Sword of the Fire Dragon (Magical Bastard Sword):

Of relatively recent origin, this bastard sword is still considered among the legendary weapons of the Palladium World. The sword was commissioned by a famous adventuress known by the name Anastasija. She started out as a simple mercenary but later learned magic and became a Wizardess. She never forgot how to fight and preferred the bastard sword over other sword types. She liked that it had a longer reach that a long sword but was not as heavy as claymore or other giant sword type. Eventually the sword passed into other hands. During its two hundred year history, the sword has found its way into the hands of several other famous adventures and tales have been told about the sword by many bards. Now, the sword is wanted by collectors for its famous history.

The weapons name comes from the dragon design which makes up the hand guard, part of the handle, and part of the blade. The dragon design faces as if it is laying on the flat of both sides of the blade with the head facing out the blade. The wings form the quillons of the sword. The serpentine dragon neck and head point down the blade with tiny diamonds as the eyes of the dragon. In a similar fashion to the neck, the tail of the dragon snakes down the handle of the sword. The dragon design is highly detailed and is covered in red enamel. The blade of the sword is silvery grey which never dulls. The blade is not decorated with runes or other designs but has a blood groove running down the center of the blade. The handle of the sword is bronze with twisted wire grips, also bronze, to allow for a better hold on the sword. The sword comes with a red leather scabbard which is banded with bronze banding.

The bastard sword is of the finest Dwarven craftsmanship and is well balanced for both use as a two handed weapon or a one handed weapon. The weapon is indestructible. The special ability of the weapon is the fact that fireballs can be shot down the length of the blade up to three times per day.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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