other if possible. The bow tends to be very practical and prefers to do things in what it considers practical ways.

Many describe the personality as being feminine. Her mental voice is seductive and charismatic. While one has a hard time describing the personality as truly good, it cannot be considered evil either. The bow will not let wielders who are either too evil or too good to possess it and definitely will not bond with them. Instead, she prefers possessors who are of anarchistic or unprincipled moral codes. While she might see strong arm or torture techniques as useful, she does not really like such tactics. Also understand that many of their possessors do not want to betray those who they consider their friends.

As one might expect from a rune bow, the bow is exquisitely balanced. It is easily the equal of the finest bows made by the most skilled master elven bow crafters. When used, the bow will adjust to the strength of the archer. Arrows fired from the bow also glow with a bluish white glow. Magical energies surrounding the arrows, these arrows will penetrate deeper than a normal arrow even assuming for the archer’s strength. Can be used as a quarter staff although not really meant to be used in this manner.

Otherwise, the bow has a variety of psychic abilities. It appears to have all common psychic abilities, often using telepathy. Telepathy with the wielder does not cost the bow any psychic energies. As far as super psychic abilities, the bow has the ability of empathic transmission. Often it will use fear or confusions before combat in order to weaken opponents. If it thinks it can get others to fight on the its behalf, will use trust to get potential enemies to fight on the wielder’s side. Cannot be used effectively in combat but the bow also has the ability to induce nightmares.

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