The Spider Sword (Magical Sword):

In many ways, this weapon defied description. It can be used as a heavy bladed sword or it can be separated into two weapons which are about the same size as long blade sabers and are designed to be wielded together. Most wielders use the weapon as two sabers. The command word of "Sertra" causes the two weapons yo separate and must simply be placed together to recombine. Unless the command word is given, the two weapons cannot be separated. Many wielders has used "Object Read" to determine the command word.

The appearance of this sword is quite interesting which echoes its interesting features. The basic color of the sword is matte black. The two blades are triangular with a gap between the two blades. Each blade is covered with spider web patterns in silver. The blades both come to a very sharp point and are very sharp. There are two separate handles which almost touch which separate when the weapon is split into two swords. The handles are comfortable to use when they are together and when separated into two weapons. Because as a bastard sword,

the weapon is designed to be used two handed, the handles are long. The hand guard is a bar covered with spider webs and a small carving of a spider on either side of the quillons of the hand guard. On the outside of one side of the hand guard is a spider which has a red hourglass design on the belly. While not part of the original creation of the sword, there is a scabbard made for the sword which is made from black silk (Legends say spider silk) and has the design of spider webs embroidered in it.

It is believed by some scholars that the weapon was originally created for a High Priest of Tark the Spider Goddess but this has never been proven although the design of the weapon supports this. The sword has passed through a variety of hands over its long history. Surprisingly, this has included both villains and heroes. Several Assassins have called the weapon theirs and a psi-mystic adventuress named Lady Moonstone once called the weapon hers. She is well known to have saved several villages from raiders. The weapon is believed to be about a thousand years old.

In spite of the unusual design of the weapon, it is fairly conventional in enchantment. The weapons are enchanted to be indestructible. The blades are both enchanted to be incredibly sharp and more often inflicts mortal wounds than normal blades. Like most magical weapons, the weapons are of exquisite craftsmanship. The ability for a smith, even a Dwarven one, to create a weapon which is well balanced in both modes can be described as one of the greatest successes in craftsmanship ever known. One item that is surprising is that the weapon are not enchanted to poison others although many wielders have coated the blades with poison. A final feature is that the spider which is mounted on the hand guard can animate and attack when commanded. While the blades are not poisoned, the spider is quite venomous. It is similar in nature to the Phoenix on the Staff of the Phoenix and is believed to have been created in a similar fashion to Guardian Stones. It is believed that if the spider is destroyed, it will crumble into dust so wielders are very careful with the spider. It is also believed that there may have been two spiders at one time. The spider is controlled by the wielders will and is usually used for surprise attacks.

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