Song of the Beast (Enchanted Flute):

There are plenty of stories about enchanted musical instruments on the Palladium World. Flutes, Lutes, and Harps are the most commonly enchanted musical instruments but there are others as well. Most have only the ability to play sweet music but some have far more abilities. One well known flute is known as "Songs of the Beast." It is said to be able to tame even the most savage beast in many cases. There are tales of adventurers being surrounded by a pack of wolves and by playing the flute are able to calm the entire pack. Most stories about this instrument are benign with the flute being used to protect the player from a pack of savage beasts or able to call a creature of the wilderness to protect the player. Unfortunately, there is a handful of stories of the flute being abused. It is told that players of the flute have called packs of huge wolves to devastate a small village. The moral is that virtually anything can be abused. Rangers, Beast Masters, and others with a love for the wilderness are often the possessors of this enchanted flute. It has been greatly valued by many elves, some of whom kept the flute for centuries.

Even though the flute is a potent magic item, its appearance is not stunning like many expect that greater enchanted musical instruments are. As such, it has never been the target of thieves that many other enchanted musical instruments have been. This is not to say that the flute is not attractive in its own way. It is carved from some kind of silvery grey wood worn satiny smooth. There are some tiny scratches in the musical instrument as well.

The basic powers of the flute is that notes played from the flute are flawless and extremely beautiful. Anyone attempting to play this instrument will find themselves able to play the instrument with a 60% skill. If a person has the skill to play a flute, they will have +10% to their skill rolls and their playing will always be at the professional level. As such, it appears to be a basic enchanted musical instrument. The more powerful ability of the flute is that the flute can be played in such a manner as if the spell of "Control the Beast" is cast. This "Song of the Beast" can be played up to three times per day with a duration up to twelve minutes. Like the spell, it does not work on most supernatural creatures. It can effect up to twelve creatures at a time but often when cast of a pack, all other creatures of the pack will follow the leader of the pack even if they are not effected themselves.

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