Shield of the Fire Dragon (Magical Shield):

While there is also a famous "Sword of the Fire Dragon," it does not appear that the magic item was created by the same person. While sword is of comparatively recent origin, the shield is believed to be ancient. Many scholars believe that the shield was created for a great Elven warrior during the war between them and the Dwarves. There are several stories which appear to be about this shield dating back since that war with the stories scattered around the world in diverse areas from the Northern Wilderness to the Islands below the Lands of the South Winds. One carrier of the shield of comparatively recent times was one of the Emperors of the Western Empire. He is generally known as the Dragon Emperor and had special units with enchanted armor commissioned for them. What makes the stories a bit confusing is that there have been several copies of the magical shield made with some being almost as much works of art as the original shield.

Most copies are not quite as high a quality as the original but even they are hard to tell that they are not the original when read from stories passed through many hands. The original is considered more valuable than any of the copies even though some of the copies are extremely beautiful themselves and only an expert can tell the difference. Some of the copies are extremely famous in their own right. Several famous generals have been known to carry copies of the shield especially in the Western Empire. Several officers of the Dragon Emperor were known to carry copies of the shield.

The "Shield of the Fire Dragon" is a round shield which is bright red with a mixture or red copper and gold in its design. Only a few of the copies come close to reproducing the colors of the original shield and that is one of the ways which experts can tell that it is the original. Another way is that there are tiny maker's marks carved into the designs in several points. It is completely untarnished from its years and shows no signs of damage. The shield is incredibly well balanced and is equal to some of the finest shields ever made. The central design of the shield is that of a dragon with its mouth partially open. The padding on the shield also appears to be indestructible and is some kind of shiny crimson silk with the straps the same color.

From the fact that the shield is completely intact even after existing for Millenniums is a good indicator that the shield is indestructible. Non magical shields rarely last much longer than a single day of combat between heavily armed individuals. While the shield can be used as a weapon, it is most useful for the defense. The second major enchantment that fireballs can be fired from the shield up to six time per day. This gives the warrior wielding the shield a measure of long range attack.

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