Staff of Kelban the Necromancer:

There is a legend of Elven twins, one a boy named Kelban and a girl named Radlye. They were born in the dark days after the great Elven Kingdom fell. They were like light and dark. Tales tell that Radlye became a priest of light, attempting to do her best to heal the lands. Those same tell that her brother became a necromancer, one who controls the dead. There was plenty of death in the aftermath of the war between the Elves and the Dwarves.

There are some tales that tell that they fought against each other for many years. The stories differ in many details and it is hard to know which ones might be real and which ones might not be. Legends also tell that they fought in one final battle with Kelban leading an army of the dead. It is said that they both fell in the battle, some stories telling that they both fell at the same time.

Few elves turn to necromancy, most necromancers being humans, ogres, and various monster races. The tales differ where some say that he was always evil while others tell that he was corrupted by the dark arts. Legends all agree that he was one of the most powerful mortal necromancers having studied the dark arts of the dead for centuries. Some of the legends are that a number of necromancer spells were created by him with even more having been lost with his death.

Those same legends say that he decided to learn the arts of rune magic in addition to necromancy and became a skilled rune master. In addition, he is suppose to have mastered coming his necromancy with his rune mastery. While most have been lost since his death, legends tell of a number of enchanted items he created using the two arts. He is said to have often used demon bones in his creations.

One of the most powerful items he is said to have created was an enchanted staff. Many of the enchantment are suppose to be similar to other enchanted items created by powerful necromancers but somehow he was able to create something more powerful than a normal item. In fact, even though the item does not have the full abilities of a rune weapon, it is said to rival them in raw power.

Even though the staff was created only a few centuries after the fall of the great Elven Kingdom, the staff itself shows no signs of wear and is believed by most to be indestructible. It appears to be made from slightly yellowing bone with runes running along the length of the staff. This has lead some to believe it was an actual rune weapon even though it is not. Along the length of the staff are carved images of demons seeming to be trying to escape out the staff. On the top of the staff is a small humanoid skull with small horns on top.

There have been stories of the staff having been found and lost several times over the centuries. Other than a book he has said to have created containing all of his spells, it is the one of the most coveted item of him by necromancers. Unlike the book however, the staff is suppose to have been seen in the last century.



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