Necrofire (Rune Book):

One of the most evil magic items on the Palladium World, many scholars have written on this rune book. Some runic items love to dominate but this one is said to want to bring apocalypse to the world at large. The book's ultimate goal is to bring the "Death," the Horseman of the Apocalypse, to the Palladium World. It is said to be extremely suble and have the ability to corrupt virtually anyone given time. Stories tell of the book being in the hands of a psychic healer who had to keep her mind completely blocked barely able to sleep to prevent it from corrupting her and one of her companions, a Ward Master, was almost possessed by the book. The book was believed to have been hidden for all time by heroes but after a decade or a century, the book seems to reappear. Necromancers, Witches, Vampires, and other servants of Evil often wish to possess this book because of the secrets which are said to be contained within the book. Even those who do not share the book's apocalyptic visions often want the books. Over time, they often begin to share the book's wish to bring the apocalypse.

It is said that contained within the book are all of the secrets of necromancy. A person reading the book can learn to become a necromancer. The spells are written in demon tongue although the book can teach the possessor how to read the tongue. As well, even though it cannot cast spells itself, it is said that the book contains all Necromancer spells including some which have been lost with time. This is one of the reason why the book is sought out by so many necromancers. It also contains all wizard spells which necromancers can cast without expending more magical energies than a wizard. It is said that on the last few pages of the book is a spells, a ritual which allows the Horseman "Death" to be summoned. Fortunately, the ritual appears to take an incredible amount of magical energy and no one has been able to summon the magical energy to empower the ritual to bring "Death." Various stories have been told about this spell including that ten thousand must be slain to empower the spell and that the summoner must commit suicide at the end of the ritual. Of course, no one appears to know for sure.

Necrofire is a large black book with a thick leather cover. The book binding has hinges which look to be of bone and the book is also reinforced with bars of what looks like bone. Many believe that the bones are those of a demon. The bones appear yellowed from age and tiny runes are carved into the bones. In the center of the cover is what appears to be the front of a humanoid demon skull with horns sticking above the skull and deep black pits where the eye sockets are in the half skull. Whenever the book uses any of its abilities or if it is simply communicating with its possessor through telepathy, the eye sockets glow red as if there is a fire burning in the deep black pits. It is one of the few warning of the book using its abilities. When the book is opened, the pages appear to be yellowed from age although the silver rune on each page is still clear.

The special ability of the book is that of the mind. Unlike many magic items, the book is completely independent and will use its abilities at its own whim including using the abilities against its possessor. The rune book has all sensitive psychic abilities and has the abilities of Empathic Transmission and Hypnotic Suggestion. The only real defense against its abilities are mind block with automatic mind block working the best. As a result, the book dislikes having a possessor who has such abilities. It will try and look into the possessors mind and figure out best on how to corrupt that person. It can be extremely patient in its path to corrupt a possessor although it does not have a truly silver tongue. The book will only bind to those of diabolic or miscreant alignment but will allow itself to be possessed by anyone.

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