Staves of the Dragon Monks (Magical Quarterstaff):

Stories tell a tale of a few hundred years ago of a Caravan traveling though an area of desolate wilderness as part of their route between the Lands of the South Winds and the Timero Kingdom. The group decided to travel over land due to there having been many savage storms that year. The storms had sunk several vessels and the members of the caravan did not want to take the risk. One of the members of the caravan was an Elven Alchemist who want to find a new market for his goods. The caravan was attacked while in a narrow canyon. The attackers were a group of Orcs lead by Ogres including one Ogre who was a witch. The caravan guards were overwhelmed and quickly killed. It looked like there was no hope for any of the others in the caravan. Suddenly, a group of people in grey robes with the designs of dragons came from nowhere to fight the bandits. Although only armed with quarter staves, they were able to quickly turn the tide of battle against the Orcs and Ogres. The caravan had been rescued by a group of warrior monks who lived not far away in a temple in the local wilderness. The caravan had no remaining guards so some of the monks escorted the caravan to the nearest location where more guards could be hired. The alchemist was extremely grateful for his life and decided to make a number of magic staves for the monastery. The monastery was appreciative of the gifts. The monastery became the guardian of the pass and several members have become famous adventures. Most of the staves still reside in the temple but a few have been lost outside by warrior monks who were performing duties outside the monastery.

The magical quarter staves look like they are made from oak and are banded and tipped with black metal as reinforcement. The wood of the staves is stained a very dark brown. The black metal binding twists down the entire length of the staves and is in the stylized designs of dragons. The whole craftsmanship of the staves is excellent and are well balanced. The alchemist commissioned a Dwarven master weapon craftsman to do the actual crafting of the staves. The alchemist then enchanted them. He enchanted them to be indestructible and to inflict additional damage. The staves let out a thunder crack when they hit their target.

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