Tarthan the Gangrenous (Magical Claymore):

Not a truly ancient weapon, Tartan has developed quite a reputation over its history. The weapon is believed to only be two hundred or three hundred years old. In that time, the weapon has been carried by a number of blackguards. Some have been evil warlords while others have been assassins. A few necromancers are known to have possessed the weapon as well. The weapon is not truly evil but its enchantments lend itself more to those who are evil than anyone else. It has been thought lost several times only to be found once again, the last time in the hands of an Ogre Necromancer.

Tarthan is a heavy claymore sword with a long handle for two hands to wield. The weapon itself is a dull grey but appears to be tarnish although no rust. In all of the engraving into the metal, the weapon appears to be coated in some kind of black material. On the blade are a series of runes although the weapon is not a rune weapon. Along the blade, the weapon is serrated in a saw tooth pattern. The handle of the sword appears to be carved from some kind of bone or possibly ivory. The hand guard is of the same tarnished looking grey metal of the blade with the center piece of the guard in the design of a skull and the rest of the guard is in the pattern of a pair of bones which form an "X" pattern.

Tarthan is an incredible quality weapon, equal to that of the finest in Dwarven craftsmanship. Many wielder have stated that the claymore feels lighter in one's hands than a weapon of its mass really should. As well, the weapon is incredibly sharp even after so many years. Like most of the finest rune weapons, the enchanted claymore appear to be completely indestructible.

Those more conventional enchantment on the weapon which the weapon is best known for is none of those though. No, the real ability of the weapon is that any wound made by the weapon will become infected and not heal normally. If the injury is not cured by magical or psychic means, the wound will continue to get worse. Eventually, if the person lives long enough, they will weaken to the point where they cannot fight effectively and can barely even move. Some sadistic wielders of this weapon have even inflicted their own followers to watch the disease progress.

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