Shifting Staff (Transformable Weapons):

It is believed that the magicks to create these items was originally developed by the Dwarves many Millenniums before. Only a handful of Alchemists know how to make these magic items and they are in high demand. Many adventurers like the idea of having a walking stick which can transform into a useful weapon and a variety of different tools. These are especially liked by rangers and other wilderness travelers. Thieves also like the staff because of their use in their jobs.

Unlike many magic items, many of the staves are quite plain and look like a simple short staff you might expect anyone to carry. There have been some highly decorative staves made for nobles who do not wish to look out of character but they are rare.

The Shifting Staff normally looks like a normally short (4 foot) walking staff but is useful for a great many things. It is enchanted to be indestructible and has a close affinity to normal magic weapons but is far more flexible. Using a variety of commands, the item can transform into a variety of different items, some of them tools and others being weapons. The command words are normally the name of the tool / weapon which the wielder wishes the staff to transform into and the wielder must hold the staff tight in both hands while commanding the staff. The short staff can be commanded to extend to being a quarter staff. The weapon can also be commanded to transform into a one handed battle axe or a two handed pole axe. It can also be commanded to transform into a shovel for digging. The staff can also be commanded to transform into having a metal pry bar at the end. The staff can also be commanded into becoming a ten or twenty foot pole. When a pole, three hook for climbing can be activated for climbing and bars can be extended from the sides for easy climbing. The staff has ten changes per day. Transformation to a weapon (Quarterstaff, Battle Axe, or Pole Axe) cost two charges each transformation and transformation to a tool (Shovel, Pry Tool, or Long Pole) costs one charge. Staff requires an additional charge to extend hook and climbing bars. The item can always transform back to that of a short staff without using a charge.

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