Swan Harp (Enchanted Harp):

Enchanted musical instruments are relatively common although are still extremely valuable both to musicians and nobles. There are several which are considered extremely valuable are said to have powers beyond the normal powers for enchanted musical instruments. Many are also considered to be works of arts. Not one of the most powerful of the enchanted musical instruments is the Swan Harp. It is said to be thousands of years old and created by an incredibly skilled master craftsman. It has traveled through the hands over the ages. It has been stolen several times and was twice purchased by the original owner for a king's ransom. The value of the instrument is virtually beyond estimation.

This harp is incredibly beautiful with the harp appeared to be made from some kind of white material. It is hard to tell if the material is some kind of white wood or of ivory. The neck of the harp is in the design of the neck and head of a swan. It is incredibly detailed. The strings of the hard are also white, some kind of white metal. There are no tuning pegs for the strings.

The instrument appears to never need tuning and plays absolutely perfectly. The tone of the instrument is incredibly rich and seems to come from a far larger instrument. The instrument is considered a pleasure to play. When playing the instrument, anyone has a basic 70% roll when playing the instrument and for those who have the skill to play a harp have +20% to skill rolls for playing. If the person already has the ability to play the instrument, then the performance will be at professional level. These are all common abilities with enchanted instruments. The power that few others have is the ability to charm those who listen to the music. This ability can be activated up to three times per day with a duration of nine minutes per activation.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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