Dagger of the Wyrm (Rune Dagger):

Constructed from dark red metal, this dagger is one of the finest looking daggers every crafted. The dagger is single bladed and has tiny runes running along the blade and handle. The hand guard is in the shape of a dragons head with horns on the head of the dragon acting as the quillons. The handle is textured as if it is scaled. Along the top of the blade it appears that fire is coming from the nostrils of the dragon.

It is believed that the Dagger was made by a Dragon who knew Rune Magic. The stories tell that the dragon had a friend who was a Wizard who did not know how to use any weapons other than a dagger. The name of the Dragon and the original owner are unknown and the dagger is not telling. Stories do tell that the Dragon was extremely honorable and good and it is said that the Wizard was the same way. Since the Wizard, the weapon has passed through many hands. While many Wizards know how to use heavy weapons, there are also many who only know how to use daggers. As well, many simply prefer daggers over other weapons and they are easier to conceal than a sword. The Dagger of the Wyrm is well liked by Wizards due to it being a lightweight weapon yet capable of inflicting greater damage than most enchanted two handed swords. The dagger has been stolen several times but since the dagger does not like thieves and assassins, the weapon soon was discarded by them.

The personality of the dagger seems very dragon like and is very honorable. The personality might be that of a dragon, maybe a juvenile, who was critically injured who volunteered to become part of the rune weapon. The personality appears to be good alignment and only allows individuals of Principled, Scrupulous, and Unprincipled alignments to use it. One of the more "Dragon" parts of its personality is a interesting sort of greed. When the dagger is not being used, it likes to be seated on piles of treasure kind of like a dragon sitting on its horde. Related to this is that the dagger likes to be carried in a well crafted sheath which included precious metals and stones. The dagger likes to talk shop with wielders and can be assumed to have the skill of Magic Lore. Like many dragons, the dagger has a passionate hatred of thieves due to them stealing the dragon's horde.

As might be expected with the theme of the dagger, the weapons special abilities are related to fire. The weapon is fully as dangerous as most rune swords with the exception of soul drinking weapons. The blade is extremely sharp and well balanced. Like all rune weapons, it is indestructible and never dulls. Some scholars believe that rune daggers cannot be made as powerful as rune swords but this weapon contradicts this. The weapons fire abilities are fairly standard for a rune weapon based on fire elemental magic but is still quite useful. Fire attacks, if normally fired from the wielder, are fired from the point of the dagger and almost appear to come from the dragon's head. The aura for the fire touch ability surrounds the dagger as well and inflicts fire damage on any strike in addition to normal damage.

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