Runestar (Rune Book):

Rune Books are among the most prized tomes on the Palladium World. Many carry secrets which have been lost for Millenniums. It is said that some carry the secrets of rune magic although none appear to have been found containing those secrets. Some of the stories talk about a book known as Runestar although many scholars consider the book to either be a myth or to have been destroyed at the end of the devastating war between the Elves and the Dwarves. Still, it is entirely possible that this book has slumbered away the Millenniums since the end of the world. It was said that the book last belonged to an incredibly powerful Elven sorceress named Selene. It was said that she refused to participate in the war.

Runestar is said to be made from a set of silver plates hinged together with the outside of the pages also silver. Engraved deep into the plates are magical runes and in the center of the page is an eight pointed star design which stands out about a quarter of an inch for the larger four points of the star. The lesser arms of the star stand out about an eighth of an inch. The runes are fairly small and are one every bit of the metal covers of the book, front and back, with the exception of where the star stands out. When opened the book, which while it has no lock can decide if it will allow someone to open her or not, the pages inside of the book appear to be made from snow white vellum with no signs of age. Each page has a silver rune on it. Inside the cover is said to be many secrets of magic including many spells (game masters call about exactly what is inside the rune book), dozens if not hundreds of spell, and there is stories that some of the magic contained in her covers has been lost since the end of the Dwarf and Elf wars.

Tales told about the book tell that the book had a strong feminine personality, perhaps a female elf from the long forgotten past is trapped within the book itself. While she will serve anyone, provided that they are not evil or anarchist, she seems to prefer to bond with those with strong relationships. Selene was extremely interesting in that it is said that she is not known to have any relationships. The book prefers those of male and female relationships but it is said that she will bond with those who prefer relationships with those of the same sex. Runestar likes to share in any relationships which the possessor gets involved with, feeling the pleasure and the emotions. She seems to intensify those emotions and pleasures for all parties involved as well as allowing them to share with each other. Human and elves seem to be who she prefers to bind with, enjoying the more intense emotions which humans seem to have.

There are two features which are unique with her. One is that if multiple people are touching the book, there can communicate with each other using telepathy as well as the book. Often when the book is first handled, their thoughts will leak and all the persons thoughts will be heard. The second is that the book also can bond with multiple individuals although usually only two. The individuals must be lovers in order to bind with them and she must bind with both of them at the same time. Once bound together in this manner, they will be able to communicate through telepathy as if their have rings of tandem telepathy although one or the other must be holding the book. The tome also tends to bind the lovers even closer together as a result. She will work extremely hard so that none of her possessors, if she bounds with multiple individuals, get jealous of each other. Even the most intense of relationships tend to have fights and quarrels. Sometimes the most intense relationships are the most intense in every way including their fighting.

The powers of the book are said to be psychic in nature, mostly sensitive abilities. Her powers are generally for the purposes of knowledge and not for the crucible of battle. Still, she has two super psionic abilities which can be extremely useful. She has the ability to bio-regenerate injuries of the person possessing the book although they do not have to be bound to her. She also has the ability to create a mind block which instead of just protecting the person holding her, she can protect a whole group.

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