Staff of the Phoenix (Magical Quarterstaff):

An Elven Alchemist several centuries back named Eldron began experimenting with the use of crystals in magic items. He is known to have created crystal bladed swords and daggers among many other items. One of the more spectacular items he created was "The Staff of the Phoenix." The staff itself is of plain wood but is topped with an incredibly intricately carved four inch statuette of a Phoenix from red crystal. The Phoenix glows with an inner light which provides enough illumination to light up a small area. The Alchemist made only a handful of these staves and they are highly prized. No other alchemist has been able to figure out how to enchant them. They can fetch incredible prices for the right buyer. They are especially popular with Wizards and Fire Warlocks.

The most spectacular power of the staff is the ability to animate the Phoenix on the top of the staff. It performs similarly to a Guardian Stone and can be directed to attack any opponent or even to act as a scout. The magical Phoenix can breath fire, can fly, and is impervious to fire. If it is destroyed, the statuette becomes dust but if not destroyed, the statuette gains all of its hit points back on landing back on the top of the staff. Owners are generally very careful and few of the magic Phoenix figurines have been destroyed. While sitting on the staff, the statuette cannot be damaged and can breath fire at the direction of the wielder. The staff, with or without the Phoenix, has an excellent balance and is a very effective weapon. The staff, while held, also makes the wielder fire resistant and they take only about half as much damage as they would otherwise. This ability is not dependent on whether the Phoenix is on the staff or not.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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